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Yaoi Webcomics and Such: What, Where and Why

Note: I’m sorry this page looks like crap. WordPress won’t keep it the way I want it. After so much damn time I put into this list, I’m pretty pissed.

This is the list of webcomics that I read. Most of them are gay. This is a post a long time in coming, and is linked on my About/Home page. It’ll be edited as time goes on. There are plenty of other good webcomics out there, but I have specific tastes, and so do you. Here are my recommendations (pics are links!):

This little baby above is special because the people have a specific way of linking to their stuff- so there you go. “A Broken Winter” was pretty much ignored by me because- though it has gay males in an dystopian society, plot and prettiness- this story goes a lot darker than how my tastes usually run. I couldn’t read too much without dying a little on the inside. Nevertheless, it has magic and mystery and just more than you would expect in something that could have gone in-love-with-best-friend-schoolboy route. By the way, the boy grows up.

Always Raining HereI have no idea what “Always Raining Here” is about, and I don’t particularly like the art. I’m actually saving it for a rainy day (no pun intended) and when I am feeling particularly down. The cutesy art style, and the fact that it is labeled by the own site as a ‘BL comic’ tells me it will be dramatic (not my taste) but heartfelt. I can already feel it in the art, and I’ll need this someday.


I haven’t seen an update from “Atland” in a while. “Atland”, though cartoony in style, not gay (though one of the main characters is a lesbian!), is funny, clever, and sweet. Basically, a zombie prince is revived by a priestess to stop an evil in Atland, a fantasy land. A few more characters join, and you have adventures all over the place. I finished the 300+ pages in about a week.

Boned Another webcomic I’m not so sure about. “Boned” has two couples- obviously- and it has just started. The POC got me, and the beginning. The author said the comic is weird, so I’m up for something supernatural, but it seems it my be a gay drama- which I’m totally okay with. The art is very specific and confident. Though not my favorite style, it’s good enough for me to follow.

TheReporterandTheGirl“The Reporter and the Girl” is a mixture of text, video, and comic. The lengths the creators went to into making this got my interest. Yet again, I have no idea what it is about, but I intend to marathon its 18 chapters soon. It doesn’t look gay (gee, really) but its unique vibe had me bookmarking it, and placing it here. This is also a WordPress blog. Cool beans, right?

The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and AmalThis is “The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal”. For some reason, I saw this webcomic and was like, “Nah”. I was probably very busy at the time with school and stuff. I came back to it when I had more time and now I’m like- HOW DID I PASS THIS UP? Fortunately, I spent months away, so I had months of pages to come back to. The POC (Amal, dur) is wonderful. He and TJ are going from California to New York: Amal is going to his sister’s graduation (at the same time running away from an engagement and coming out to his family) and TJ is going to live with a tattoo artist (and running away from a drug dealer). This comic is epic. If you want my honest opinion, this is the sole must-read on this list. I like other comics better than “TJ and Amal”, but “TJ and Amal” is the best.

The Kingfisher“The Kingfisher”… How apt that this came after “TJ and Amal” (I had added the pictures randomly). This comic was also skipped, because I didn’t like the art. I decided to give it ago because I gave the duo above a second chance. Yet again, I had accumulated enough pages to quench my sudden thirst for this story. Lead character Jack (gay!) is turned to vampire and is swept into their highly hierarchical society, where a coup is coming up from a poor lunatic man from the past. My summary doesn’t do it justice, but this comic deserves more attention- it’s so well-written (and funny) I thought perhaps the guy wrote stories on the side. I would say it’s a must-read, but the art and vampire storyline might turn people off. There isn’t a lot of sex either.

The Young Protectors Written by the same guy who wrote “Artifice”, also on the website, finished, and highly recommended, “The Young Protectors” is a gorgeous webcomic in the style of superhero comics. Main guy Kyle is currently with (platonically) Silver Fox Duncan. Duncan had blackmailed Kyle into his first kiss, saying he would tell the world he was gay. Kyle is the superhero Red Hot, while Duncan is a supervillian, the Annihilator. Anyone who wanted Batman and Robin to hook up, this is the closest thing right now. It also has the most consistent updates. I don’t think Mr. Alex Woolfson has ever gotten sick.

