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In Front of Logitech’s Mouse

I bought a new mouse. I haven’t hooked it up yet, but I can’t wait until I do! Then I’ll be able to turn off this built-in mouse and stop hitting it when I type! Yay!

Also, today is Saturday- so another chapter of “The Maléan Cages” is going to be put up seconds after this is posted! This chapter we are introduced to Dante Deluca (Who is going to have a fun old time- I’m going to enjoy him, muhahahaha), Kaaliya Lanka (Who is going to be a relieving process to many… for a bit at least), Jayce King (your signature American, who I just can’t wait to have fun with), Olive Jackson (who’s been through so much, but I’m not done with him yet!), and Sacha Sokolov (Who is going to have the most awesome time ever! (not really))

But first, reviews from last chapter… Only two… But I got a lot of hits, so that’s good, too!

asdf   2012-10-13  
i got through ch 1 fine but at ch2 i was scratching my head at all the lingo in the story. it was so condensed i wasn’t able to understand anything without thinking hard about it. maybe lay off the malean lingo more? 

This section was particularly frustrating to read: 
‘Sir Kora rescued the other three- Alaric, Mink, and Bahari- who had made it to their destination in Panal, Monsoon, and only Bahari would be leaving it to go to Zen, Mororoko.

It ended up that the Alpha Wolf that put the exclusivity on Akihito got him in the end, and it was also completely random that after all the charms and spells and curses were lifted from Akihito’s Earthling shell, his Maléan self was a Wolf as well, one with two tails. Alpha had actually put down another exclusivity stamp, but had to fight several other wolf packs for him, bringing his price soaring to thirty-two million Konits. Nothing for packs of people, but still an enormous amount for Sir Kora.

An exalted and famous psychiatrist, and the Voodoo Man of Panal itself, bought Alaric. Alaric wasn’t very popular, and Sir Kora knew he wouldn’t be, but the former German had managed not to kill anyone, though not without lack of trying. He even tried to kill himself when his spells were removed and he turned out to be what he thought a hideous Horned Tiger Animal Man, or Kallis, as Akihito tried to remember.

Mink had been gotten by the Headmaster at the sole School, as most cities on Malé only had one school, in Panal. The Headmaster had a semi-active Hook, which meant his sadism level was verging on knifeplay and other edgy kinks. Mink, though brown regularly as a Bird Kallis and Native American, had seemed a bit green. However, he had no say-so in the matter.

Bahari had been won by an Ancient, sort of a taboo subject at the moment since Brekar Damien of Bulso, Jink made his announcement that a bunch of rebel Ancients were looking to recruit for their army and take over the planet after finding the pieces of the key to the other so-called ‘Spaces’ of Malé. When it was certain that this was true, so true that Damien gave up his kingship, so true that they had a drawing of the pieces and one of the pieces actually turned up, so true that there was a huge battle over the piece, where much of the planet saw how evil these Ancients that called themselves the Elders and their followers the Youngbloods were- well, some Ancients in their era had to go into hiding.’ “

I can understand the problem, but this is the third installment of the Maléan series. A familiarity with some of the words is sort of expected. It would have been better if you asked me what the lingo meant instead of laying off. ;___; But I do want to warn you that some people, the guys mentioned above, will have some heavy lingo, because they are in a place where they are surrounded by it. I don’t think the other chapters are as heavy, but if they are, I’ll definitely put it into consideration! Thanks for the review~

ILoveWyatt   2012-10-14  
I love this story so much!

Cant wait for more!

Thanks for the review~ Haha~


I’m reading the Nightrunner series by Lynn Flewelling. Nothing gets my loins boiling more than characters going through an adventure and they just happen to be gay. I care not if the two main characters never have sex, the story is awesome. It’s a huge mystery in a vivid world that are both well thought-out and intriguing. If you know any stories or writers where there are male or hermaphroditic main characters where their relationship isn’t the main focus, please send that over to me (of course, if you find something romantic that is truly spectacular, I’ll be here too!)


