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Where Have You Beeeen!

Also: It’s Been a While, and There’s no Sunshine When She’s Gone, etc.


Well, between video games and writing and working and watching anime and sleeping and various mental blockages, I haven’t had the motivation for a proper post about anything. But now I’ve built up. Will I live in Baltimore soon? Will I live long enough in Murfreesboro? How can I possibly stay in glamorous touch with my sister, who has been working her ass off on a farm (the same program I was in 4 years ago!), and what’s in store for me regarding Temple University, either in Pennsylvania or Japan?

What is Intent vs. Impact? Does anyone who doesn’t really understand what this mean actually care?

Does my compulsive liar, selfish being of a sister have mental blockages like me that makes her just as deserving of anyone’s sympathy as I acquire?

Has the shoujo anime market finally ensnared me? With Chihayafuru and Red Data Girl being among the best anime I’ve ever watched, am I finally among the demographic?!

Is appreciating the eye candy in Suisei no Gargantia making me a complete sell-out? Ledo and Amy are so moe! I want to devour them!

The PS3 controller is so much better for me it’s CRAZY. I had about ten wins with Lili in Tekken 6 on the XBox 360. PS3 Tekken Revolution? 81 wins. EIGHTY-ONE FUCKING WINS! I’m getting messages from friggin’ awesome players telling me it was a good game! To see if t was all just flukes, I went back and played Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the 360. For some reason, my reactions were slower, clunkier, and I made the silliest mistakes. PS4 is definitely in the future.

The Last of Us is awesome so far. I’m taking my time. Also, I’m actually playing online with a shooting game. Never done that before~!

I don’t ever want to work with food again! Secretarial work please and thank you!

I can’t believe I’ve ever believed in god or spirits. The scientific and logical reasoning against it is mind-boggling.

I do not get hangovers.

I did not drop from that high too badly, though I dropped enough to miss the correct time at work, and have a mental breakdown, but I was fine by that evening.

I have very specific tastes in anime art, despite my range of enjoyable things to watch. This mostly has to do with reading yaoi smut.

I need to learn a lot more kanji. I’m translating this BL game and it’s taking forever. Though there are some grammar points that I have to research, it’s looking up the damn kanji that’s just sucking out all my energy.

I need more porn.

Also… The reason why I wanted to make this post:

‘Spanking’  (and etc. plus constant criticism and belittling) over every minor infraction didn’t make me love my parents, or God more, it just made me afraid of them, and all the more determined to get away from them as soon as I possibly could. No mean feat, considering my self-esteem is rock-bottom in my young adult years… I always feel like I’m doing something wrong. 

It also made us much more secretive and deceptive, hiding things from our parents became an art form. Another neat trick considering my mom was nosy as shit, and felt perfectly justified in reading our mail, going through our drawers, etc. To this day lying to my mom dad is an automatic response, no matter the topic…, and I’m usually honest to a fault with everyone else I know. 

So great job No One. Keep up that Christian love, and maybe, just maybe, your spouse will go easy on you in the divorce. 

Quote taken from LDM, changed to reflect me just a bit more. See you soon!


Hellishly Hot with “642 Things To Write About”

The titles for this have changed but the quality of content has not. Sharing this stuff on Facebook makes me well-aware that I’m getting it out to the most amount of people I can, for free! I could actually do something with my tumblr or get a Twitter, but, meh.

Oh, yea, Facebook? Tiny, tiny drop, just as I thought.

Prompt #86-The president’s personal to-do list

My response:

1. Meet with theorists about Korean threat

2. Remind the fly-releaser that no one’s talked about me being the Antichrist for about a week

3. Listen in on Limbaugh/Fox/Far-right agency to see how well I’m doing- Remember, angrier they are, the better I’m doing

4. Smile less. Michelle doesn’t believe I’m not looking at pretty ladies anymore- remember secretary comment- Bad Obama!

5. Write speech- 500th one! (Subsequently reward self with a two-day golf vacation)

6. Fire the white guy who keeps talking about how great it is I’m a black president

7. Fire the white guy who keeps scoffing at guy in 6

8. Work out

9. Manipedi

10. Get teeth clean

11. Honor more promises

Sister’s response:

1. Peace- North Korea

2. Sign The Documents

3. Break- Hang out with family

4. Solve gay marriage and gun control issues

5. Take kids to the dentist

6. Photoshoot

7. Speech

Prompt#87- The general manager of the New York Yankees’ personal to-do list

My response: (I know more about butterfly migration patterns than the freakin’ Yankess- but here goes!)

