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Frozen? I’mma Let it Go!


You know what it is.
You know what it is.

I went to see the movie with my dear sister and remember being completely, how should I say this, the complete opposite of flabbergasted or awed or wowed?  I am not, by any means, a pretentious elitist. I do not like using the word ‘overrated’- I don’t really use it unless you’re the Assking of making something overrated.

So, imagine my shock when I come across some articles saying how Frozen is the highest-grossing animated film ever, over Toy Story 3. Moreover, not that many people seem all that surprised and I’m just like

Unimpressed gif


And it bothers me because I feel like I’m missing out, as if I’m missing something or that I was too stupid to recognize something. So I started listening to the apparently hit song from the movie (Thanks Disney for making it easy!):

Nope, don’t like the song any better the fourth/fifth time. I actually actively don’t really enjoy Idina Menzel’s voice *dodges rockets* It reminds me of the music for Rent, which I don’t enjoy in the slightest, especially when they get higher in the volume.  I’m certain she’s hitting the right notes and I can understand if one enjoys such singing, but it’s more grating than anything especially in this song.

Also, not that I’ve noticed obviously, but we haven’t received an animated musical since Tangled.

shrug gif


However, it’s a big deal to some people, and some critics say that is one of the parts to Frozen’s stellar success. Another part? Apparently ‘putting romance in the back seat’ to focus on the relationship between two sisters was a new thing, despite one of the bad guys being a love interest for Anna, and one of the guys who help her for the majority of the movie is her final love interest, and that there were love songs for both men. But yea, back seat.

I have to admit though, I truly and honestly wasn’t expected that guy to betray her. Maybe because I was used to the very terrible dialogue from Oglaf (and others) who love spouting exposition, even when we didn’t need it. The part where Anna saves Elsa and Oglaf says exactly what happened, that was the final straw. I was just annoyed. I know the movie is made for kids, but I didn’t get that from almost any other animated Disney film.

Also, Oglaf wasn’t nearly as annoying as I thought he would be. When I first saw the commercial for Frozen years ago, I saw Oglaf and was like, welp, not for me! Then I saw better commercials and knew he was merchandise the mascot character.

frozen oglaf


And he was sweet, even if I knew the words before he even said them.  Sadly, his song, nor any of the others really got my attention. Though I did enjoy Anna’s “First Time in Forever” or whatever. Nothing to buy the soundtrack for though.

I wish I can join in the hype, because I like enjoying things in crowds and feeling I belong and such (plus, my sister loves the movie, and so do a lot of the people on campus), but it was a cheesy movie with music I barely enjoyed.

And that it has made more money than Toy Story 3 pisses me the fuck off. It objectively isn’t that good. Why?!


The Great Gatsby Is… Duuuuuuh

I read the book fourteen hours before the movie, remembering suddenly around 2:30 AM, while working on this cute little number (a Fire Emblem fanfic), that my sister wanted to watch “The Great Gatsby” after her physical yesterday. I remember her telling me that when she had to read it for class, it was slow in going at first, and she was considering something wretched like Sparknotes, but she definitely liked it in the end.

I’ve yet to come across a classic or some sort of bestseller that I disliked- sure, there may have been things I’ve disliked about it. “Crash” was too dramatic, anything by Dickens is outrageously wordy, and Debussy really starts running together after about three pieces or so. Still, I had no doubt in my mind that I would enjoy reading The Great Gatsby. I ended up bringing it, and finishing it, to my sister’s appointment (I found some teenager playing Fire Emblem, too, though he was a bit antisocial… That may be putting it lightly… Maybe autism?).

I gasped variously as the people came in and out of the office, squealing here and there, and whining in despair towards the end. Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers- though I’m sure most people on WordPress has probably read many greats.

Gatsby book

I had always looked forward to The Great Gatsby. In Tennessee, American Literature is covered in the 11th grade. But when my class read the the book, I was in Vanderbilt’s psyche ward, getting over another mental breakdown. My teacher, I still remember, Mr. Viscusi said I would have liked it, since I never had problems with any of the assigned reading (I think he meant I was easily pleased).

Joining Johns Hopkins, and I felt that I would come across the book since my major allowed for room for so many electives. Surely, I would come across the book eventually- and I was close many times.

What got me was the uncanny language. It didn’t feel like it was written over eighty years ago. The language of Nick Carraway could be seen in any contemporary piece of literature, but it was without the pedantic and superfluous Special Language for dialogue that so many authors use. I felt Fitzgerald felt what that was, and made light of it, and made characters (except Tom) that convinced me that they were making light of themselves.

In this rushed reading, I was mostly in tune with the plot and the exuberance of the characters. Not so much Nick, though… Or Wilson… You know, the ones that got… *cough* carried away. Wait, is that something? *google* Hm… Carraway is a seed… So not a play on being swept up in all this?

gatsby nick What I liked most about the writing was that it definitely felt like I was being told a story. I felt that it was for my entertainment, and mine only- I know, so selfish! It radiated story first, and, as with all great stories, dozens of lovely lessons on the way.

