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In Front of Logitech’s Mouse

I bought a new mouse. I haven’t hooked it up yet, but I can’t wait until I do! Then I’ll be able to turn off this built-in mouse and stop hitting it when I type! Yay!

Also, today is Saturday- so another chapter of “The Maléan Cages” is going to be put up seconds after this is posted! This chapter we are introduced to Dante Deluca (Who is going to have a fun old time- I’m going to enjoy him, muhahahaha), Kaaliya Lanka (Who is going to be a relieving process to many… for a bit at least), Jayce King (your signature American, who I just can’t wait to have fun with), Olive Jackson (who’s been through so much, but I’m not done with him yet!), and Sacha Sokolov (Who is going to have the most awesome time ever! (not really))

But first, reviews from last chapter… Only two… But I got a lot of hits, so that’s good, too!

asdf   2012-10-13  
i got through ch 1 fine but at ch2 i was scratching my head at all the lingo in the story. it was so condensed i wasn’t able to understand anything without thinking hard about it. maybe lay off the malean lingo more? 

This section was particularly frustrating to read: 
‘Sir Kora rescued the other three- Alaric, Mink, and Bahari- who had made it to their destination in Panal, Monsoon, and only Bahari would be leaving it to go to Zen, Mororoko.

It ended up that the Alpha Wolf that put the exclusivity on Akihito got him in the end, and it was also completely random that after all the charms and spells and curses were lifted from Akihito’s Earthling shell, his Maléan self was a Wolf as well, one with two tails. Alpha had actually put down another exclusivity stamp, but had to fight several other wolf packs for him, bringing his price soaring to thirty-two million Konits. Nothing for packs of people, but still an enormous amount for Sir Kora.

An exalted and famous psychiatrist, and the Voodoo Man of Panal itself, bought Alaric. Alaric wasn’t very popular, and Sir Kora knew he wouldn’t be, but the former German had managed not to kill anyone, though not without lack of trying. He even tried to kill himself when his spells were removed and he turned out to be what he thought a hideous Horned Tiger Animal Man, or Kallis, as Akihito tried to remember.

Mink had been gotten by the Headmaster at the sole School, as most cities on Malé only had one school, in Panal. The Headmaster had a semi-active Hook, which meant his sadism level was verging on knifeplay and other edgy kinks. Mink, though brown regularly as a Bird Kallis and Native American, had seemed a bit green. However, he had no say-so in the matter.

Bahari had been won by an Ancient, sort of a taboo subject at the moment since Brekar Damien of Bulso, Jink made his announcement that a bunch of rebel Ancients were looking to recruit for their army and take over the planet after finding the pieces of the key to the other so-called ‘Spaces’ of Malé. When it was certain that this was true, so true that Damien gave up his kingship, so true that they had a drawing of the pieces and one of the pieces actually turned up, so true that there was a huge battle over the piece, where much of the planet saw how evil these Ancients that called themselves the Elders and their followers the Youngbloods were- well, some Ancients in their era had to go into hiding.’ “

I can understand the problem, but this is the third installment of the Maléan series. A familiarity with some of the words is sort of expected. It would have been better if you asked me what the lingo meant instead of laying off. ;___; But I do want to warn you that some people, the guys mentioned above, will have some heavy lingo, because they are in a place where they are surrounded by it. I don’t think the other chapters are as heavy, but if they are, I’ll definitely put it into consideration! Thanks for the review~

ILoveWyatt   2012-10-14  
I love this story so much!

Cant wait for more!

Thanks for the review~ Haha~


I’m reading the Nightrunner series by Lynn Flewelling. Nothing gets my loins boiling more than characters going through an adventure and they just happen to be gay. I care not if the two main characters never have sex, the story is awesome. It’s a huge mystery in a vivid world that are both well thought-out and intriguing. If you know any stories or writers where there are male or hermaphroditic main characters where their relationship isn’t the main focus, please send that over to me (of course, if you find something romantic that is truly spectacular, I’ll be here too!)


I got two new games: Resident Evil 6 and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. Both are exactly what I expected and wanted in the games. The militarized style of RE6 was what so many complained about- and how it wasn’t scary anymore. I thought I  learned my lessons about listening to ‘critics’ and ‘fans’, but I played Leon’s route first, because I heard it was most scary. Though it wasn’t pop-up scary, there were times that I freakin’ panicked and I was like- what the FUCK is that?! So, it was scary enough. Jake’s route was pretty fun, though a lot of ‘tapping buttons on time’ sequences. Still, the monsters! I don’t want to think that much! Bitch zombies growing armor after I freakin’ shoot ’em in the chest- ridiculous! But, oh, so cool.