1. Send hate mail to Red Sox

2. Send mocking letters to Astros

3. Pray to Special Bat and Special Ball on Special Field

Sister’s response:

1. Practice 5AM to 5PM tomorrow

2. Wash all jerseys

3. Pick up all balls

4. Gameplay

5. Practice game with Giants

6. Have someone clean field

7. Have someone to do 2 and 3


Prompt#88- A powerful Hollywood agent’s personal to-do list

My response: (Okay, it’s officially unfun now)

1. Call diet manager and trainer

2. Tip off The Inquirer and Us about tomorrow’s secret outing

3. Email The Others

4. Pay NYPD, LAPD, Holiday Inn, Motel 6, and the people between fortieth and fiftieth

5. No more gin, ever

6. No more coke, ever

Sister’s response:

1. Fire coffee lady

2. Fire make-up artist

3. Fire donut boy

4. Fire Jack Black

5. Fire camera crew

6.Fire designers

7. Hire new crews

(Sister has more of a story going on XD)

Prompt#89- Three objects in your childhood bedroom

My response:

I can’t really remember anything but my bed and siblings… Ah! In middle school, I had the BL manga Fake- which I managed to get even though it had plastic wrap and adult content; the blue radio which I skipped to; and the Harry Potter book- I think maybe the first. I still have Fake, and I have an iPod now. :D

Sister’s response:

Stuffed animals, bunk beds, and syrup stain.

Prompt#90- The toy you most treasured

My response:

I had a stuffed bear with blue paws. It was soft and big, though that might have been because I was small. At one point, we all had a favorite stuffed animal, and then there was a time that mine was in the best shape or not missing. Now it’s gone, and my sisters still have Penelope and Minnie Mouse.

Sister’s response:

Penelope. I don’t know why, but she is the best toy ever. She doesn’t do much, but when it’s playing time, she’s always there.

Prompt#91- What’s stored in your closet?

My response:

My and others’ clothes, suitcases, my Teahouse paraphernalia, some games I’ve beaten (Final Fantasy XIII, Silent Hill Homecoming and Downpour), a tea set, a Shakespeare set, books I’ve read (the Pendragon books) and several volumes of various gay pornography.

Sister’s response:

Twilight books, old clothes, stuff from middle school, about 30 folded chips bags, boxes, sister’s stuff, and ceramics, and stuffed animals.

Prompt#92- The next sound you hear and what caused it

My response:

The crickets outside are doing their thing. They used to annoy the flipping fuck out of me, but they are okay now. Not to the point of lulling me to sleep or anything like you might read elsewhere, but not nearly as maddening as when I heard them when I was younger.

Sister’s response:

My sister saying “The next sound I heard after ‘it’ were crickets”. What caused it was the prompt asking ‘The next sound you hear and what caused it’.

(She’s freakin’ hilarious!)

“642 Things to Write About” and The Great Gatsby

I watched the movie today. More on that later. Or right now, with terribly cynical words for 642.What would Fitzgerald say about boxers or briefs? #76?

Also, I had a rough conversation with my dearest brother, that highlighted all the differences between us. #78

Actually, really great entries from us today. Yes, I’m tooting our horns like nobody’s business.

Prompt #74- The greatness of sandwiches

My response:

Not including hamburgers (as I’m sure many don’t), I found sandwiches the bane of my existence, avoiding it at all costs. They seemed to represent all that was wrong with being less than wealthy. Sandwiches now, and forever. Jelly, baloney with cheese and mayo, bacon-egg-cheese- hell, even Nutella.

Towards the time when I realized that I could starve myself with idiotic discontent, I noticed that every sandwich I made was out of desperation. I was hungry, and in order to fill me up, it was quicker to put that jelly or baloney or egg on bread.

Now, I usually skip the sandwich deal. It reminds me of being poor and hungry. But I eat the bread alone, the ‘deli’ ham between my fingers rolled up like a burrito, and shredded cheese is sprinkled into my mouth. I don’t remember the last time I’ve had mayo, but no part of that can go without a sandwich, and that, too, has been buried.

Sister’s response: 

Sandwiches can really describe the person who’s eating it. You can learn a lot from sandwich. For example, the creativity of it. How the person organizes it or what they put on it. There are thousands, maybe millions of variations you can do to make a sandwich. Not too mention that you can organize it in your own special way that no one will get. And, it tastes good.

