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Where Have You Beeeen!

Also: It’s Been a While, and There’s no Sunshine When She’s Gone, etc.


Well, between video games and writing and working and watching anime and sleeping and various mental blockages, I haven’t had the motivation for a proper post about anything. But now I’ve built up. Will I live in Baltimore soon? Will I live long enough in Murfreesboro? How can I possibly stay in glamorous touch with my sister, who has been working her ass off on a farm (the same program I was in 4 years ago!), and what’s in store for me regarding Temple University, either in Pennsylvania or Japan?

What is Intent vs. Impact? Does anyone who doesn’t really understand what this mean actually care?

Does my compulsive liar, selfish being of a sister have mental blockages like me that makes her just as deserving of anyone’s sympathy as I acquire?

Has the shoujo anime market finally ensnared me? With Chihayafuru and Red Data Girl being among the best anime I’ve ever watched, am I finally among the demographic?!

Is appreciating the eye candy in Suisei no Gargantia making me a complete sell-out? Ledo and Amy are so moe! I want to devour them!

The PS3 controller is so much better for me it’s CRAZY. I had about ten wins with Lili in Tekken 6 on the XBox 360. PS3 Tekken Revolution? 81 wins. EIGHTY-ONE FUCKING WINS! I’m getting messages from friggin’ awesome players telling me it was a good game! To see if t was all just flukes, I went back and played Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for the 360. For some reason, my reactions were slower, clunkier, and I made the silliest mistakes. PS4 is definitely in the future.

The Last of Us is awesome so far. I’m taking my time. Also, I’m actually playing online with a shooting game. Never done that before~!

I don’t ever want to work with food again! Secretarial work please and thank you!

I can’t believe I’ve ever believed in god or spirits. The scientific and logical reasoning against it is mind-boggling.

I do not get hangovers.

I did not drop from that high too badly, though I dropped enough to miss the correct time at work, and have a mental breakdown, but I was fine by that evening.

I have very specific tastes in anime art, despite my range of enjoyable things to watch. This mostly has to do with reading yaoi smut.

I need to learn a lot more kanji. I’m translating this BL game and it’s taking forever. Though there are some grammar points that I have to research, it’s looking up the damn kanji that’s just sucking out all my energy.

I need more porn.

Also… The reason why I wanted to make this post:

‘Spanking’  (and etc. plus constant criticism and belittling) over every minor infraction didn’t make me love my parents, or God more, it just made me afraid of them, and all the more determined to get away from them as soon as I possibly could. No mean feat, considering my self-esteem is rock-bottom in my young adult years… I always feel like I’m doing something wrong. 

It also made us much more secretive and deceptive, hiding things from our parents became an art form. Another neat trick considering my mom was nosy as shit, and felt perfectly justified in reading our mail, going through our drawers, etc. To this day lying to my mom dad is an automatic response, no matter the topic…, and I’m usually honest to a fault with everyone else I know. 

So great job No One. Keep up that Christian love, and maybe, just maybe, your spouse will go easy on you in the divorce. 

Quote taken from LDM, changed to reflect me just a bit more. See you soon!


Kuroko no Basuke or Why I love Sports Anime! or Why I hate Sports Anime!

Rating: 9/10

  • 10= Orgasmic and will watch again, by myself
  • 9= Awesomesauce, high chance of watching again, by myself
  • 8= Fantastic, medium chance of watching again, by myself
  • 7= Great, there’s a chance of watching by myself
  • 6= Nice, would need inspiration to watch by myself
  • 5=Good, will watch again , with friend(s)
  • 4= Average, medium chance of watching again, with friend(s)
  • 3= Below Average, low chance of watching again even with friend(s)
  • 2= Ho-hum, no chance of watching again
  • 1= Bad, regret watching

Vassalord Review

K Project

Uta no Prince-sama

Biases and pet peeves relevant to this anime with correlating points that don’t mean much:

  • Good Fanservice +30
  • BL Fanservice +70
  • Equal Fanservice +100
  • More realistic than not +40 (Mostly pertains to martial arts or sports anime)
  • Holy Animation Budget! +100
  • Tasteful Drama+200 (Gets higher than norm because it wouldn’t have been hard to be over the top)
  • Humor +50 (It is hilarious!)
  • Powerful women +70 (The main coach is a lady in high school!)
  • Protagonist loses +10 (I mean, it happens, but I was really geared for them winning aaaaaand..)
  • They aren’t naked nearly enough
  • Wasted beach episode -100
  • Dialogue at unrealistic times, even in head -100 (It was really conspicuous, too. Plus, they did a good job of it at other times)
  • We tried (Sis is here)

470 Points! You know what, I think it is kind of better than K Project… I mean, categorically it is, but to me… Yea, it is. I prefer the nature of shows like K Project, but comedy with a bit of drama (with no one dying) really helps out in me liking it overmuch.