Final Fantasy is nothing but fun, and, because of that, a bit easy. When I unlock more levels, maybe it will prove more challenging. Still, cute little Lightning and Tidus and Squall and Cloud- they are my team. Fun, weird little game!


With a Dr. Pepper Cherry

It’s so goooooood.

So, I want to talk about some shows today. They are anime, because, apparently, saying that is drastically important. Someone can hear the coolest show ever, but as soon as it’s anime- oh, I don’t watch anime. And I’m like, seriously? You’re missing out on one of the greatest  stories because it’s Japanese animation? Yes, that is true. It’s obvious that most people have a skewed vision of anime as Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, unable to realize that genres exist within Japanese animation like- oh- everything else. But that’s not what I was trying to get out.

Three new shows came out that I decided to look at. They all have male leads and smaller or equal female leads (females with a driving force behind whatever the plot is). They all look gorgeous, and one of them, which I thought would be more of a drama and talk kind of show, surprised me with its amount of well-sequenced, well-animated fighting (as opposed to, say, DBZ, Bleach, or Naruto- well, the latter two are well-animated, still. DBZ’s fighting pretty much sucks, haha)


This is Zetsuen no Tempest. So far these two, um, friends are trying to stop some bad guys from taking over the world. Except their best best bet, a beautiful and awesome female mage (they say that word exactly), is trapped on an island. With some voodoo, touchy-feely blondie there is communicating with her, and has a bargain with her. He works for her, and she gives him… what she wants.

This is the one that I thought would be more talking than fighting. Episode 1 had me on the edge of my seat. The female blondie was fighting (the ‘she’ in the caption) had some awesome moves, and two guns. And the next episode promises more action.

It’s not without it’s talking. There’s this verse of something, I forgot what, that they keep referencing, and the dialogue is confusing sometimes. But I don’t need to understand what is going on. I feel there is a purpose to everything. Or maybe the Ho Hay is getting to me.

The cast is so beautiful!

So this is K. I don’t want to give away the first episode, but there are different factions- gangs really- who are fighting each other in the nearer than far future. Umbrella guy gets caught in the mix, and non-glasses dark-haired guy is in there… At one point [SPOILER] non-glasses dark-haired pulls umbrella to his chest, and I swear umbrella blushes[END SPOILER]

So, pleasantly surprised. I saw the previews, and there was a lot of good animated fighting, and it’s beautiful. But the strong fanservice was a pleasant surprise. Or, it might be No. 6 and canon. (No. 6, btw, is a wonderful show and you should watch it). Plus, K’s plot is intriguing. I can’t wait for the next episode. (I only have one)

There’s a lot of fanservice with the girl. Kind of like in Zetsuen no Tempest. Lots of almost shots- not even panties were shown- but they were definitely exploiting the female body to my- I mean viewers’ eyes. Very tasteful. So I like it.

I love the girl’s eyes…

Psycho Pass. This one has the girl as the lead. And she is pretty awesome. Still really timid sort of- but I can feel it more as her personality than as a token female trait. Which I hate.

Basically, she joins a force that goes after people with high criminal coefficients. These coefficients are numbers from a certain scale that identifies how likely you are to commit a crime. Shooting, angst, psychological fuckery- all nice stuff to go to bed to. Even with the nearly zero chance of shounen ai or yaoi or slash or Ho Hay being even remotely available in this series- I think I’m going to enjoy this one most.

So, if you watch anime, I say these are good. If you don’t, Psycho Pass is the way to start. Unless you watch utter trash. But if you’ve read all the way down here, I don’t think you do.

Under “The Challenge of Existentialism”

Another book- it’s above me and it’s by a guy named John Wild. Copyright 1955. I like existentialism; it’s fun~

But that’s not the meat of my entry today. I’m publishing a new chapter of “The Maléan Cages” . Sadly, it doesn’t have sex, but it has violent, angst-ridden men, and that should be good, right? Right? Right.

This chapter introduces five characters out of the twenty main ones through whose POVs we will look to see the plot develop. They are Manchu Wei (my least favorite character), Tomakazu Akihito (one of my favorites), Miguel Rocha (a middle-high character on my favorites list), Chal Bowman (middle-low), and Mink Lightfoot (middle-high, but lower than Miguel). Ironically enough, Wei is behaving the most in my mind, while Chal isn’t. I thought that Wei would become more likable, but I’m doing well keeping him in-character (for me anyway, haha)

Chal is changing. Stop it, you. Not yet! Or else I’ll have to do bad things to you to regress your development- do you want that? Yep, that’s exactly how it goes.

I’m also here to answer reviews from the last chapter! Yay!

Detrix 2012-10-06
I like it…..but I like all your Malean stories so I’ll keep reading if you keep writing.