Prompt # 75-Parades

My response:

I remember only one kind of parade that happened from year to year. The Martin Luther King Parade in Beaumont, Texas. For some reason, it was always a huge affair, something I always looked forward to. The people in the great slow line would throw beads and candy, so, so, so much candy. One year I lost a tooth to a Tootsie Roll from the parade; that Halloween I lost another to another.

It always gave me great anxiety to see it winding down, and the way it so concretely began to make outward signs that, yes, it will be over.

One year, it rained. Not many people came, and my elementary self had been close to tears at the disappointment. No candy was thrown, or beads, since there was water everywhere and it was slippery. Dancers and bands and performers had canceled, so there were gaps and it was quick. Too quick. I remember thinking that parades were fast enough, and the rain had hastened them all away.

I made a note early never watch parades on TV- like the Macy’s one, or the New Year’s one. To hear it thrillingly from articles and people who had visited kept it alive far longer than if I had been there.

One time I had gone to a Christmas parade in Beaumont, on Crockett street, closed down now. Our class was on our way to a grand, grand, grand theater to see a magnificent rendition of A Christmas Carol. We were watching the parade beforehand, to pass the time. It is still bright and glorious, with horses dressed in red and green lights and a thousands Santas marching. It’s been neverending.

Sister’s response: 

Parades to me are like bubblegum. The first ten minutes of it s good, but after awhile, it’s bland. There are times when I just be happy about it but deep down, I just want to go home. I remember the MLK parades when they passed beads and stuff. I did enjoy that part, like any other kid would. But, I’ve been in parades like five times. Tiring, tiring stuff. Marching up hills while playing music. I do love festivities, so my feelings about it are neutral.

(MY! We are just on a blaze, aren’t we?)

Prompt #76-Boxers or briefs? Discuss.

My response:

Depends on the character. You can’t just put boxers or briefs on a man or woman and pretend it’s always going to be so. That’s like saying someone should always wear sweaters, while another always V-necks.

Cupping a nice package in briefs is all I think about with briefs. The package can be in the front or the back, but it should be well-formed and fulfilling. Briefs for my attractive people, the muscular and shapely, the curvaceous (and BBWs). It just won’t work with men, unless their erections can fill as much as their stomachs covers.

Boxers are mostly for style and comfort- oddly enough. Free-falling and airy, with much more room for decoration, which is always good if your pants go down to your thighs.

Boxer-briefs, mostly.

Sister’s response: 

I prefer boxers because whenever I see guys wearing briefs, I tend to stare by accident. It’s like, right there… Like, a girl with big boobs. A lot of times I see sexy men wearing briefs, so I really can’t help staring (look up Ian Somerhalder).

(Perverts! The both of us!)

Prompt #77- Screw you.

My response:

Whenever I hear someone say that some book I like was boring, I have the extreme urge to say “Screw you”. I find the word in league with phrases like ‘too-PC’ or ‘hyperfeminist’ or ‘Obummer’. It’s a word to say towards something that has a lot more to it, most of the time. In essence, it’s one of those words many use without really trying to say anything. It’s somewhat dismissive.

Ah, screw you!

Sister’s response: 

I find it rude. But then again, they could say worse, like f-off or something. I still don’t like it though. Seems kind of hurtful and mean.

(It is!)

Prompt #78-Write about a difficult conversation you’ve had recently. Then rewrite the conversation, saying what you couldn’t say at the time.

My response:

My brother came to visit for Mother’s Day. And when the rest of the family went to church (except for my youngest brother and my niece- and brother, of course) I asked Brother if he could take me to the gas station so I could get me some Dr. Pepper.

I couldn’t find my debit card in my wallet or anywhere, and I asked Youngest Brother to ask my parents if they’ve seen my card. I was sure they had taken it without my permission, for I had recently given my mom my pin number so that she could withdraw money to buy some… uhm… medicine. I had already checked my bank account, and it recorded a transaction for that day that I didn’t do.

My parents sent a message back saying ‘Didn’t no one touch your card’.

Incensed at the cowardly display of fibbing, miles away at a cultish church, I told Brother I no longer wanted to go, and he asked if I was mad and of course I was.

He soon went on a familiar rant about how I needed to leave the house, get my life together, be successful, go somewhere, anywhere than my parent’s place. He remarked how I shouldn’t be surprised about that charge, how I probably wasn’t, and shouldn’t be, again.