Lemme me give you the biz:

This guy (Kuroko)
This guy (Kuroko)
meets this guy (Tagami)
meets this guy (Tagami)

This guy on the left (Kuroko) meets this guy on the right (Tagami). They fall in love but never admit it to each other.

The end.

For seriously though, Kuroko and Tagami become freshmen at a high school which has a pretty new basketball club. Tagami’s coming back from going to school in America, and Kuroko’s coming from Teiko Middle School. This school was the best middle school-  a Generation of Miracles appeared and had them winning National championships and all that.

But dear Kuroko wasn’t part of the main team, for he’s a really weak player. However, his passes kick so much ass he was called the sixth player. This anime deals with Kuroko and Tagami, a guy in fantastic shape for basketball, and their team against other teams, including the teams the other members of the Generation of Miracles joined.

Okay, so I did not expect to get into this anime as much as I did. After Prince of Tennis (which I’ve watched most of and liked a bunch) and trying, and failing at, Slam Dunk and Major, I was sort of unwilling to give this anime a chance.

Then I saw the fanart.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, when the fanart from people is this heavy, it usually draws from okay to official foundations. The bunch o’ guys thing drew me- but it could have been like Major, which I didn’t get into, or Prince of Tennis, which I wasn’t really feeling anymore.

So my sister and I started watching it on Crunchyroll. There’s a running gag that Kuroko is unnoticeable because he has no presence (or emotions- well, he does but… you gotta watch him deadpan the silliest things).


Deadpan 2

I found the humor very American, with sarcasm and such straight-faced announcements around every turn, while most comedic anime focuses on something absurd. You know, like many cartoons aren’t really about clever jokes, just crazy stuff happens and you’re supposed to laugh? In many American cartoons (the one catering to older audiences, and just plain good ones) that sort of humor is prevalent and the poor children are growing up too early!

Anywhowage, the realistic basketball drew me in so fast I’m still feeling the whiplash. Sure, the do soliloquies in the middle of jumping, but for the most part, you aren’t going to be against the laws of physics.You would think that would eventually get boring buuuut between Kuroko and Tagami not getting along, losing, and the fair amount of airtime for plenty of other characters to shine and this show game me something pretty well-rounded and an absolute delight to watch.

Kise vs Aomine

Very nice. Very nice throughout. I suggest that even if you don’t like sports, its very good for the characters and humor. If you don’t like sports anime, I think this is actually a change of pace from many- except for maybe Major, which I never finished.

Also, cute thing:


Kuroko: The ‘kuro’ of Kuroko means black, pertaining to his shadow-like illusion quality, I presume.

Akagi: The ‘aka’  Akagi means red! Don’t know much about him yet….

Kise: ‘Ki’ of Kise means yellow (or the color of energy like lightning or electricity- and he’s the most energetic!)

Aomine: ‘Ao’ means… Okay, you get it.

Midori(ma) and Murasaki(bara) the last two. I thought at first- wow, how original, characters named after the color of their hair.

Then I realized I know no other anime where the characters are named after the color of their hair. XD Watch Kuroko no Basuke!

P.S. I ship Tagami/Kuroko, Aomine/Kuroko and Aomine/Tagami super hard. I didn’t know so many thought of a solution of them having a threesome. *-*

Vassalord or Why I Love Animation Budgets! or Why I Hate Animation Budgets!

Rating: 10/10

  • 10= Orgasmic and will watch again, by myself
  • 9= Awesomesauce, high chance of watching again, by myself
  • 8= Fantastic, medium chance of watching again, by myself
  • 7= Great, there’s a chance of watching by myself
  • 6= Nice, would need inspiration to watch by myself
  • 5=Good, will watch again , with friend(s)
  • 4= Average, medium chance of watching again, with friend(s)
  • 3= Below Average, low chance of watching again even with friend(s)
  • 2= Ho-hum, no chance of watching again
  • 1= Bad, regret watching

K Project Review

Uta no Prince-sama Review

From hereon, and I should have put this in others, but there are spoilers- SPOILERS!- spoilers~ Alright? Alright.

Biases and pet peeves relevant to this anime with correlating points that don’t mean much:

  • Supernatural/Paranormal/Sci-fi +20
  • Good fanservice +30
  • BL fanservice +70
  • Fighting +10
  • Tasteful drama +50
  • Twist! +100


  • I can think of something…
  • Hrm…
  • No sex! -2
  • ?
  • Not long enough! -20

End score- 458! Much higher than “K Project”, and even though it is entirely sexless, I was very much impressed with this OVA.

So what happened?

