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Bible, Day 21

Summary: Abraham is ‘tested’, Sarah Dies, Isaac marries Rebekah (a woman’s name so soon!- but her father does come first!)

22:17 – I THOUGHT THIS WAS ALREADY PROMISED? And we know Isaac was old enough to understand because he asks in verse 7 where the lamb at? He doesn’t feel this was a pretty fucked up thing for Mr. Lordy Lord to do??? As Family Guy put it, Isaac should be like “What the fuck was that about?”. “God was just testing me,” Abraham says- uuuummm and Isaac??? And here we have a guy saying that god told him to do it and he attempts and is stopped by an angel (not god? We know God can speak so what’s up with these angels playing messenger? I don’t understand whyyyy). Doesn’t tell anyone and he lies to Isaac? And yet somehow we’re sure this doesn’t happen anymore. It’s the devil speaking now?

Did we forget about Job? How close is Job and Genesis? I looked it up, not close at all in a regular Bible. I wonders why.

23- Sarah dies and is buried. Where are the servants buried? Has no one died in all the time we’ve been following Abraham? I think we’re missing out on some important Bronze Age burying rituals. I do find it sweet that Abraham went out  of his way to pay for a burial site.

24:16 – “The girl was very beautiful, a virgin; no man had ever lain with her”… That’s what a virgin means in this time. Also, only thing important about this girl is that she was beautiful and a virgin, apparently.  And that she ran water for the servant and the camels. I’m not going to say anything about servants. This guy seems happy and sincerely wants to do well by his master.

:24– Let’s find out where she is in the family tree in regards to Isaac. Milcah is Abraham’s sister-in-law, making her Isaac’s Aunt-in-law (is that a thing?). Milcah gives birth to Bethuel who is Rebekah’s father. Rebekah is Milcah’s granddaughter.  Bethuel is Isaac’s cousin. So Rebekah and Isaac are, what, second cousins? Cousin’s once removed? I think we’re okay in the whole scheme of things.

Can anyone tell me why this servant had to make this journey to find a wife for Isaac? What was wrong with the Canaanites? This a preservation of line thing? I think this is what made people follow ‘royalty’ for so long. And can’t no one blame royalty for marrying within the family – this is obviously allowed. Is incest a sin? It really shouldn’t be.

40-41 – What angel? It made the trip but didn’t say anything? Obviously the god magic got the servant and Rebekah to meet, but what about the angel who was to help? WHY DOES GOD NEED ANGELS??? Also “you will be released from my oath even if they refuse to give her to you”. This giving and getting of women really irks me. Before, they talked about her refusing to leave. Guess that doesn’t matter now.


58 – Oh, her opinion does matter. Good good.

65 – Veil?

67– “…and Isaac was comforted after his mother’s death.” Uhhh, how sweet?

Good thing Genesis is made of multiple stories unlike a certain SOMEBODY’S story that went on far longer than it should have.


Bible, Day 20, The wife turns into a pillar of salt! Like, can we talk about this?!

Genesis 19:1-21:34

Summary: Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot and his daughters, Isaac is born

I just want to start this off by saying that this probably didn’t happen. I’m prolly preaching to the choir here, but it has to be said. I’m sure there have been worse cities sprouted since Sodom and Gomorrah, and yet none of them have tasted the burning sulfur. A good many people take such extreme acts of god as ‘metaphors’. And what I enjoy bringing up is if these great acts of Mr. Lordy Lord never happened, what does he actually do? When do the metaphors became literal occasions? And what do these stories really mean? We all know that Sodom and Gomorrah wasn’t really about homosexuality, but hospitality and thereforerage it is WAY better to have Lot’s daughters get raped by a whole bunch of men than two male guests getting raped by a whole bunch of men. :l

14 – So the sons-in-law thought he was joking? Didn’t think to shine some magic on them or show them all the guys who were blinded? I like how they get like a few words and then people just move on.