As his voice radiated in the house, my niece froze in place. I could see in her eyes the nervousness she always displayed when someone was angry, for her shitty father would get like that and be unkind to her.

I could see father in my brother’s eyes. They may have wanted what was best, but it came off so patronizing, so agonizing. But I couldn’t tell my brother who had PTSD from my father that he was anything like him. I couldn’t tell him that I was, obviously upset, but, on the whole, my sister and niece was making this the best place to be in the world right now. I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to stay with them.

He told me how I shouldn’t be working at Denny’s, how I needed my own place, how I needed to take out loans, and make plan B’s and C’s just in case Temple University didn’t accept me.

Where should I work at? How would I get my own place? Should I go back and be miserable at Johns Hopkins?

Who the fuck do you think you’re talking to, thinking that I can’t get into Temple University?

did immediately get defensive with that. I don’t know if he noticed; but he’s sensitive. He might have. I told him I would like to live on my own, somehow, and he was quick to say that things didn’t just happen that way, and I was careful to say that I had no choice then.

But I didn’t say, simply, that I didn’t want to. Unfortunately for him, whenever he visits he is addressed by panic attacks, tearful fits, triggers from Dad- Dad with his fake laugh, and passive aggressive way of asking for favors (He works in Murfreesboro, and he told my brother that he might need to hang at his house one day. Ugh.) and all that crap. Fortunately for me, my subconscious deals with this and I deal with it all subconsciously. But consciously I immerse myself in my grand imagination, my sister’s wit, and my niece’s laughter, the narrator from Far Cry or the NPCs of Skyrim. I’m also perfectly confident and complacent in my superior wit, intelligence, and empathy (but not diligence to the seriousness of this world, my world) to anyone who tries to come against me.

Where the hell do you get off thinking I can’t get into Temple University? That I can’t be successful just because I bide my time collecting money so that I will be able to pay my way through just a few more years of college and the great beyond. You with the PTSD with the many boyfriends of all types, and hundreds of followers, and forty likes for a status on an imaginary snippet on closing an elevator on a group? You who have always had friends and the love of so much of the family, who no one would ever just call cute so that they can’t honestly say that I’m unattractive in the general sense?

I’ll stay here. I’ll go to Temple. I’m fine.

Sister’s response: 

My sister versus my brother and me on God. She’s an atheist and we were figuring out why she doesn’t believe. She made some valid points and so did my brother, but I ran out of things to say. At one point, she said that, there’s no proof that God exists and that she lives for fun.

I wanted to say that I wish I can die and see heaven so that I can come back and tell her about it. I felt doubtful if God exists or not, but I know in my heart that I do believe.

(so heartfelt…)

Prompt #79-Write the copy for a cereal box so that someone would actually want to buy this exciting new flavor

My response: (Hilarious, since most new flavors aren’t new at all)

Trix Cereal now made with REAL FRUITS! That’s right, lemony yellow and raspberry red are now tinged with luscious lemons and riveting real raspberries. Try these delightful swirls in your favorite type of milk- try it with some vanilla soymilk and let the creamy goodness bathe your receptors with an almost yogurty wave!

Sister’s response: 

Kix! Now with flavor! Go on… Add sugar to it… Keep going… Pour all that sugar in it… The whole Kix will still taste like the box it was made in… Buy new Kix now!

(I love Kix!)

Video Games- Why EVERYONE Should Play Them!

This is a post/page for one of my favorite things in the world- video games! Actually, I don’t know if I’m uninterested in any media outlet (a.k.a. I love everything!) But I do know that one of my favorite things to do is play video games. I’mma be  listing the games I have and why I play them before going on and making pages for games I have finished and games on my wishlist (then books-including BL- would be next, and that’s all for my pages and stuff, yay!)


To be honest, I’m not quite sure why everyone doesn’t play video games, especially if you read books or watch television. It might be because people equate modern video games to games like Pacman or Pong, but, and sorry to burst the bubbles of gamer jocks, those were mindless pasttimes that I equate with very simple board games. Of course, every once in a while those things are fun, and they are that which modern games stem from- but to figure someone a bit odd for making a game like Pacman or Pong major part of their lives wouldn’t be too unfair.

Theeen we come to games like Skyrim and I’m just wondering where everyone is at.

The most common complaint I get from those who don’t play games- besides the nerd factor- is that there is too much going on. So, like, laziness. Second most common complaint? Nothing is really going on. Ironically, this comes a lot from people who read or watch TV. Third one, they don’t have time to play video games, which really gets me from every single person who’s said this to me because they have time to watch TV or go out.