TeahouseThis is “Teahouse”. “Teahouse” is beautiful. It is hilarious. It is moving (character-wise, for me). It is friggin’ sexy. Did I mention beautiful and hilarious? This comic is what got me into webcomics (“Artifice” is a close second). It’s about a bunch of whores and their lives. The beauty and comedy and sex eclipses the drama that would usually turn me away from such stories. I’ve bought their comics, and their special additions. I’ve bought their fucking stickers. Though storytelling-wise, this doesn’t really hold against “TJ and Amal” or “Kingfisher”… It tickles all my bits. I would give it a must-read, but the pace may be slow for most people and may have too much smut. Read it anyway.

Starfighter“Starfighter” followed “Teahouse”. A lot of their followers would say the same. Cain and Abel are those two (you can probably guess which is which) and they are Fighter and Navigator, respectfully, for a spaceship in an army. Cain seems to want Abel for something (other than sex, but Abel nor we readers know) Other characters have finally joined the cast to rile things up. Their side of the war has taken a turn for the worst, but we’ll see how it goes. The creator has a bunch of good art too. My favorite is the alien and Candy Ass.

Spectre and Avenier“Spectre” follows the Avenier website creepy style with some poor guy being kidnapped and, I believe, SPOILER maybe, experimented on. It’s my kind of story with a dominant master sort of guy, and a wrong-place-at-the-wrong-time sort of dude who doesn’t back down easily. Things are progressing nicely. Despite the grotesque pictures sometimes, and the many gory sexualized images available on the Avenier website, it doesn’t feel nearly as dark or depressing as “A Broken Winter”. It’s kind of sad… As long as it has sex, I feel better.

Shounen Fight“Mahou Shounen Fight” is about four magically transforming boy superheroes embodied with the spirit of the seasons to fight any threats to Mama Earth. Is it as cute as it sounds? Yes. Yes, it is. Go on and read it, it’s pure fluff and wouldn’t hurt a bit!

Sfeer Theory“Sfeer Theory” doesn’t seem to be about relationships, but about a war brewing across countries that sort of have this Pakistani-American vibe. I kind of got lost in reading it, as I was trying to understand the magic of Sfeer Theory. I’ll sound like a dumbass explaining it, but the art is wonderful and I’m enjoying the general gist of what is going on. Maybe someone else can explain the war and magic better, haha.

Red LanternMy guiltiest pleasure in all the known universe- and you should know that I have a lot of pleasures I should be guilty of. I avoided “Red Lantern” despite it’s impeccably gorgeous art, fantasy theme, war theme, whore theme.. Because, well, you can see why. I ended up liking it anyway. I haven’t checked it lately because the new location is difficult to keep my attention…. And the thought of the mountain of pages that await  my return sounds wonderful.

Purpurea Noxa“Purpurea Noxa” is another webcomic about vampires. I don’t really know specifically what’s going on and the writers’ native tongue is Italian, but the art is the closest to anime I’ve seen (“Teahouse” has a more artsy feel, though very much influenced by anime) and it surprised me with sex scenes. I don’t know why I wasn’t expecting it, but I wasn’t. Maybe because I’m so confused with the plot. I do know that there are separate covens working towards… something. I’ll have to read it again, haha.

Prince of Cats“The Prince of Cats” is what got me hovering around “Always Raining Here”. This ridiculously sweet story has these two guys coming out their senior year. It is pure drama, no sex, but the auburn-haired guy is talking to cats. And they talk back. I have no idea what is going on there, and I don’t think I’m supposed to know yet. If you like sweet almost run-of-the-mill BL stories, I recommend this.

Oglaf“Oglaf” is comedy, pure and simple. But I don’t know any comedic anything that has so much sex in it. But it’s not real, like, pornographic sex. This comic is more along the lines of classic American comics. You know, with a theme plus a punchline per page. Except “Oglaf” is, I don’t know, hilarious. This is a must-read if you like comedy, though the flippant display of sexual organs may turn people away (it attracted me!), I insist giving this a try because it is hundreds of pages of laughter. I ended up going through a few dozen pages reading stuff again- I’ve forgotten a lot.