22 – “but flee there quickly, because I cannot do anything until you reach it.”- Everybody look here! “I CANNOT DO ANYTHING UNTIL YOU REACH IT” Oh yes, I’m taking this super literally, there’s absolutely no reason not to. God couldn’t somehow go around Lot and the good people? And again, it’s about Mr. Lordy Lord REMEMBERING Lot. Do the gods forget? Like, I really need to know.

26 – So she turns into a pillar of salt. Why even make looking  back punishment? If I was Lot’s No-Name Wife, and I get to heaven or hell and I get told I died when I looked back and I became a pillar of salt? If this motherfucker don’t get out of here! And why salt? Do y’all know just how valuable salt was? There’s no rhyme or reason to these things, but most likely the Hebrew goatmen that told these stories thought their Hebrew audiences would get everything.

37-38 – STFU, these girls raped their father, they got pregnant, and Papa was like whatevs? This is further ammunition for the goatmen, no one today would think this was okay- well, people with sense. But to goatmen (I’m assuming) preservation of the line was all-important. “Moabites” and “Ammonites” of today? Well, this puts the timeline down pretty good, doesn’t it? I know somewhere in my ancestry there were some guys made by incest, but I don’t want to know where or when!

20:17  – Slave girls. What a pleasant world.

21 – The lady has a name! Her name is Hagar and God helped with the baby name Ishmael and Hagar GOT HIM a wife in Egypt. Got him one. Like a sheep.

There are descendants listed from Genesis 25:12-18 and 1 Chronicles 1:28-31, because that stuff is important to goatmen

I forgot about the rating system, but when I finish writing about the reading for the day, I don’t really want to return to it. I’m a bad blogger.

Bible, Day 18, and the continuation of arbitrary favorites

Genesis 11:27-15-21

Here is the sub-caption: Abra was born around 2160 B.C., but the account of his life begins years later with his marriage to his half sister, Sarai. 



Why in the bloody hell are Christians the FIRST ones to be against sanguine marriages when their Bible is full of it? And why we pretending that our cousins haven’t been marrying for years? Now it’s bad because it’s weird and ‘bad things happen’ to the chillen but no one really knows.

Summary: Abram and Lot’s life and adventures, set up so that Abram’s people are given promises. I wonder how this story came up orally. I wonder if the promised people were changed with the area the storyteller visited.

11:29 – “Abram and Nahor both married. The name of Abram’s wife was Sarai, and the name of Nahor’s wife was Milcah; she was the daughter of Haran, the father of both Milcah and Iscah” WOOOOO- let’s slow down.  Teran had three boys, Abram, Nahor and Haran and possible one girl, Sarai. Haran died, but had a kid named Milcah, making her Abram and Nahor’s niece. NAHOR MARRIED HIS NIECE. ABRAM MARRIED HIS HALF-SISTER. And now Christians consider it pretty sinful to have sex with close relatives- but it wasn’t sinful then? Did God change his mind? I have questions!!!

11:31 – “his daughter-in-law Sarai”… So it was the mom’s kid? And the mom is where? Is who? Questions. Also, Haran is both a person and a place?

12:1-3 – Anyone want to tell me why Abram? Why was he special? Why not Lot, his nephew?

12:6-7 – “At that time the Canaanites were in the land” and then God just gives Abram this land? I suppose this was the beginning of the religious feeling behind taking over someone else’s land. And what do we mean by “appear”. Actual appearance? Wouldn’t that blind Abram? A voice? Wouldn’t that deafen him? A written note?

12:13 – “Say you are my sister, so that I will be treated well for your sake and my life will be spared because of you” – SHE IS YOUR SISTER.

12:17 – Why punish anyone??? A little ‘appearance’ would have cleared this up in a jiffy, plus Pharaoh (they don’t put ‘the’) didn’t know. And anyway, SHE IS HIS SISTER

13 – Again, why Abram.

14 – What was this war about? Guess it doesn’t matter, as long as Lot is saved.

15 – Soooo God appears in visions- how is Abram taken outside? And isn’t he happy with what he got? No, he has to have a heir from his own loins get his wealth because reasons- no wonder the thought of kings, queens, and royalty caused so much strife in the world. People were just born chosen by god, and thus their children are also promised comfort and luxury, for no good reason.