It’s mostly me. I hate to feel that I’ve missed out on a good lesson or story for little reason like video games seem like a lot of work.

At one point, I did believe it was impossible for me. It was around the time my brother was playing Spiderman. I tried playing it, I really did, but I just couldn’t figure it out. I’ve played Mario, a little Zelda, Donkey Kong and Power Rangers, classics, and thought, I guess I can only play easy or, at least, straightforward games, and I found little enjoyment in them since I found little point in their straightforwardness when I could read Harry Potter and yaoi. I played Super Smash Brother Melee, Soul Caliber II and Tekken 4, and found a love for fighting games (and fighting- martial arts- in general) and the stories of the fighters, but nothing spectacular.

video game Resident_evil_zero

And then we rented this game for a couple of days. I was surprised to come across a storyline and movie-like sequences, while all the time I had to work towards the end. I didn’t beat the game but I hungered for more. My brother borrowed or my parents rented these games (before hitting a religious hill and all that stuff was blown away).

After that low part of my life, I began playing the storylines of fighting games in earnest, asking for games for Christmas, or borrowing or buying my own.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And I’ve fallen in love since. As you can probably see, I was mostly into good-looking games, nothing raunchy, ugly, or non-anime cartoony, really. After playing House of the Dead: Overkill, I’ve mostly changed my mind, and play more ‘realistic-looking’ games like Far Cry or Skyrim. Plus, these games have story and funness and are actually quite beautiful. Unfortunately, this has expanded my interests beyond the pale, but, oh, well.

Criteria for games (and anything else)

I go after games (and anything else) based on certain criteria, but it’s not just one little thing then- hell yea, go for it. Except for very special cases. And I pick things like how I would pick characters to fight on Fire Emblem. Let me show you (and bore the rest of you away):

video game Ike stats

Does he look familiar? He is from “Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance” (and this is Radiant Dawn).  Those are his stats at being a Lvl. 20 Vanguard (anyone out there? haha). He has ridiculous health (HP), Strength (Str, duh), Skill, Speed, and sort of Defense. However, he’s pretty low on Magic, Luck, and Resistance (to magic). So if someone with high Skill, high Magic, and high Luck came up against him, he might get seriously wounded. And this was Endgame for Radiant Dawn, so he might get killed, and game over. Still, with his other stats, he is a ridiculously good player. Keep him away from magic users, if possible, and he’ll live.

For video games, here are some Stats that I look for: Looks (I like beautiful games, but would need some seriously good stats in other areas to play non-anime cartoon games), Genre (I’m biased towards fighting, horror-gory, and adventure games), Makers (this is not to exclude games, but to include them. I would never not buy a game- or watch a movie or anime- or read a book just because of the creators, unless they are just bad people. You know, I wouldn’t buy anything by Rush Limbaugh because he’s a fucking hell-bent demon), Gameplay (again, I like fighting- but “Virtua Fighter”, “Dead or Alive”, and “Mortal Kombat” are hard to play- and MK is fucking ugly- so I haven’t really played them. I also really like FPS and rhythm games.), and Story (This was how I get into ‘uglier’ games like “Skyrim”. I saw a friend playing it and was, like, wait! What happens next?! And now I’m- once more- a Lvl. 50 character looking for all the Stones of Barenziah)

video game togainu no chi

So, Looks, Genre, Makers, Gameplay, Story. Like Ike, a game could be seriously lacking in one of these stats and still get my okay. For example, BL games like “Togainu no Chi” here have you basically going through a story making choices to get your character to  end up in love/having sex with someone. Other than Looks and Story, there isn’t much to the game. But there is enough, but BL games that are ugly won’t have enough, no matter the story, so I don’t play them.

Here are a list of games that I have and why I’m playing them/why I haven’t finished them. They are in no particular order of recommendation, and I pride myself on my collection of games. :D


I still have  much more to say about why I play “Skyrim”. There’re enough stories on the damn game that have me coming back just to hear them all over again. A fantasy setting with a sort of Germanic leaning, plus you can adopt children and hunt and build houses- so really awesome. I got the game mainly based on the stories and genre, but the gameplay is pretty intuitive, and it looks freakin’ gorgeous most of the time, even if the glitches AND bugs can be a fuckin’ bitch. On my second run through, I tried not picking up any books or necklaces, just in case they are for quests. There’re multiple bugs that, if you pick them up before the mission, they won’t leave your inventory and/or you can’t complete them. Then there are the glitches where you’re swimming in a lake and then the water starts fucking up and you can’t move. Plus, it freezes every once in a while. Still, Solstheim has made it all worth it (plus that guy you can hire in the inn there is the best ‘partner’ you can have in the entire doggone game). I’m a Lvl. 51 Khajit that loves her sword and bow.