Next Town Over“Next Town Over is  is a weekly paean to the western, with some steampunk and fantasy splashed in, updating at the stroke of midnight on Saturdays.  There’s some twists lurking a little deeper in the story, but it’s a bit early to tip my hand talking about those; as of this writing the comic is pretty newly-minted.” 

Not gay, but so far so good. You will have to read it, because anything I say will be spoiler. It’s a nice ride.

Ms Paint Adventures“Homestuck”.  I don’t even… I read all over that this was… good? A comic, or something, but it’s interactive and full of puzzles and mysterious that I’m just chomping through without any good idea what is really going on. A lot of yaoi-lovers like Homestuck so I’mma stick with it and see what’s up.

Minor Acts of Heroism“Minor Act of Heroism” is another comic I skipped because I thought it was yaoi, then I was afraid that it would be too weird for me, and I came back and found out it is about adorable young superheroes against adorable young villains (but they kill people…so… not that cute). The art may be too cute, but the story itself is getting pretty serious, and I love all the characters!

Master!“Master!” may have off-proportioned art, but you can probably understand why I read this, so I’m not going to bother. It does have a more serious plot, but I haven’t gotten that far yet. I’m tasting this bit by bit.

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things“Manly Guys Doing Manly Things” is a comic that mostly caters to lovers of video games and movies and such that perpetuate masculine stereotypes. I randomly found this comic in December last year and now this is one of the regulars. It pokes fun at the stereotypes and characters all across media (the creator has Syndrome from “The Incredibles”!), and tropes of many video games. It is also very beautifully drawn. Hilarious.

LackadaisyGORGEOUS “Lackadaisy” is about anthropomorphic cats living in Prohibition Era St. Louis, trying to keep a speakeasy sort of place afloat. I bought the calendar to this because I had to support the breath-taking art (at least rifle through the gallery, you won’t regret it), the wonderful characterization, the fuckin’ mood of the entire piece. This is one of the best finds I’ve ever had. And, when I have the money, I will continue to support this artist. Action and drama all the way, baby, and it’s done well.

Kyandi“Kyandi” is finished, but I’ve been putting it off because I know it has a sad ending. And sad endings are drama atom bombs. I’ll read it eventually. So far, I’ve read that this dude meets an old flame and things go on from there. I don’t really want to finish it, but one day I’ll just speed on through and cry.

Knights Errant“Knights Errant” is about an assassin who joins an army (actually, may be mercernary group) after not being able to be trusted by employers. He draws the attention of the leader of his part of the woods. It starts off with what looks like him and the leader in a jail cell (that’s the first page, so not spoiler really, right?) Um, this my not be gay, per se, but I can’t tell you more on that unless I want to spoil it.

Incubus Tales “Incubus Tales” is mostly what it sounds like. It’s fluffy, light art is unappealing, but it has some cute, sexy stories. I don’t really take it seriously, but it passed the time when I was reading, so you can try it out.

Feral Gentry“Feral Genry” is about fairies, so far named after certain trees. This guy, Tuomi, was mostly living alone before meeting a fairy named Cypress who invited him to her home. There seems to be something off about this whole situation. I like a good mystery, and the delicate art is strangely appealing, although I don’t usually like it. Perhaps it’s visceral, and fairies are supposed to be more delicate? (While “Incubus Tales” is smut and doesn’t have the art to make itself good smut for me, haha- Aren’t I conceited?)

Devoto- music in hell“Devoto: Music in Hell” was avoided because it gave off vibes, to me, for being similar to “A Broken Winter” after I read too many pages to it. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Anyway, main guy calls upon a demon of music so that he could play the piano. “Devoto” is funny and has some tragic elements of it, and puts a different spin on the fall of angels of Christian mythology. There isn’t a concrete separation between angels and demons like in most other representations, but a complex system that everyone is following. Anyway, that’s separate from the two in the picture. The art is dynamic and beautiful, the writing sometimes straightforward, sometimes witty, and sometimes off in the land of poetic art.

Cheap ThrillsBefore “Red Lantern”, I had “Cheap Thrills”. Though the art is… mediocre in the beginning, the creator makes leaps and bounds, and I ended up loving the story. It’s drama, but with drug use, and POC issues, and religion issues, and death issues- and it’s just very human and pulls at the heart guts. It starts off with main character Jeordie getting laid. There’s a lesbian main character (who’s my favorite!), and all sorts of other good stuff.

