Shinashi’s Fanfiction: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I started reading fanfiction in fifth grade. My aunt gave me a DBZ Vegeta/Bulma fanfic that she printed out. When I stopped liking DBZ (because it is fugly), I realized I could read Gundam Wing fanfiction, of which there was a plethora. Since then I have read more fanfics than I can remember, and written some of my own based on characters I liked and situations about them that I had always fantasized about. I don’t really write much fanfiction now… Well, that’s a lie. I am writing Ai no Kusabi fanfiction, because I needed some in my life.

WARNINGS: My creative writings always contain sex. They almost always contain supernatural elements, gore, and kink (at least domination and submission). I do not own any of the characters in my fanfiction and they all belong to their respective owners. They very rarely contain heterosexual sex, and I don’t think there’s any lesbian action. Anything else is probably there. And of course, there’s yaoi.

Touken Ranbu

Power Exchange: Five separate occasions introduce a different side of certain Toudanshi. Will their new lovers be able to handle all that they are?

  • ’15. As serious as the summary is, this is purely a chance for me to see sexy anthropomorphized swords getting it on in a fashion I find delectable. Please enjoy.


Chicken!: “A mad scientist puts the world’s strongest fighters in a compound, forcing them to do… everything. Who will break and who will come out a king?”

  • ’14. A piece of fanfiction I wrote in the midst of despair, as I had lost everything from the past two years on my old computer as it crashed and I hadn’t saved anything outside it, except on websites. I played a lot of Tekken without a computer and it made me realize how hot everyone was. I started reading some of the scarce fanfiction and decided to add more of my own. Jin/Hwoarang, Kazuya/Lee Chaolan, plus a belligerent Bryan Fury, and various others to make this a fun little smutty piece.

Gundam Wing 

Orbz: “Earth is a pretty scary place, but when four students, each marked by their own demons, are being targeted by demons of Hell for innate powers they didn’t even know existed, everything is much worse! But the powers of the Orbs of Hell attracts love, too.”

  • Published in 2008 on, it was a story I decided to try out first-person and experiment with characters with mental health issues. I really liked it, despite the appalling summary, but, as was usual, people lost interest and so did I. It’s 3×1, 4×2, and 13x6x5, and has over 58,000 words separated into 16 chapters. It is unfinished.

Arcadia: “After Duo and Trowa are captured by a small band of handsome vampires, they are sucked into the underground full of sex, drugs, and ravenousbloodsuckingvampires . Luckily, they learn some neat ancient magic and sexy lessons to aid the way.”

  • ’06-’09. I wanted to sneak in a bunch of sex, haha. I actually finished this one. This one had another, better summary, but I had finished Twilight  and thought this would rake in more readers- which it did. I had entirely too much fun with this. It’s 1×2, 4×3, and 13x6x5, and has 62, 000 words separated into 22 chapters. It is finished.

Arcadia 2- Heart of Darkness: “Due to betrayal, Duo and Trowa are relocated to Louisiana, where they meet even stranger ravenousbloodsuckingvampires . But their masters have changed and so has the world, a place rapidly becoming the danger zone they were just getting use to.”

  • Published in 2009, I wasn’t quite finished with the story, but the ‘sequel’ didn’t take off. Had a lot of plans for it, too. It was crossing over to other fandoms (like Harry Potter), which was always something I wanted to do. It has almost 8,000 words over 2 chapters. It is unfinished

The Ultimate Slice of LIfe- Summer: “Life in the summer, for most teenagers, center around three things: having fun, a job, and love! Between a scandalous convict, McDonald’s, and various activities including swimming and traveling there’s nothing this AU summer fic won’t cover!”

  • Published in 2009, for some reason, I remember being totally stoked about this fanfic. I actually still have unpublished chapters on my hard drive. I was working on a farm and had quit the aforementioned restaurant a few months before. I think working on the farm had me separated too long, and I never finished. No pairings, really. Almost 11,000 words over 3 chapters. Unfinished. 

Bloodlust: “Once a gigolo from a downtown supernatural brothel, Duo Maxwell inherits fabulous wealth and misfortune from his dead father: wolf and vampire enemies, the vampire of his dreams, another vampire from another dream, and an avenger!”

  • ’07-’08. This story was one of the most enjoyable I have ever written. I still like the summary, and parts of the story are ridiculous, but I really loved it.Plus, it had a lot of sex, and I actually feel I wrote it well. Its pairings go all over the place, but I suggest you read it anyway, if it’s your thing. Over 60,000 words over 21 chapters. Finished. 

Operation Magic: “The Preventers HQ is attacked by Dementors! Through weird magic, the Gundam pilots bodies are transformed and they are forced to pair up, as lovers!, in order to retrieve magic. Their job is to target Hogwarts school and find the source of the attack ASAP”

  • Published in 2008, it was a cossover between Gundam Wing and Harry Potter- because I could never find some good ones (though it was extremely popular). Of course, it sucks. Well, I haven’t read it probably since a month after I last updated it, but I’m sure it’s bad. Over 30,000 words over 10 chapters. Unfinished.