Fire Emblem: Awakening
Fire Emblem: Awakening

Thank you, Mattie, for introducing me to the Fire Emblem series. This is the third one I’ve played. It’s high in all my aforementioned stats. Basically, it’s like laying chess, moving characters one by one, each with their own special moves and strengths and weaknesses. Each character has their own story (in Radiant Dawn, there was a bit of a dumbing down with storylines for each characte, probably because it was a sequel to Path of Radiance). Plus, in this game, they can get married and have children. I love the story very much, and doubt I’ll ever like it less. My favorite characters are Gaius, Libra, Sully, and Tharja.

Final Fantasy 13-2
Final Fantasy 13-2

“Final Fantasy 13” was the first Final Fantasy that I beat on my own. I had gotten it because it looked gorgeous and I told myself, if I can go through turn-by-turn in Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy would be a piece of cake. Oddly enough, they had changed it up for 13, and I FREAKIN’ LOVE IT. First, I’m trying to trigger that yellow thing that I forgot what it was but makes the enemy weaker, and then the enemy starts up its effin’ cheatin’ supermove so I have to switch to a paradigm to heal and protect. I didn’t care about how straight it’s gameplay was- ‘cuz, you know, I play other games that are like rulers- and I pretty much loved all the characters except Hope until he finally forgave Snow, and then I loved everybody! 13-2 continues that, and I like it for the most part. I don’t really like the monsters and partners thing, and would rather have Fang and the others, but I get it. I’m trying to beat this now so that when Lightning Returns comes out, I can do something about it. I love nearly anything by Square Enix, too.

Far Cry 3
Far Cry 3

I heard it was like Skyrim with guns. It is, to me. Down to the repetitive enemies, though “Far Cry 3” has repetitive allies, too, unless the allies are special. (A lot of allies in Skyrim have the same voices, though they look different- except if they are special) What I especially like about Far Cry 3 is that it forces you to be sneaky a lot. In Skyrim, once you get Glass armor, at least, and a few special weapons and spells- you can clear out even a big fort with little problem. Enchanted Dragonborn armor with dozens of spells, shouts, and weapons, and even the boss of the Dragonborn DLC was pretty meh. Far Cry has people with guns, big guns. And, oddly enough, they still hurt a lot even when you get stronger. Even if you have seven bars of health, that will do shit against five bad guys that can knock off one and a half each. Plus, I like this guy trying to save his friends on a horrible island. I’m taking my time with this because this doesn’t seem to have the ongoing play like Skyrim has. Not enough good side-stories, really. Oh, yea, it’s gorgeous.

Soul Caliber V
Soul Calibur V

I’ve played all of them (even Soul Blade). This one was just as gorgeous as the others, and I like being able to do a superpowermove nearly at whim. The story part sucked serious balls, especially as this was a good chance to fully introduce a bunch of new characters arriving over a decade after Soul Calibur IV. Still, between customization, beauty, and flawless gameplay, I shouldn’t complain about this awesome fighting game.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
Tekken Tag Tournament 2

I’ve played all the Tekken except for the first one. As a fighting game, I haven’t nearly gotten the hang of it, despite how long it has been out (it’s now on WiiU for goodness sake!). It doesn’t really have a story mode, but it’s pretty! I traded Tekken 6 for it, and I’m still okay with it! I just wish I could really get a groove with it. I got it for gameplay and looks.

King of Fighters XIII
King of Fighters XIII

The stories are aaaaaaaaaamazing! They went through so much trouble for it, I’m flabbergasted! It’s pretty hard to play, since I have to get out of my box to play as other characters if I want to know everybody’s story ending. Though it’s not 3d, it’s still fun and beautiful and amusing.


To be honest, I have no fucking idea which Blazblue I have. I think the first one? In any case, it’s pretty much ditto from “King of Fighters XIII” except with even harder fighting styles, and they talk too damn much while fighting!