I got two new games: Resident Evil 6 and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Both are exactly what I expected and wanted in the games. The militarized style of RE6 was what so many complained about- and how it wasn’t scary anymore. I thought I  learned my lessons about listening to ‘critics’ and ‘fans’, but I played Leon’s route first, because I heard it was most scary. Though it wasn’t pop-up scary, there were times that I freakin’ panicked and I was like- what the FUCK is that?! So, it was scary enough. Jake’s route was pretty fun, though a lot of ‘tapping buttons on time’ sequences. Still, the monsters! I don’t want to think that much! Bitch zombies growing armor after I freakin’ shoot ’em in the chest- ridiculous! But, oh, so cool.

Final Fantasy is nothing but fun, and, because of that, a bit easy. When I unlock more levels, maybe it will prove more challenging. Still, cute little Lightning and Tidus and Squall and Cloud- they are my team. Fun, weird little game!


On the left of “Uncle Max”

Uncle Max is a novel by Chris Kenry. It is a slice-of-life sort of story, which is usually the form of gay novels I read. Though slice-of-life usually transforms into drama in most circles of any sort of fiction, where the drama of life is racketed up a thousandfold, this doesn’t seem like it. It’s funny, but it’s pretty consistently real. I’ve only read about twenty pages, but it seems like that sort of story.

What I was really trying to do was read “Kant’s Conception of Inner Value” by Oliver Sensen. It’s interesting enough, legible, legible as how broccoli with cheese is edible, which it is, but who wants to read broccoli with cheese, you know what I mean? No, oh well.

Now, as I write this, I am kicking my foot. That’s right, one of my feet is straddling the other, kicking its toes. The other foot, the left, doesn’t have as much dexterity, and would never be able to get revenge. I am restless,  a restlessness that can only be healed by Skyrim or some other game. I would say the new game Resident Evil 6, but I’m truly planning on buying, and beating, that this winter break, with family, because I know it will be easier with someone else. Truly, the AIs for your partners are amazing now. Usually, if your partner is AI (such as in Resident Evil Revelations) the enemies are nigh unbeatable unless you are the one doing the mowing down- of course, what’s the use of the AI then other than exposition and plot crops?

Some ‘fans’ are outraged at the way the series had gone. I agree that it is no longer very creepy or anything (well, Leon’s route is fucking dark and I don’t know when the zombies are going to wake up… and part of it is on a freakin’ college campus where everyone just breathed fumes, how scary is that?!), but I’m a, never thought I’d say it, true fan. I’ll play RE no matter what format it’s going to take. I mean, some of these ‘fans’ even said, “I can’t support/buy the game anymore. It is finished.”

Um… You’re no longer a fan then. You were a fan, and now you’re not. You can say you were a fan of the ‘true RE’ or whatever if you need your elitist kick, but you don’t like it anymore, how can you be a true fan?

Same goes for Final Fantasy. I liked 13 (and 13-2). Actually, the only ones I didn’t like, to play, that is, was 10-2 and 12. I’m not counting any of the weird ones, just the turn-based or almost-turned-based, which I counted 13 as, lol. I will always give FF a benefit of the doubt, and will try all their games, because I’m a fan.

I want to play Skyrim.

And I want to read a massive yaoi story, manga or anime style. I don’t really care for looks as long as it’s good- and if it is long, it’s probably good for me. If you don’t know what yaoi is, I don’t really know how you got here, but it’s, for me, the Japanese style of male on male(s) relationships. Opposite of yuri.

I’ve gotten out of touch with some yaoi stories- Crimson Spell and Viewfinder by Ayano Yamane for one- because I don’t know how to get them. I want to pay for them.

And I want my damn money! I don’t really need it, and I’m getting a job… But I want the check so badly… so much money…

And that put me on the Teahouse Tour, which has now filled up, just as I checked. I wanna cry. I wanted that money for that purpose and now it is too late.

“Madness” by Muse is phenomenal.

That’s all for now.