Anime On My Mind

These are anime that I’m actually watching, as in, I’mma catch up/finish it as soon as I can, because I gotta see what’s happening next! I usually find them week to week via Crunchyroll or Hulu+ (or just plain Hulu)

Akame ga KillAkame ga Kill

  • So I saw Akame ga Kill’s description about killing terrible people in horrible ways, saw the first episode and was like, alrighty then. I thought it was going to be a harem anime with all the girls and a male lead, but there are other males. And, of course, a harem anime could be good for me. The first episode was easy to follow and I don’t expect anything confusing. Granted, I’m hardly confused by anime. I’m usually disgusted or bored with an anime I dislike.

Black Bullet
Black Bullet

  • This show has ended, but my sister and I got behind (as with a lot of the anime on this list). We both smell a very sad ending coming up because this sweet little girl has a virus within her that makes her super strong and good for killing monsters, but she’ll eventually end up a monster herself. I haven’t gotten that far to see if that actually happened, but I’m not looking forward to it. Especially since her caretaker… cares for her so much XD

Brynhildr in the Darkness
Brynhildr in the Darkness

  • This show really came out of no where. Like I read somewhere else, it tries to play off being a romantic comedy, but it’s not at all sweet and funny. This lady, a ‘witch’, and some other ‘witches’ were kept by a secret organization for their witchy powers. Thing is, when they are no longer needed (or if they try to run away) they die horribly gruesome deaths. Lady here and her friends have run away. This guy is now trying to help them all. Now, this is a harem anime that I can get into.

Drammatical Murder

Drammatical Murder

  • This show has been a long time in waiting. I find the animation completely subpar, but it’s nice to see BL animated, even if all traces of its BL-ness has been stripped away to appeal to mofos who aren’t going to look at it in the first place because they know it used to have BL in it. I DON’T GET THAT LOGIC. The plot is actually pretty difficult to pin down in a little paragraph, because there is a lot to it. The BL is actually a small piece of it really… It is doable… But I want smut. Anyway, lead character Aoba starts getting weird emails to him, plus he is pulled into a computer game unwillingly, and people start popping up in his life. That was terrible, but, like I said, there’s a lot to it.

Free! Eternal Summer~

  • A show that I got into for its PLOT. Haha, no, I definitely watched this for the fanservice, except that I’m abnormally into the characters and how they act and what they’re going to do- and not in a physical way. This second season deals with some of the guys graduating and not knowing what they want out of the future, plus trying to deal with whatever life is throwing at them presently. I’ve never been one without clear dreams, so it’s hard for me to relate, but I enjoy seeing the perspectives of others.



  • Your daddy a glassmaker? Well, in this case, this little lady is part of a glassmaking family. I got into this because I loved Nagi no Asukara sooooooo much, and I read that they are by the same people, although I don’t really feel the shininess as much (except when this lady looks at glass). It was a really weird first episode I watched. Where she meets a guy who’s pretty good looking to her, and he acts kind of a jerk to chickens, and she decides to take care of the chickens, getting all her friends into it. Like in Nagi no Asukara, there’s a bit of a love pentagon, or hexagon, one of them, and I can’t wait for everything to resolve itself c:

Haikyuu!! Haikyuu!

  • I saw this was being made by Production I.G. and I was already excited for it before it even came out. You see, Production I.G. did Psychopass (something I haven’t finished and is in the Back of My Mind) and Kuroko no Basuke, which I love to death. This was a show my sister and I got into and was love at first sight. Also, my niece calls anything Japanese (she can even recognize the writing) ‘Kuroko’. It’s the cutest thing. Anyway, Haikyuu has volleyball players and a really animated nervous wreck called… called… Damn, forgot the dude’s name. He eventually teams up with someone just as animated, but was a bit of a know-it-all bossypants. Their teamwork in volleyball might get them somewhere!

Hamatora and Re: Hamatora

  • A second season!!!! I haven’t even finished the first! It’s about a bunch of people with superpowers who solve mysteries. One of the biggest mysteries is that people with superpowers are getting killed- by this dude. Don’t worry, they don’t make that a secret in the least. It’s just weird how he isn’t caught yet, but you’re going to have to watch the show to get deets on that. The animation can get pretty shoddy at times, but it’s a cool show nonetheless.

Kamigami no Asobi

Kamigami no Asobi

  • Another show to watch for its plot. Actually, the show is pretty hilarious. So all the dudes are gods from different cultures and they need to learn more about humans (teenage humans apparently) by going to school and doing (Japanese) school-related things. The lady in the middle tries to teach them about human ways. Thing is, it’s well down, showing how each god is so wrapped up in their godly ways (which is different for each) and that’s why they don’t know how to interact with humans.  Pretty cute.

Knights of Sidonia
Knights of Sidonia

  • Don’t let that angelic face fool you! This show is set in space, on a traveling colony. These people have to fight these aliens that eat them (and I mean pull them from their battle robots and eat them in particular). Don’t get attached to anyone because they’ll just rip your heart to pieces. Also, the opening song is pretty killer.