Aw, thanks! I like the idea that people like the “Maléan stories”. I don’t know why… It just feels so professional! XD

Nivell 2012-10-06
Well, I’m glad to see another Malean story from you! I enjoyed Dante’s story but the last few chapters made my head spin from the introduction of so many characters. Please please please don’t torture the Kliwers in this one..I still get nightmares thinking about that poor Kliwer getting eaten by the blood traders. ;_;

I’m glad you’re glad, haha. Sorry, sorry, sorry about the end of Gem. I’m introducing people more carefully now. And though there are more people, a lot more people, the roster is rigid! And… um… ;___; That’s part of the society… Just like we have our bad stuff on Earth, they have their super-bad stuff. I’m sorry! The next chapter may be a bit edgy for you. No one gets eaten but…

meg 2012-10-07
love it want more please

Thanks! I hope you like the rest!

ILoveWyatt 2012-10-08
I love this story so much!

Cant wait for more!

So glad I can count on you! XD


The next chapter will introduce five new characters, three of which whose storylines are absolutely awesome. Why did I just write that as if I didn’t write the storyline?






At the table in the common room

I wanted to take this time to reply to the reviews from the end of A Maléan Gem”. And then to explain my weird tags for this post.

Everywhere und Nowhere 2012-09-28
I hate to complain or naysay, but that last chapter felt rushed. you mentioned you had written more but deemed it unneccesary. i think it may have helped. I havnt had any problems with your writing style, but there were several sections on this chapter I needed to reread in order to grasp properly, and I feel more elaboration could have been done for the parents. They were long awaited from the last chapter, and it still feels…anticlimatic to explain them.

Very much looking forward to your next piece and hope you dont misunderstand my criticism. I LOVE your stories.

Well, that looks cool. I just wanted to copy the text but this is far better. Anywho…Please complain and naysay. I love to write better. Right now, I’m in a writing class and have recently had a piece reviewed where mostly everyone had the exact same constructive criticism. Too many characters, and felt rushed- even the needing to reread and needed more elaboration. I felt the anticlimacticness as well. I was disappointed, but I didn’t want to bombard the reader… but they had been waiting for a while XD I will add more chapters to “Gem” as time goes on. Epilogues out the ears they will be.

I feel this may be a problem for “Cages”. I have a lot of characters; I wonder if I can count on you for when things feel too slow or too fast? :p

ILoveWyatt 2012-09-29
I loved this story so much!

Sorry for not reviewing those other few chapters. I just didn’t know that you updated the story.

I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! :D Don’t worry about it. You were one of the few who consistently reviewed, even if it was the same phrase or same type or whatever. You knew what it meant to me and you decided to help me feel it nearly every time I posted a chapter. Thank you. I have your email, and I’ve been emailing… Is the trunks thing still your email?

Thanks to all who reviewed “Gem”: ILoveWyatt (YAY!), Everywhere und Nowhere, nivell (alot), sunni, myrt(alot), Sunao Tsuji (some?), sierra, Silver (maybe!), kylee (alot), emz, Mick, Mina, DoeEyedSamurai, tj, Plume angelique, MoonChakra, Mikki Senpai (:DDDD), Aromanight, Roseykins (alot), BijouDuMon, mizuki, Funeral Roses, Vivi, Melsa, anxiouslyawaitingupdate, MustLove_PrettyBoys, James, Anon(s), bunnicle, blueskies, kissedbymidnight (alot), js (tj?), lividfire, Mahou Makai, and sardo.

So, around 36 people made their feelings known. Thank you so much; it’s really picked me up over the time of writing Gem. With you guys’ help there are 113 reviews and 16,555 hits so far. Thank you, thank you.


Malé is about hermaphrodites with, and this is largely generalized (like when we say the human race is selfish when there is a large range of selfishness among the 7 billion plus humans on Earth), what Earthlings mostly identify as male. That’s why I call it mpreg and put slash, gay, and malexmale.

But this has been bothering me. Calling these hermaphrodites ‘he’ and ‘him’ and having ‘his’ things. It’s not like a planet doesn’t need females or something. There are actually characters that I had to constantly correct from calling them ‘she’ and giving ‘her’ ‘her’ right pronoun- Ashelee and Omni, for example. Because hermaphrodites, from what I read and heard from hermaphrodites that identify themselves as such- It’s not just being neither or both staple genders, or, sometimes, it’s absolutely not being neither or both, it’s being something completely different, a completely different gender, and I’m more on line with that.

But the fact that they have penises make people call them ‘he’, when in fact only ‘she’ can give birth, and they can do that too. Every last one of them. But I tried writing a story using only gender neutral words or pronouns that envision both sexes (which, as I said before, is sometimes an absolute no-no). For the latter, the problem above arose. Gender neutral mode made for weird sex scenes and not very good first-person, so I opted for just using ‘he’, which leads me to put malexmale, gay, yaoi, slash, and mPreg- though they are hermaphrodites.

