What does ‘Shinashi’ mean?

I just recently looked up what it means if I were to pick out legit writing for it.

I got the name from these guys:

Trowa a.k.a. Nanashi
Trowa a.k.a. Nanashi
Duo a.k.a. Shingami
Duo a.k.a. Shingami


They’re from the anime Gundam Wing. When I was reading the plethora of fanfiction that was available in the last decade, they were my favorite characters (Trowa’s still my favorite). I noticed in the fan renderings, even in alternate universes for these characters, they were given the nicknames ‘Nanashi’ (名無, ‘no name’) and ‘Shinigami’ (死神, ‘Death’ or ‘God of Death’).

After a good scolding from my brother about using my real name on the internet (because I’m the only [my name] on the internet- no, really, I am), I decided to make up an alternate. Of course, Shinashi didn’t come at first- I was, like, twelve. But eventually I settled on it, never once finding a duplicate on forums or things like WordPress. Yay!

It wasn’t too long ago though, that I decided to look up Shinashi and see if it was a real Japanese word. Turns out, there’s a very good female MMA fighter named Satoko Shinashi, 智子尻無, ‘Smart Child- No Ass/Hips’.

Once I took the symbols from the names I got them from and searched ‘死無’, I only got Chinese sites. In other words, there’re no symbols (called Kanji) to represent ‘No death’ as I have up there in Japanese. The only reading for ‘Shinashi’ is ‘No Ass/Hips’.  Of course, ‘Shinashi’ may be referring to an older reading that might mean something different, but, currently, that’s that.

Of course, new words are made all the time in Japan, just like in the rest of the world. If I want to refer to myself as ‘Non-death/No-death’, who’s really to stop me?

And if you think I’m just pulling stuff out the ass, I’ll like you to know that I have four years Japanese language experience and can ever-so-slowly translate pop novels and manga with dictionaries. I need more vocabulary if I want to understand speech, haha.


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