The lesson that too many people look after themselves, even when they are helped and loved by others, even when they are comfortable. The lesson that people make mistakes, terrible mistakes, permanent mistakes. The lesson that people will choose the wrong thing when very, very, very clear of the right one- there is no grey area, there’s no talking yourself out of it. The lesson that sometimes you know you’re in the wrong and you charge ahead anyhow, knowing your cowardly ass will make it out okay.

The lesson that leading someone on is… Is a very real thing. Honestly, I thought it was a victim-blaming phrase so that men feel better about raping whomever. That you can lead someone too far, and have them hanging so goddamn dry that forty days wouldn’t be enough to resuscitate.

The lesson that not knowing everything about someone still means nothing if you love them enough, and it is still wrong to hang them dry and to kill them, and they can still be pitiful people, and I’ll hate you with your highborn, legal money because you’re a hypocrite and a coward and you, her, and the whole lot of them will never equal Gatsby! (etc.)

Gatsby- Gatsby I was certain he would turn out rotten. I was certain that they would make him rotten in the movie. More selfish, more supercilious, more hateful, more jealous, more greedy- anything to keep the sweet, despairing, pitiful, hopeful Gatsby from dying again. From me hating Daisy for drying him in that fucking pool, from me loathing Tom more than for his misogyny and cumbersome racism, and from so many others that made his funeral such a lonely affair.

Neither the book nor movie did any such thing.

The movie was so much worse as it heightened my senses with the sights and sounds almost unbearably stark. All throughout the movie, as the feeling set in that Gatsby would be gorgeous until the end, sweet until the end, hung until the end- and then I will see it in such vivid color, surrounded by a hushed crowd, my sister squeezing my hand, and the music either mournful or silent (which would be so much more terrible), how could my heart take it?

What would Daisy and Tom look like? I was so angry at them, I couldn’t even think!

And when I saw them, I knew it was real. Yes, that was how they would like. I’ve seen that look on the uncaring and comfortable, the tail-tuckers and escapers. How I despised them both.

As that scene dragged on and Tobey slept on the steps and DiCaprio rested in the casket, possibly thinking that that would be a real thing someday, I wheeled my mind through the covers played around the many scenes, the familiar melodies over vivid roaring dancing- “Is Beyonce covering Amy Winehouse?” I remember asking as I searched my mind as to whether ’20s bathing suits really looked like that. Later on, would men really object to a man wearing pink? And how I wanted someone to break the ice some more. Like, literally, the sound of that chipper breaking all that off was lovely (or that might be my iron deficiency talking. It’s getting so bad that I eat ice wherever I find it at work. If I don’t, the lymph nodes in my neck hurt so bad I can’t move, and I end up eating the ice that’s formed between two slabs of plastic-encased T-bones thawing in cool water… I might want to get that checked out).

I absolutely loved Tobey’s expression in so many scenes, scenes I read hours before where I knew poor Nick was just so caught. You know that look.

Nick expression gatsby 2


nick expression gatsbyPretty much identical, right? I felt the movie did the book justice. Initially, I guessed it would be a lot more boring, but they didn’t go that way at all. Ya’ll know freakin’ Jay-Z was the executive producer? Like, huh, what?

It was fantastic, great, everything that I could ever hope for. Entertainment at it’s very finest.

Your husband doesn't deserve even a mention. Gr.
Your husband doesn’t deserve even a mention. Gr.


“642 Things to Write About” and Where are my kids?

How do we want to die? #66 is a go! Sorry for my silence! ~_^

Prompt # 62- A man giving a speech to a crowd is suddenly caught in a bald-faced lie.

 My response:

The bigger they are, the harder they fall, was the old cliche that immediately went through Harold’s gleaming head. Despite his extreme alopecia, there was something about a muscular, elegant white man in a suit that always attracted others to him. The money helped, too, and the dips into charity pushed immensely towards magnificent PR.

He had just finished his speech about growing up poor in Kentucky, feigning the country accent after years of practice, promising this, slashing taxes that, your guns are yours, and the rest.

And then some old fart brings to the stage a little Powerpoint that including pictures of him with his family on their large estate somewhere isolated in England. It looked photocopied, and Harold racked his brains to grab hold of which sorry bastard relative had the picture last and was able to sell it to this little bugger.

Off to the left of him, the flash struck off his scalp straight into their eyes, and still they stared, waiting for his next move. They waited until he bowed and exited the stage and the crumbs of his campaign fell in trail after him.


Sister’s response:

“People of Xerzseville, vote me to be mayor! I promise that I’ll help those in need, especially chidren. I am a family man, and children always come first. I will never leave a child behind, no matter what!”

“But, sir, didn’t you have a child that you put up for adoption?”



Prompt #63- What a character wearing something red is thinking

 My response: 

I wish I was flippin’ burgers. A fuckton more exciting than this shit. Why in the Sam blue hell I have to wear a nametag anyways? Don’t none of the customers see me, none of the managers even know my name- I ain’t remember theirs either, though. 

Nah, wait, there’s Tanya… But she’s like top manager, no ways. Purple is lead, right? Blue is section… Light blue is regional. Ain’t that bitch coming today?  ‘How ya’ doin’?’ Ol’ stupid-ass fake-ass accent, tryin’ to be like us sweating over this stupid stamp grill. You don’t get nails like that workin’ in no joint like this.

