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Happenings 2

So while not everything has happened as planned from Happenings 1, I do feel the need to start off Happenings 2 just to have my shit in order, or else I might just go crazy! So many things I wanted to happened that hasn’t happened or needs to happen soon or else my writing will be all screwed. It kinda sucks that I think of these stories constantly, and so they are constantly changing.

The Mirror Meeting is in a Month! Before that, this needs to happen!:

Juthian needs to be recruited as Iason’s Furniture (information known from Katze, Ch. 6), Iason talks about Mirror Meeting, Same time Nico talks with Vaessi-Kyle-Enil: Chapter 7

Ima and Riki-with great reluctance from Iason- need to go on a night out with Daryl and Yui, Same time Jupiter summons Iason with news about Voshka Khosi, Same night Iason informs Eadni about the meeting and meets Cousin



Ok, reviews are things of the past apparently. At least for me. :C I yearn for them more than anything else because…. Like, I write so that people can read and I know people are reading- It’s like comments. Dozens of people read my stuff a month but don’t say A THING. I’m not really complaining. It’s just that it is very frustrating that, perhaps, no one cares about the person who is doing the writing, or whether the author continues writing or not. C’ est la Vie, ya’ know? I mean, if you read something of mine that is even a week old, I don’t care. Comment and review and say hi just to let me know you’re there.

It’s depressing to feel this way. I’m about to discontinue a fic that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like because no one is reviewing and so, I believe, no one cares. It’s so stupid of me! But if no one cares to review, why should I care to write? But I care anyway… And that’s why I keep going until the deep pit in my heart is dry and there’s no more motivation at all to keep me going.

Out of five votes, I only have two ‘pluses’ on Adultfanfiction. Maybe my story is actually really bad? Probably.

I’ll continue for MikkiSenpai. I got really encouraged with her strong but subtle constructive criticism. If she made out the time for me, I shall make out the time for her. Both chapters she…. or he, lol, reviewed. I can go on. And go on for all those who aren’t reviewing but are reading too.

Ai no Kusabi- Fate?

In the early stages of my yaoi phase, when I was in 5th, 6th, and 7th grade, and still nervous about one of my parents walking through the door to see me looking at X boy and X boy doing XXX. Now I only lower the tabs to younger siblings and my parents, still, to shield them for their delicate sensibilities.

Before Gravitation, I watched the Ai no Kusabi OVA. Two episodes of grainy quality and hardly a conversation I could remember and an ending that makes me cry EVERY time I watch it.

My sister, eighth grade, watched it last week. She came across it and told me but she got confused watching it. And I guess she thought it was kinda boring ’cause she went to the bathroom towards the end of it and didn’t see blank and blank and their inevitable blank. Anyway, a scarred childhood she is not going to have.

But childhood is not what I want to talk about. Guy said that their ending was fate; I don’t think so. It could have ended differently with just a bit of imagination, and that is why, I think, there are so many fanfics out there changing the storyline and the ending. That’s how all fanfics arise mostly, not filling in the gaps or fleshing out characters, but making more crises to get to an ending one finds more entertaining, or maybe even realistic, lol. It is the reason why I have my own fanfic Forgotten Day which I hope a lot of people enjoy and review that they like. It isn’t a story I want to abandon like some others…But there is no sense in writing just for myself on the internet. Not stories anyway.

And that’s the real world I think. We can work towards an end and try to get something but it ends up with an entirely different result, but that doesn’t mean it was meant for that, or that could have been the only outcome. Of course not… Of course not.

I’m looking forward to OVA 2010 and I just wish I can watch it with somebody, or on Netflix as a Party or somethin’ but that’s not gonna happen (especially not Netflix, lol). Oh, well. I shall watch it very happily alone, I guess, huh?


I was in a very good mood while partway through the beginning of my Ai  no Kusabi fanfic Forgotten Day. I got a review! I’m so happy! And it had a couple of questions that I’m sure others have but aren’t saying anything about, sadly. But this review has really perked up my mood and has guaranteed an update this week for FF.net, though no one has reviewed there. I needed put some happenings for my  other fanfics, too… Why do I do more than one at a time?

Body of review from MikkiSenpai follows:

I have a LOT of the ANK spin offs, but this1 is completely unique. Its a bit of a tough read for a total ANK fan like myself. I was having a hard time with the excess of information and descriptions on the mutant blondies as well as mongrels being larger than blondies. I’m not really sure how the story will progress because it didn’t really say much in way of the plot itself. I totally understand the characters and yes I whole-heartedly agree with you on the CRAZY Raoul aspect (that blondie give me the creeps mutating or not). Also is Riki & Iason together or did they have their minds wiped; did they never meet each other or did they meet in an alternate universe; and will Katze, Yui, Aki, Darryl, & Regiland (Pookie) be in this story and how will their characters fit into this “forgotten day” world? I love to read and I am open to new things so I look forward to your next chapter!

Oh, someone has read Taming Riki. How interesting!