Obviously, we have been equipped to being stuck to social norms of giving mostly everyone a specific gender out of two. It kind of sucks for those who feel in between either physically or mentally. Mentally, for myself, though my high libido and hairiness might be proving the other as well. I’m not saying I’m undecided or anything, but I am saying that I have desires and physical features that most people identify with males. I’m pansexual to a painful degree, so as that I have so many options for people that I can’t choose just one, or I can’t find anyone who is willing to share, lol.

A friend of mine, who really likes (not consciously, of course) to categorize gender, especially of the male kind, says, what’s wrong with a girl liking guy things or being more like a guy?

Well, of course, when one attributes my liking games or pornography as a male thing when I am physically completely and utterly female, or when one attributes unlikable male qualities to the definition of maleness, when a large part of me is identifying with maleness, well, it makes me feel guilty. Or when someone says I am strong like a guy? No! I’m strong like a girl! I am a female, that’s as strong as I will ever be.

And so when I attribute male emotions or physicality to these hermaphrodites, I feel like I’m doing them a disservice. I do my best to be gender neutral other than addressing, but sometimes I have to be careful to not fall in the trap of categorizing them too much.

Just to let everyone know, they have wide hips and breast like female Earthlings. If it ever has an animated feature or drawings, I will add that. It’s important. And they aren’t dickgirls!

Futanari was originally for hermaphrodites in the Japanese language but has become fetishistic dickgirls. Well, you might say that futanari identifies with females and Maléans identify with males- promising argument. However, my hermaphrodites are aliens that have been categorized (by myself and any others) and  we/they are largely aware of the ambiguity and complexity. Futanari girls, if you haven’t seen any hentai material, is largely a girl who finds herself with a dick without much dilemma other than really good sex. Plus, you can see how my personal problems is seeping largely into my made-up world, while futanari girls (and I have to say girls because it is hardly the other way around- mainly because guys already have both penises and anuses) are fap material- they hardly fuck guys but other futanari girls. Not the same.

Well, then, why have Maléans with breasts? Evolution, my dears. In the beginning years of human life on the planet, they needed some way to feed their young. But these people have evolved enough to get rid of breasts and just grow more quickly inside the womb. But the breasts still remain like appendixes and gall bladders.

Now, I’m off to write a real essay XD


Ok, reviews are things of the past apparently. At least for me. :C I yearn for them more than anything else because…. Like, I write so that people can read and I know people are reading- It’s like comments. Dozens of people read my stuff a month but don’t say A THING. I’m not really complaining. It’s just that it is very frustrating that, perhaps, no one cares about the person who is doing the writing, or whether the author continues writing or not. C’ est la Vie, ya’ know? I mean, if you read something of mine that is even a week old, I don’t care. Comment and review and say hi just to let me know you’re there.

It’s depressing to feel this way. I’m about to discontinue a fic that I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY like because no one is reviewing and so, I believe, no one cares. It’s so stupid of me! But if no one cares to review, why should I care to write? But I care anyway… And that’s why I keep going until the deep pit in my heart is dry and there’s no more motivation at all to keep me going.

Out of five votes, I only have two ‘pluses’ on Adultfanfiction. Maybe my story is actually really bad? Probably.

I’ll continue for MikkiSenpai. I got really encouraged with her strong but subtle constructive criticism. If she made out the time for me, I shall make out the time for her. Both chapters she…. or he, lol, reviewed. I can go on. And go on for all those who aren’t reviewing but are reading too.


I was in a very good mood while partway through the beginning of my Ai  no Kusabi fanfic Forgotten Day. I got a review! I’m so happy! And it had a couple of questions that I’m sure others have but aren’t saying anything about, sadly. But this review has really perked up my mood and has guaranteed an update this week for FF.net, though no one has reviewed there. I needed put some happenings for my  other fanfics, too… Why do I do more than one at a time?

Body of review from MikkiSenpai follows:

I have a LOT of the ANK spin offs, but this1 is completely unique. Its a bit of a tough read for a total ANK fan like myself. I was having a hard time with the excess of information and descriptions on the mutant blondies as well as mongrels being larger than blondies. I’m not really sure how the story will progress because it didn’t really say much in way of the plot itself. I totally understand the characters and yes I whole-heartedly agree with you on the CRAZY Raoul aspect (that blondie give me the creeps mutating or not). Also is Riki & Iason together or did they have their minds wiped; did they never meet each other or did they meet in an alternate universe; and will Katze, Yui, Aki, Darryl, & Regiland (Pookie) be in this story and how will their characters fit into this “forgotten day” world? I love to read and I am open to new things so I look forward to your next chapter!

Oh, someone has read Taming Riki. How interesting!