What if God(s) wasn’t omniscient? Omnipotent? Omnibenevolent?!

When making up their religions, I always was confused at how so many people didn’t think things through. What were so many people’s hang-ups with making up a god that was all-good, all-powerful, and all-knowing?

Of course, the making up of religions was to make it believable, or at least hard to disbelieve. How easy is it to believe when you’re aware of the possibility of the alternative: eternity in hell? And really that’s the first step, that’s all it takes- I might get some horrible consequence to this belief. Or, on the flip side, why deny an eternity of everlasting peace? That sounds pretty awesome, so why not jump on that gold-covered bandwagon? If this god is so good, why pass this up?

But still, you can make up a pretty believable god without all the fantastical wrappings- I find the Hindu, Greek, and Shinto gods to all be much more believable than a single omniscient, omnibenelovent, omnipotent being. These gods are fickle but powerful, and do shit for themselves and against each other, and they might indulge in a human or civilization just for shits and giggles. They have no plan, just living life and enjoying being worshiped by whoever is around. That makes more sense with the amount of ‘evil’ in this world, or natural disasters, or how nonbelievers are treated or non-knowing-persons are treated. Nothing really bad, as long as you’re not too awful. If any god or gods existed, a group of powerful beings amusing their own fancies would match the world we see on a daily basis.

BUT NO- the most popular gods in existence are a few so-called omnipotent, omnibenevolent, omniscient gods, working singularly for the betterment of all mankind (and among them, gods that are doing this with an Apocalypse in the horizon which entails a point where the human race is -mostly?- beyond help, so what was that god’s purpose until then?).

My hangup is this: you can’t have an all-powerful-good-knowing god. I would say you can’t even have two of the three, and if there is only one left, omnibenevolent is NOT it. Omnibenevolent are those peeps who would rather have themselves killed before harming another being, directly or indirectly.  There ain’t a lot of them (prolly ’cause they don’t live long ahhahahahah- I’m terrible, I know). There were motherfuckers that lit themselves on fire in protest. Humans have this tendency to commit suicide if we feel that we’re too much of a burden. That’s benevolence.

If a popular god had even eighth of the power its believers say it has, and knows at a singular point in time that a baby was going to suffocate in its blanket, and was omnibenelovent- that baby would live. But NOPE, there’s multiple ads in the Health Department  on how to make sure your baby doesn’t die by accident- and shit, there’s still SIDS, because no omnibenelovent god(s) exist to protect your baby. (And please don’t give me that shit about how this baby’s survival was god’s little miracle and this SIDS-death baby had nothing to do with the supernatural, or Mama hadn’t said the appropriate amount of prayer to be heard by said god(s))

I can believe in an omnipotent-only god, who doesn’t give a shit, or who doesn’t know very well, and such. I can believe in an omniscient god, who knows, but can’t do anything, or doesn’t care. If an omnibenevolent god doesn’t have the intelligence or power to stop SIDS from capturing the life of a little one, why the fuck should I believe it has some beautiful paradise waiting for me? (hint: I don’t have to believe because there is no such god(dess))

But let’s put all three together, though, and we have a pure impossibility. Like 100 degree Celsius frozen water on Franklin Street. Or 2+2=800. It just can’t be so. Some ingredients in those phrases have to be wrong, or rubbish. Let’s take omni-3 god and ask it to make a burrito so large it can’t eat it. Or shit, make frozen water 100 degrees Celsius on Franklin street. Or hand someone two oranges, and then exactly two more oranges, and have the person with 800 oranges from it giving two, and then two more.

But shit, we don’t have to go into logical forays of the impossible. Omni-3 god exists, then SIDS shouldn’t be a factor, or starving children (I mean EVERYWHERE for ALL TIME-let’s remember there were famines before now because there wasn’t enough water or something), or diseases wiping out civilizations (because very few people do that shit on purpose, because so many people just didn’t fuckin’ know).  Unless omnibenevolent is something else when it comes to a god? All’s-well-that-ends-well? Except for the Antichrist coming and the Apocalypse in some cases? That somehow in gods(‘) mysterious way everything is good somehow?

Let’s take for example SIDS-dead-baby. The death of that baby is somehow good… And the allowance of Hitler to survive WWI and became the almost comically-evil antagonist instigator of WWII was good… We can’t see it because god is god. But if god was omnibenevolent, why would he let so many people suffer? Why make that stupid tree? Why such harsh punishments for something I wouldn’t even spank a child over? Why have the Antichrist and the End-of-the-World? Eternal suffering? Or even with all this, why do believers still have to suffer grief?

Why have humans grieve over something so amazingly great as dying and going to heaven? And there’s absolutely no way to help that shit- sure, original sin perhaps and our faulty bodies, but isn’t it hard to keep up a faith when people are dying all around you and you can’t keep yourself from crying and being depressed and perhaps, finally, committing suicide (which is a sin in most religions! What the fuck!). Personally, if I was a Christian, I would put it through my head that, hey, I’ll see them about sixty or so years, so it’s all good. Or I can pretend to talk to them (or actually talk to them) just like I do to talk to God- but no, it’s not that easy, even if one believes it is true. Why do believers fear death? When I come across this, I find Islam more believable.

Suicide bombers are the biggest helpers of Islam, in my logical belief. If one believed completely that Allah had heaven awaiting after an honorable death, and this person goes into death via bomb- that shows me that that faith was true, and there are reasons for such a strong faith. Of course, I ultimately reason that these people have brains addled by religion, but on the surface, this is quite convincing, and would even contend this is an omnibenevolent god. Except, suicide bombers kill others who don’t want to be killed and whose families would grieve. So, yea, Allah ain’t omni-3 either.

Omnipotent is kind of confusing. So this god is really really powerful and he/she/it/they/xe uses that power to do enough to make people make a leap of faith into believing them? Don’t give me that bull that god’s power is all around us, because I can give you the point where, sorry, this was human work, animal work, or nature work, or a combination of all three. No goddy required. Could you do a little more? Ok, this or that god supposedly did a lot way back when, lotta magic and miracles, and that didn’t have people flocking to them (because gods don’t exist), but having absolutely no magical fairy dust sprinkled prominently here and there? Especially in this age of technology? It makes sense if the god wasn’t omnibenevolent, and doesn’t try, but with that, it should know magic stuff would still work. But it doesn’t, because it doesn’t exist.

So in this omni-3 way, knowing many persons will find them unbelievable, powerful enough to change their minds, and wanting them all to come to heaven to live long happy lives- and yet 4500 mysterious baby deaths will happen a year. Unbelievable.


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