Love Stage!!!
Love Stage!!!

  • An adorable BL about a boy named Izumi who wants to be a manga artist, but has all the resources to be a star in showbiz. He’s pulled back in the world when someone requests him in particular for a commercial (thinking Izumi is a girl, and a girl that he’s been in love with for a long time). Craziness ensues when the guy finds out Izumi is a boy, and that Izumi has talent for showbiz!

Mekakucity Actors
Makakucity Actors 312

  • I’m not entirely sure what this is about. But certain people have powers, and other people are trying to recruit them, and it looks like it’ll all end up in a big bang. I like anime with a lot of different people in them, and special powers, and crazy things that happen. Plus it looks hella good. So I’m looking forward to watching the rest.



  • Okay, lady is part of a gang, and guy is part of a gang, and they have to act like girlfriend and boyfriend so that their gangs won’t fight each other. Since some people aren’t convinced their love is real (and it’s not, they despise each other), it’s a comedy about them going back and forth between tolerating and hating each other, and finding something more between them. On the side is this character called Onedera and she seems to be one of the guy’s old crushes. But she can’t bring it up to him to ask, even when he begins to ask. I don’t like Onedera, and i think she’s a complete waste of time.

Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin
Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin

  • Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizokin has a guy meeting a lady ghost called Nanana. Brilliant Nanana used to be an adventurer and she collected all sorts of magical objects. Main guy, plus a detective and her assistant, and the Adventure Club from school, all go around collecting these treasures. Thing is, they make it a mystery why the main guy collects them. It’s definitely not for personal glory or riches, nor does it seem he is keeping them from dangerous hands. Plus, there is the mystery of Nanana’s death, who killed her and why. Main guy has promised to figure that out as well. A good mystery, and I think romance is building, plus its hilarious sometimes, hehe

Shounen Hollywood
Shounen Hollywood

  • Shounen Hollywood is one of the more boring anime on my list, but it is absolutely gorgeous, with gorgeous bishounen (hehe) who are on their way to be pop idols. This show is the most realistic on the list, and because of that, it gets really awkward, really fast, and you just can’t look at it sometimes. Or you have to pause it and cover your face in embarrassment, even though you’re in the safety of your room. Interesting characters are everywhere, as well, including a metrosexual manager- but they don’t use him as comedy relief, like in American shows, He’s truly in charge and just flamboyant~

Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul


  • One of my favorites so far, Tokyo Ghoul has the lead character turning into a ghoul (becoming a half), after his organs are replaced with ghoul organs. Ghouls eat people to survive and they can’t even stand regular food, except for coffee. Main guy can’t come to turns with eating humans (alive or dead) to survive, but he gets so damn hungry that he loses his mind. Interesting huh? Well, it gets even better when he joins other ghouls to try and learn how to be a successful ghoul


barakamon gif


  • Another slice-of-life show. A calligrapher punches another calligrapher (a major critic) and is ‘exiled’ to an island. There he meets the island’s people and learns more about himself. He especially gets to know an intuitive little girl who seems to have all the right answers to the problems he’s dealing with. It almost seemed as if everything was resolved in the first episode, but I’ll see what happens later, what sort of dilemmas will arise.

C: The Money of Soul and Possibility

C gif


  • Yoga Kimimaro is a poor college student who’s studying to be a regular working Joe, with a wife, a house, and some kids (who works that hard just for that?) Anyway, Mr. Magic Man (Makasaki) offers him to trade money for things in his future (including his future life). The first episode is all I’ve gone through, but of course Kimimaro is going to accept it. Money is used as fighting power, I believe, and you borrow money if you don’t have any, and then you fight some more to get more money. Fun stuff. I really like how the opening is all about different currency.

Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden gif

Before The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, there have been Japanese games to give us choices between our gameplay that affected how other characters saw us. Persona 4 was one of those games and this show seems to be a rehash of the regular show, with the ‘player’ making different choices. Already, I’m really confused on what Yu, the grey-haired dude, is supposed to be, because I’m used to him being a quiet, sort of serious fellow, but nice all-around. Now he’s much more extroverted, extending his hand to almost everyone he meets, and he’s a bit more funny too, talking back to teachers and singing with his little friend. I’m already loving it. In the meantime, there is still a murder mystery to be solved!

Tokyo ESP

Tokyo ESP gif

Tokyo ESP starts off at the end of the story it seems. We open up to people in Tokyo doing their thing on Christmas. Suddenly, espers start wreaking havoc, including transporting the parliament into the air and pronouncing they are going to take over. Then, other espers start fighting back, some doing well, and some doing not so well. Also, anti-esper units from the government itself steps on the scene to intervene, and I’m just wondering what’s after all this if this is just the beginning!


And this show I haven’t started yet because I’m not quite interested at the moment XD but I’m definitely going to get on it eventually.

  • Sword Art Online 2




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