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3
Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

Sooooo pretty. Sooooo nerdgasmic. The gameplay is freakin’ nuts, and when I find my groove, no one can freakin’ stop me! My favorite team is Dante, Hsien-ko, and X-23, but I’ll play any good-looking character (that locks out people like Magneto and Deadpool, most of Marvel side, really, haha) that’s not too short and is not Chris, Wesker, or Ryu.

Dead Space
Dead Space

Yes, that is the first “Dead Space”. I’ve watched the movies, but I can’t bring myself to finish the damn game- it’s too scary. And now the third one is out and I’m like, what am I doing?! It’s gorgeous, the mystery is insane, and the gameplay is impeccable. I just want to be creeped out less and have more ammo.

Resident Evil 6
Resident Evil 6

The main reason I still play this is because I want to beat Ada’s campaign with my brother, and he mostly plays Black Ops, and I really want higher scores in mercenaries. I loved the game itself (Favorite line: “Better calm that puppy”), especially playing from three different angles and getting the whole story afterwards (except, you know, Ada). Plus, it’s gorgeous, great gameplay, yadda yadda yadda. I’m pretty sure you know I love the damn series.

Castlevania- Lords of Shadow
Castlevania- Lords of Shadow

I played a Castlevania game, I think on Gamecube.  I remember the voice acting being pretty terrible? Anywho, none of that to worry about in this game. I haven’t finished it, though I know the main thing that happens, which reeeeeeally sucks. Plus, the sequel is coming out and I’m like uuuuuugh. I wished it had a more anime-like art, like the earlier games, because it looks more like art and not just realistic. I mean, I get that and all, but I like art. It’s still gorgeous, the setting and plot just my sort of thing, and lots of stuff to do with gameplay- riding spiders is soooooo much fun.

Dead Island
Dead Island

Another game with its sequel on the way. Zombies, shooting, gorgeous. Reminds me of Left 4 Dead and Skyrim sort of. Very gorgeous. I mostly like the balance- non-infinite weapon use, very limited ammo, smart zombies. I was hooked with the commercial though. You know the one.

Skyward Sword
Skyward Sword

After not playing Wind Waker and a couple other games between this and Twilight Princess, I got this. Then my niece destroyed my Wii, so Skyward Sword is collecting dusk and I’m glowering at its case. Gameplay is wonderfantastical, as you might have heard even if you don’t play games. Plus the story is great and Link is given more of a personality here, so, all’s good. My brother has beat it so, gr.

Devil May Cry 4
Devil May Cry 4

This one is pretty funny, because I’ve already beaten Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry , and then again with my sister (including Vergil’s Downfall, and looooooved it!). But DMC4 got scratched, and I have to do this waxing thing every time I want to play it, so, yea.. Beautiful and fun and all that good stuff. Plus Capcom. Plus freakin’ Dante~~~

Harvest Moon- A New Beginning
Harvest Moon- A New Beginning

A cute game where you make friends, raise farm animals, grow crops, fall in love. I’ve played HM Magical Melody, Another Wonderful Life, Tree of Tranquility, Tale of Two Towns and Animal Farm. I thought I would get bored of it but… Nope… Nope, still playin’. Still playin.

Dance Central 3
Dance Central 3

You know what this is. It’s fun as hell. I have 2 and 3 actually, and switch between the two because I don’t want to pay for importing. A game that I can say, without a doubt, I’m pretty fucking good at. That’s probably because it’s basically muscle memorization, and I play instruments and sports so, yea.

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy
Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Oh! The nostalgia!!!! At least for 7 onwards (and Terra’s theme is my favorite Field music, One-Wing Angel and Defiers of Fate my Battle music loves). Again, another game I’m pretty damn good at, muscle memory and all that

Well, that’s the list of the games I’m playing. I’m waiting for a good paycheck to buy TEAHOUSE Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Last Guardian, Tales of Xilla, Project X Zone, Dead Island: Riptide, the Final Fantasy X remake, THE WALKING DEAD SEASON TWO!!!!, Watch Dog, Assassins Creed 3 (and freakin’ 4! Goddamn!), and The Last of Us- plus all the others I’ve mentioned.

Got and recs or need for some, I’m ya’ girl~ Happy Playin’!

But what about the porn?

It is nearly half past five in the morning and I am writing a post on WordPress because it is something I’ve been meaning to do. I’ve also been putting off porn and masturbation because I like to think of yaoi sex before going to sleep, and it is nearly impossible for me to do that after an orgasm. But it is also nearly impossible in daylight, so I need to make this quick… One day I will figure out the orgasm and daylight thing, but not today!

