Ok, reviews are things of the past apparently. At least for me. :C I yearn for them more than anything else because…. Like, I write so that people can read and I know people are reading- It’s like comments. Dozens of people read my stuff a month but don’t say A THING. I’m not really complaining. It’s just that it is very frustrating that, perhaps, no one cares about the person who is doing the writing, or whether the author continues writing or not. C’ est la Vie, ya’ know? I mean, if you read something of mine that is even a week old, I don’t care. Comment and review and say hi just to let me know you’re there.

It’s depressing to feel this way. I’m about to discontinue a fic that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like because no one is reviewing and so, I believe, no one cares. It’s so stupid of me! But if no one cares to review, why should I care to write? But I care anyway… And that’s why I keep going until the deep pit in my heart is dry and there’s no more motivation at all to keep me going.

Out of five votes, I only have two ‘pluses’ on Adultfanfiction. Maybe my story is actually really bad? Probably.

I’ll continue for MikkiSenpai. I got really encouraged with her strong but subtle constructive criticism. If she made out the time for me, I shall make out the time for her. Both chapters she…. or he, lol, reviewed. I can go on. And go on for all those who aren’t reviewing but are reading too.


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