A Cat’s Life: Decided to cut this story. Not enough reviews and lack of interest. But thank you SO MUCH to those who like it. If you like this then you should head over to the stories I’m keeping: Bloodlust and Operation Magic. Thank you so much!

  • Published in 2008, I wanted to write a harem story (I think this has straight and lesbian sex actually, but I’m afraid to read it- I mean, I didn’t even keep it’s summary on the website itself). It doesn’t really go beyond that. Almost 34,000 words over 12 chapters. Unfinished.

Heero Yuy and the…: “Heero is a prophecy carrier, and a subtle twist of fate has mobile suit worriers fighting with wands, choosing sides, and wand carriers finding the meaning why some people just don’t have magic. What happens to the gundam characters as magic intervenes?”

  • Published in 2007, this was kind of the first draft of “Operation Magic”. I’m not sure what it is about specifically, but I remember I modeled the title after the Harry Potter titles, as you might have guessed. A little less than 73,000 words over fifteen chapters. Unfinished. 

Mental Descent: “Treize is mentally ill. In one of his episodes, he pursues drug rings, people on his to-kill list, and five boys and their erotic relationships. While appeasing his own mental and physical whims, he is forced to confront his own sanity.”

  • Published in 2007, I wanted to do dark comedy with sex, but it just turned out really, really dark. Have more chapters on my hard drive. 1×3 (I think), and 2×6, maybe 13×5? Where is Quatre? Well, it has 3 chapters…Unfinished.

Excel Saga: “During the last battle, Treize’s battle suit is damaged, but a mysterious substance somehow saves him. Yet, this material came with a price that changes him into a beastly phenomenon.”

  • Published in 2007, I now realize how I’ve always been fascinated by out-of-control sexually deviant Dom-types. This story was fun and I’m willing to actually finish it if I got a push. 13×6 definitely.  I have five chapters on my hard drive, which I read every once in a while, but only published one. Unfinished, of course.

Go To Hell: “Milliardo Peacecraft has a stalker, a killer with erotic and terrifying intentions. But when he is finally attacked, it seems there is much more to the mass-murderer than a repertoire of killing.”

  • Published in 2006, this story is another one that I really liked but lost traction. Milliard is taken to hell because he’s the whole half-demon, half-angel thing. This was a massive crossover on my hard drive, but I only published seven chapters. Still would finish it… Even though I consider myself submissive, I tend to hurt people in my stories a lot more than I need to. Projecting? Unfinished.

Exploited: “When satyromaniac Milliardo Peacecraft is allowed to school, he experiences prophetic visions of the past that shapes a problem-filled future, not to mention sex and the repetitiveness of horrific family betrayal.”

  • Published in 2006, I had recently finished Ai no Kusabi and wanted something with its feel, plus the whole magical element, and more sex.  Six chapters of drama, really. Unfinished.

Ai no Kusabi

Forgotten Day: “Jupiter dismembers Iason’s previous lifestyle out of mercy. Yet, his new life is starting to look like his old one! Jupiter, with her Secret Service, decides to destroy this new one, especially a certain mongrel Wolf named Riki the Dark.”

  • 2010. It started off well (for me), and then it became trashy. Messy. I hated it. But I finished it because some other people liked it. This story is the reason why there are two Shinashi on adult fanfiction. I knew exactly where I wanted to go, but I ended up getting lost on the way there. I was really disappointed in myself with this. It’s probably a failure because I squashed 85,000 words over 20 chapters into a single year. It was also written in one of the lowest periods of my life, when I was sent home the first time. Finished.

That Old School Story: “When their schools are rezoned, Blondies, Mongrels, and Elites must learn to get along nicely if they want to pass. But there is something bigger than academics out there to get them”

  • Published in 2010, and I’m thinking about actually continuing this. It’s a bit messy, but no where near as much as “Forgotten Day”, but it’s more fun than a trampoline funhouse. Almost 66,000 words over 20 chapters. Unfinished.

That Old Betting Story (Requires registration to forum): “Dark Wolf Riki loses a bet with Daywalker vampire Iason Mink and finds out a world (the kink world of all beings) that he has never imagined.”

  • Published 2013, I wanted to write fanfiction again. This fanfic encompasses all my biases and humor. It’s been put on the wayside after the collapse of my computer in July ’13. Unfinished.

Fire Emblem

Fallen Stars: “Reyson experiments with Calill, then is transported to the future. Ironically, the person who saves him is a man calling himself Tibarn- half-dressed! He learns there are no longer clans but gangs, and that laguz falling through ‘Gaps’ are top goods.”

  • Published in 2008, this story is pretty much modeled on Ai no Kusabi, except Reyson no doubt loves his ‘master’, but he can’t accept the circumstances that would entail being his lover. I wouldn’t mind finishing this, with a push, but I would rather read good fanfics about Fire Emblem, since I never read any. Almost 30,000 words over 8 chapters.

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