I’m reading several webcomics right now. Most of them are yaoi/malexmale/gay or at least lgbtq related. The Kingfisher is the most surprising- well, after Ship Jumper. But I don’t take Ship Jumper too seriously. It’s pretty ugly to me, but it’s a bit funny and really gay with the main character, so, *shrug*. Anywho, I’ve been avoiding The Kingfisher because the art was real ugly to me, too, but I knew- I knew – it would grow on me.

And, god, did it! I’ll freakin’ buy that shit! The art is still creepy as all get out, but I love it… I love it so much. It’s hilarious. And it has this fun versus evil side of vampires and ghouls and witches and the like that I just love about modern supernatural works!

Ship Jumper I wouldn’t buy. It’s cute- ’bout this young man, his captain, and the enemy captain being marooned on an island. Young man and enemy captain end up together. It’s pure smut, but hey.

Then there’s TJ and Amal. You see, I’ve been trying to close myself off from liking too many things- things take up time. Time away from schoolwork.

By the way, I shirked this semester because I’m an utter failure. About a month out of school, and I have not the slightest inclination to go back. Isn’t that awful? But I have to continue with my life and get a job and money and… live.

Back to things for a moment- I used to only really like fighting games. Then Japanese rpgs. Now, I’ve progressed to wanting Far Cry 3 and Assassins’ Creed 3 for Christmas. I also have been playing Dance Central 3 for a straight week-and-a-half. I was only meant for passing games. And drawing! I was meant for doodles, not buying artbooks! And reading! I was meant for manporn, not Bible-long epics! And movies! Action and comedy! Well… That’s still pretty much the same… Still, I love too many things… Anime and tv! Comedy! Now I’ll watch anything!

Anyway, TJ and Amal is fuckin’ magic. Magic, I tell you. All that real emotional shiznit I always want, hot  sex that I want sometimes, humor I want most times, and that realism that sometimes hits too close to home but I can totally handle it now. Tj and Amal has this guy- mysterious TJ who seems to be running away from something sketchy- and Amal who’s been disowned by his father after coming out- well these two guys take a road trip to somewhere more free, in different ways for them. Lovely.

Next, The Prince of Cats has this guy Lee, who’s gay and is in love with his best friend, and Frank, also gay. High School Drama stuff that’s really cute. Something to tone down from Tj and Amal or The Kingfisher or tone up from Ship Jumper. Thing is, Lee talks to cats and they talk back and I want to know what that’s all about.

Feral Gentry. Male fairy meets more of his kind. It looks cute, though not really gay. Oh, it is animated sometimes- that’s what’s got me hooked!

I also checked for the new pages of The Young Protectors, Teahouse, StarfighterPurpurea Noxa, Oglaf, The Spectre, Lackadaisy, and Cheap Thrills, though the last three haven’t updated this week.

Lastly (as if this is so very organized), Skyrim’s latest DLC, Dragonborn, is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Dawnguard. Like, seriously, this could be a whole new game. I’ve been in Solstheim for the last nine days whenever I play Skyrim. Very much worth the dollars I put into it.


Getting Ahead is like Getting High

So, like, I’m addicted to writing right now. It’s all I really want to do besides playing video games and cleaning. And right now I’m playing Tekken 6 and Resident Evil 5 or Harvest Moon Animal Parade. I got the last for Christmas ’09, Tekken the day it came out, and RE5 sometime during the summer with my XBOX 360.

I like to write fantasy stories, mostly fanfiction because I’m too much of a pussy to publish something of my original works, which I actually have a couple of. I like male/male mostly because I don’t like writing girls too much, or reading them, or watching them. Oh well.

Some people think that the Tekken and RE series have gotten worse over time. Tekken is on a ‘pretty game’ or RE has gotten less scary.  Alien infested people are a bit less scary than zombies I guess. And Tekken’s a fighting game. It has only gotten prettier to me. But new characters and endings has me running to anything that comes from it.

Is Leo a boy yet? Lee is gay. I love me some Christie!
Sure, no problem.

In all honesty, I tend not to view both these games as continuations of the former addition. I believe people worked to0 hard to make them different and look better that the last one. I believe they are getting better and better.

Consult a psychiatrist on why I love yaoi. Man and man seems rough! But I have found out that it is in fact a very girly medium, if you try hard enough. Gag on the video song, but it’s the only one I saw that didn’t have like Naruto and Bleach yaoi, which I didn’t want, ya’ know.