Boy Lessons“Boy Lessons” is something I’m not sure of. The art isn’t… Hmmm… It’s very expressive, but doesn’t really have form…But the formlessness of it gives it a sort of form, ya’ know. I’m only a few pages in, but this guy is trying to seduce the man who fired him. Don’t know who this creepy red-eyed dude is.


On my brother’s bed with my latest story

I like to write stories (well, I like to do a hell of a lot of things). Um, control + f Writing Block if you want to read about me and writing.. This turned out a lot longer than I intended. 

I also have bipolar disorder (and allergies and asthma and a high risk of stroke without ever smoking cigarettes). 

I went home from school in November. I think I wrote about that, and, if I didn’t, that’s not what I want to write about. I know I wrote about the comics I am reading. I’ve started rereading Tj and Amal after a marathon of recently discovered by moi Manly Men doing Manly Things (It’s absolutely hilarious). For some reason, I got really motivated to write. 

But I’ve been outta school going on three months, and because of constant procrastination and hopelessness and pride and lack of motivation- it doesn’t seem like I’ll be able to go back to school at the end of January, which busted whatever healthy mentality I had left. Over these past weeks, I beat four games (Resident Evil Mercenaries, Resident Evil 6, The Walking Dead, and Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance…Hm, pick the one that doesn’t belong!) I was really motivated to beat the last two within the last two weeks because I’ve been sleeping 13 hour days and going into my “catatonic skipping” for most of the other 11. I’m a fucking mess.

Unfortunately, I can’t bring myself to care in the least. No one else really does. Well, they’ll care if things become bad (like people do about gun control and rape culture), but most of the time it’s ignored. Not like I’m complaining- if I don’t care, why should anyone else? But it has gotten to a point where I start dwelling on that emo shit that nothing matters in the end and I’m all alone and fuck all what else. 

It’s not helping that my favorite person in the whole world (my brother) seems to have… We’ve kind of distance ourselves from each other. I’ve tried keeping up conversations with him- calling, texting, messaging on Facebook… But we’ve regressed to funny gifs passed between each other and lols. I have my pride, as I’ve said, and I don’t want to come across needy and desperate. My brother has my (what the hell- I meant his. Why did I put ‘my’?) own life to live. But to know that a relationship more precious than air can be rendered so makes me horribly bleak about the future. 

It doesn’t help that my other brother is on some fucking shtick. When I was at school, he and my father got in a fight. My brother was talking about killing himself at his school, and he was sent to a mental hospital and my dad was sent to jail for a week. That was in October. At first, I was all on my bro’s side because I was like- I understand some of your pain. I forgot how much of a little shit he is. He’s milking his situation for all it’s worth: threatening to call the police whenever Pops says boo shit to him, claiming to want to kill himself whenever he is forced to do homework or go to school or fucking apologize for some awful crap he says, and posting Facebook statuses threatening any and all who disagree with him. It’s gotten to a point where I honestly don’t even fucking like him anymore. And he’s such a shallow idiot, if he ever came across this and realized this was his sister, he’ll just be all tl;dr.

It doesn’t help that though my dad is getting the short end of the stick in the above situation, the man is still a gigantic asshole, and my bro’s behavior is his and Mama’s fault. All six of us kids have been telling our parents (since we eldest were in freakin’ elementary school) that they were spoiling him. When my dear brother and I were in high school, and my sister Statistic became such, we were afraid our youngest brother was going to turn out the same way, and we warned our parents. Dad continued to ignore us and Mama was forever like, “You were the same way when you were his age.” Now, it’s come to bite them in the ass. First of all, Mom can never say that shit to me again. When I was younger, and youngest idiot was in elementary school, I still was offended that my mother dare compare me to the likes of my younger brother- because he was a brat compared to me (I used to say that too, and she would say, “You’re a brat, too”). Those middle school years, I would remember when my dad would punch me or slap me or scream at me or call me “fucking stupid” or call me my brother’s slave or a little bitch or fight my brother. I remember in Kindergarten when I put on my favorite shirt and my dad hit me with the metal side of the belt because he was tired of it. I remember being smacked in the eye for choking on a piece of ice. I remember being hit in the stomach because I couldn’t hold my vomit when I got carsick. Yet, when I had told my parents that little bro yet again didn’t do his chores, and I did them for him so that everyone could be fine, I was the rebellious brat. 