Alright, been a minute- Shit! Fuckin’ poppin’ grease, shit! Where’s the damn spatula? Don’t no one else needs the goddamn spatula! Who the hell- oh, there we go. Alright, nice an easy- we need some new burger holders. The grease caked on this shit is ridiculous. I wonder how anyone can eat this shit after workin’ here. 

‘K, this spot is free, I think, push it slowly in to make sure.

Fucking Christ, that spot wasn’t free! I hate this job!

Sister’s response:

Man, I look great! I knew this color was for me. People keep saying I’m a blue person, but I don’t think so. Red is definitely my color. All I need are my shoes and I’ll be ready for the party. Now, where are those shoes? Ah, here they are. Blue? Where are my red ones? Oh yea, I sold them. People kept telling me I was a blue person that I never bothered to get red clothing after that…



Prompt #64-Your favorite moment in film

My response: 

This is kind of hard, since I don’t really have many favorite things, but things I’m in the mood for, and because something can quickly fall out of fashion with me, I have the transitory feeling towards every great thing that I experience.

What come to mind are the man hitting his leg on the rotor when falling from the Titanic in The Titanic and when either Rose or Jack imprints their hand into the steamed window of the car they are having sex in, the first fight scene in Sucker Punch where Babydoll goes up against the Samurai giant things with the bladed staff, machine gun, and katana, and the countdown to the deathmatch in The Hunger Games, where everything was completely quiet.

Sister’s response:

In Spongebob: The Movie when Spongebob was depressed for not getting the promotion and he went to Goofy Goobers with Patrick and they both got ‘drunk’. And in The Incredibles when Dash was running from the villains, and Jack-Jack fighting Syndrome.


Prompt #65- The menu for your last meal

My response: 

Honestly, I don’t want to spend my last moments eating. I find eating a tremendous chore, unless I’m craving something. If I’m anticipating death, I probably won’t be craving anything, anyway.

For the sake of the prompt, I’ll probably eat a bunch of stuff I’m allergic to- watermelon, try scallops and lobster for the first/last time, eat a bunch of crab and shrimp, stuff my mouth with apples and honeydew covered in honey.

Heck, this will be a last meal in any case.

Sister’s response:

Ice-cream, cake, pizza, hot wings, cookies et cetera. All my favorite foodsssssssss~


Prompt #66- Choose how you will die.

My response: 

Surrounded by my gigantic family, six or seven children, dozens of grandchildren, dozens upon dozens upon dozens of great-grandchildren. All my nieces and nephews and their children. All my brothers and sisters, even the five older, my parents, too! I won’t be too greedy and wish for my Momo as well, but that would be a plus. I need not be old or famous or rich, the death need not be painless or short, but if so many will be by my side as the lights go out, that’s all I can really ask for.

Sister’s response:

I always picture myself saving someone, probably from getting hit by a car, usually rescuing a child. Or maybe… A giant Titan appears in my window and I die of a heart attack.



Prompt #67- What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

My response: 

Skipping. I would be using the last of the juice in my iPod to skip to my heart’s content until I feel like writing a new post!

Sister’s response:

I would play card games with my brothers and friend, study for my Spanish project, watching anime shows with my sister, and taking a nap, all at the same time- or in one hour.


Ai no Kusabi- Fate?

In the early stages of my yaoi phase, when I was in 5th, 6th, and 7th grade, and still nervous about one of my parents walking through the door to see me looking at X boy and X boy doing XXX. Now I only lower the tabs to younger siblings and my parents, still, to shield them for their delicate sensibilities.

Before Gravitation, I watched the Ai no Kusabi OVA. Two episodes of grainy quality and hardly a conversation I could remember and an ending that makes me cry EVERY time I watch it.

My sister, eighth grade, watched it last week. She came across it and told me but she got confused watching it. And I guess she thought it was kinda boring ’cause she went to the bathroom towards the end of it and didn’t see blank and blank and their inevitable blank. Anyway, a scarred childhood she is not going to have.

But childhood is not what I want to talk about. Guy said that their ending was fate; I don’t think so. It could have ended differently with just a bit of imagination, and that is why, I think, there are so many fanfics out there changing the storyline and the ending. That’s how all fanfics arise mostly, not filling in the gaps or fleshing out characters, but making more crises to get to an ending one finds more entertaining, or maybe even realistic, lol. It is the reason why I have my own fanfic Forgotten Day which I hope a lot of people enjoy and review that they like. It isn’t a story I want to abandon like some others…But there is no sense in writing just for myself on the internet. Not stories anyway.

And that’s the real world I think. We can work towards an end and try to get something but it ends up with an entirely different result, but that doesn’t mean it was meant for that, or that could have been the only outcome. Of course not… Of course not.

I’m looking forward to OVA 2010 and I just wish I can watch it with somebody, or on Netflix as a Party or somethin’ but that’s not gonna happen (especially not Netflix, lol). Oh, well. I shall watch it very happily alone, I guess, huh?