Now that my bro is sixteen, I don’t really have to go back to that crap. When I was sixteen, I first chair in band, the only girl on the wrestling team, one of seven members of a high school chapter of a local sorority, making straight A’s, doing all the chores myself to keep a bunch of assholes happy. My bro is practically failing and hasn’t bathed in four days. 

To make me an even more terrible person (this is not sarcasm), I’m kind of glad this all happened. The assholes deserve each other. 

This whole experience hasn’t humbled my father in the least. We were playing Say Anything  (a tiny bit like Apples to Apples) and he was angry that the questions were unfair to people who didn’t know the ‘picker’ well. I.E. his wife and children. I argued that’s part of the game, and he came across so condescending and insulting, I made no efforts to make peace with him. Last night, my sister was finishing up The Walking Dead. She took a break and my dad came down from his room, thinking we were going to play something  more violent (we do play a lot of violent games. I convinced him to look at something so wonderful because The Walking Dead has a titillating amount of substance. Should have known he would ruin it… When the break was longer than he wanted- about seven minutes- he told me to play. I told him that she would miss the game. It was only after a bit of back and forth that I realized that my father hasn’t realized that the game industry has progressed beyond rather pointless coin-grabbing and dot-collecting. When I was trying to explain he suddenly got up and yelled, “Whatever, ya’ll are freakin’ pathetic” and left back to his room.

I told my mom to tell him not to call me pathetic anymore. She pats me on the goddamn arm and says something along the lines of “You know how he acts sometimes” and I told her to just make sure he doesn’t call me that anymore. Especially over something so stupid. Especially because he didn’t understand, and lashed out at me. 

Gee, I wonder why youngest bro has no sense of responsibility and ownership over the consequences of his actions. 

It doesn’t help (along those same lines) that my sister Statistic (the one with the new love of my life- my dear niece) gets drunk and/or high nearly every night, sexes up some guy on the internet nearly every night, complains about her ‘haters’ nearly every hour, and entertains/fantasizes about the thought of sending my niece to her father in New York for about a year. The guy who she couldn’t get to pay child support and so she has reaction formation about it- she made a Facebook video today to all the ‘bitches’ who try to make their ‘baby daddies’ pay child support. The guy who grabbed his daughter by the leg and shook her to make her stop crying. The guy who is a thousand of dollars in debt because he spent more on material to make Spice even as his child went hungry. The guy who made his daughter TERRIFIED of black men unless they grovel FOR WEEKS (or they always come by with candies and technology- i.e. my brother). 

Why does she entertain this idea, you may ask? She’s tired of ‘never doing anything she wants to do’ and ‘taking care of [niece]’. Mind you all her recreational activities. And let’s add her club-going and sneaking out the house- twenty fucking years old. Let’s add the fights she get into with her ‘haters’. The fights she talks about over and over and over and over to all her boy-friends. 

And whenever she gets a job- SHE’S HAD SO FREAKIN’ MANY- LIKE SEVEN OR EIGHT SINCE BEING OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL. Sorry for the caps… Not like anyone is still reading…. Well, she gets high or drunk or pissed and ends up getting fired. She always talks about joining the military. Gets a go about it for a week, two at most, and goes back to the usual stuff. It’s gotten to the point where no one thinks she’ll stick with anything… Kind of like when she started what my parents thought would be her rebellious phase, and was lying constantly so no one believed anything she says (still don’t). 

I’m not upset with her doing stupid shit. I do it enough as well. What I can’t stand is how she can’t own up to it- just like Pops and lil bro.Nothing is ever their fault and even when it obviously is, there’s something indefatigably stupid about you for pointing it out. 

It doesn’t help that my niece is her daughter. 

It doesn’t help that the other sister is on her way to becoming like me, socially wise. Things are probably going to be better for her though. She’s Christian, straight, pretty ‘girly’ in all its stereotypical connotations and concerned with things like popularity and such like that. When I asked her to help me write a Christmas card to a dying kid, she told me such kind of things make her jealous. “Over the cancer kid?” I had asked. She replied that was so. I told her that was bad. She simply shrugged and continued watching Netflix. She is the sibling I most connect to (because of anime, lack of self-esteem and certain books) but something changed then that made me lose all hope for a few days, and now makes my heart heavy. She’s overweight and has extremely high blood pressure, so that hurts her esteem. But she’s cute and funny, while I’m a hairy, bipolar, ugly bitch. 


It doesn’t help that my last brother is amazing, but because of age difference and personality differences we never really bonded as I did with my older brother, and now so far in our lives (like it’s sooooo far, haha) I don’t want to get close to him because I don’t want to be separated. 

But from my Writing Block, of which I intended to write and got way sidetracked, and making myself happier with comics, I opened up a story that I hadn’t updated, though I was so excited to share… I opened it up and anxiety welled up inside me. 













*cue shutting down computer music*

But what about the porn?

It is nearly half past five in the morning and I am writing a post on WordPress because it is something I’ve been meaning to do. I’ve also been putting off porn and masturbation because I like to think of yaoi sex before going to sleep, and it is nearly impossible for me to do that after an orgasm. But it is also nearly impossible in daylight, so I need to make this quick… One day I will figure out the orgasm and daylight thing, but not today!

I’m reading several webcomics right now. Most of them are yaoi/malexmale/gay or at least lgbtq related. The Kingfisher is the most surprising- well, after Ship Jumper. But I don’t take Ship Jumper too seriously. It’s pretty ugly to me, but it’s a bit funny and really gay with the main character, so, *shrug*. Anywho, I’ve been avoiding The Kingfisher because the art was real ugly to me, too, but I knew- I knew – it would grow on me.

And, god, did it! I’ll freakin’ buy that shit! The art is still creepy as all get out, but I love it… I love it so much. It’s hilarious. And it has this fun versus evil side of vampires and ghouls and witches and the like that I just love about modern supernatural works!

Ship Jumper I wouldn’t buy. It’s cute- ’bout this young man, his captain, and the enemy captain being marooned on an island. Young man and enemy captain end up together. It’s pure smut, but hey.

Then there’s TJ and Amal. You see, I’ve been trying to close myself off from liking too many things- things take up time. Time away from schoolwork.

By the way, I shirked this semester because I’m an utter failure. About a month out of school, and I have not the slightest inclination to go back. Isn’t that awful? But I have to continue with my life and get a job and money and… live.

Back to things for a moment- I used to only really like fighting games. Then Japanese rpgs. Now, I’ve progressed to wanting Far Cry 3 and Assassins’ Creed 3 for Christmas. I also have been playing Dance Central 3 for a straight week-and-a-half. I was only meant for passing games. And drawing! I was meant for doodles, not buying artbooks! And reading! I was meant for manporn, not Bible-long epics! And movies! Action and comedy! Well… That’s still pretty much the same… Still, I love too many things… Anime and tv! Comedy! Now I’ll watch anything!

Anyway, TJ and Amal is fuckin’ magic. Magic, I tell you. All that real emotional shiznit I always want, hot  sex that I want sometimes, humor I want most times, and that realism that sometimes hits too close to home but I can totally handle it now. Tj and Amal has this guy- mysterious TJ who seems to be running away from something sketchy- and Amal who’s been disowned by his father after coming out- well these two guys take a road trip to somewhere more free, in different ways for them. Lovely.

Next, The Prince of Cats has this guy Lee, who’s gay and is in love with his best friend, and Frank, also gay. High School Drama stuff that’s really cute. Something to tone down from Tj and Amal or The Kingfisher or tone up from Ship Jumper. Thing is, Lee talks to cats and they talk back and I want to know what that’s all about.

Feral Gentry. Male fairy meets more of his kind. It looks cute, though not really gay. Oh, it is animated sometimes- that’s what’s got me hooked!

I also checked for the new pages of The Young Protectors, Teahouse, StarfighterPurpurea Noxa, Oglaf, The Spectre, Lackadaisy, and Cheap Thrills, though the last three haven’t updated this week.

Lastly (as if this is so very organized), Skyrim’s latest DLC, Dragonborn, is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay better than Dawnguard. Like, seriously, this could be a whole new game. I’ve been in Solstheim for the last nine days whenever I play Skyrim. Very much worth the dollars I put into it.