Charles Chrishunds

This is who the caption says he is. He is as horribly serious as he looks. Which as usual in the anime/manga world- especially anime/manga with a tinge (well, a lot more than tinge, perhaps) of BL- makes him utterly adorable. He’s a second-generation-vampire cyborg.

You heard right, VAMPIRE CYBORG. Plus, he’s a super-religious guy who only drinks vampire blood- basically that of his maker.

I actually read “Vassalord” the manga while I was in the now-defunct Borders at the mall. They had an intensively ginormous manga section. What I could get out of “Vassalord” was that Charles was made a vampire by a nonchalant guy named Johnny Rayflo. Isn’t that not just the coolest name ever?

I know more now because of the anime, where Charles gets Johnny ‘as food’ to bring with him on a vampire-hunting mission from the Vatican- yay!

How I feel on mornings.
Johnny Rayflo and…How I feel on mornings.

Turns out, some nun issued this as a private mission in order to trade Johnny for a little lady in a tank. Next thing we see, little lady has killed everyone at this secret church place, and Charles and Johnny arrive, and Charlie is worried about Johnny sacrificing himself.

Little lady, named Maria, doesn’t care for dear Charlie, and we learn that she is also one of Johnny’s ‘children’, except a lot older than Charles, and, um, crazy. When Johnny refuses to kill Charles as she demanded, she tries to kill Charles instead. What happens then… Mwahahaha!

Now, like I said, I’ve only seen a smidgen of the Vassalord manga, and forgot about it the years since (it was like five or six years ago that I read the few chapters), so I had no idea that this thing had action, just gay vampire dudes. Or two vampire dudes that had no trouble doing everything but sex with each other. With that in mind, and the fact that the Aarinfantasy forum had it in the BL section, I wasn’t expecting much. BL anime tend to be horribly or lazily animated, even if they were beautiful. For example “Gakuen Heaven”, “Gravitation”, and “Sukisho” can have some pretty good stills, but it might as well have stayed manga because nothing moves very much. I noticed that they are pretty drama-packed. But even BL with sex- like “Ikoku Irokoi Romantan”, “Koisuru Boukun”, or “Winter Cicada”- where most viewers would be happy if they just put more money in the animation for the sex scenes, especially if you do them straight up! Buuuuuut… Nope! Still crappy.

“Ai no Kusabi”, the ’90s and newest one, didn’t have straight-up sex. I, for one, wasn’t waiting for the climax, literally and figuratively, of the story to be a gorgeous sex scene. They didn’t push that either; however, there were many little scenes- artistic scenes- of sexual acts. What I mean by artistic is that the makers knew they couldn’t afford good animation so they decided to show tasteful reactions, like this:

I wonder what's going on...
I wonder what’s going on…

You can just feel the strain, which you can’t feel in low-budget anime where there are a bunch of cookie-cutter comical faces and the overuse of special effects to demonstration a sense of movement or depth- like this gif does. Look at the shadowing, and how each individual muscle beacons its own movement- see the crease that appears in the leg at the top just as the foot turns. That is how you compensate for not being able to do something huge and glamorous- focus on those minute details and let it shine. Now, I like me comical faces and special effects, for sure, but when I see it used so blatantly to cover up a low budget, I just get sad in the center ya’ know?

And that’s where “Vassalord” really puts out.

Holy animation budget!
Holy animation budget!
Holy animation budget! Part Deux
Holy animation budget! Part Deux

When I saw that first bit at the beginning, I was like- wait, is this BL? Perhaps it’s just fanservice like “K Project”!

Holy BL!
Holy BL!

And then I was like, uhm, no. I mean, here, it could still be fanservice.

If you were desperate for them not to be gay. Otherwise, you would pretty much assume these guys liked each other a bit more than friends. In any case, I’ve already watched this three times and have no problem with watching it more often. It’s quick and sweet and beautiful.

I read a complaint that the humor was off-putting. There wasn’t much… um… funny in this. There was some cute banter, but nothing that took away the seriousness of what was happening. Plus, Charlie’s like 150 and Johnny is, what, a thousand? Puurty sure nothing’s that serious anymore.

To be honest, this would be an even more perfect movie if it had a sex scene, but, from what I heard, the manga doesn’t even have sex in it, so…

Alright,so I was going to put another picture for something I searched but the results were super fucked up. So that’s the end of this review! Watch Vassalord!



K Project or Why I Love Fanservice! or Why I hate fanservice!

The characters of K Project
The characters of K Project


Rating: 9/10

  • 10= Orgasmic and will watch again, by myself
  • 9= Awesomesauce, high chance of watching again, by myself
  • 8= Fantastic, medium chance of watching again, by myself
  • 7= Great, there’s a chance of watching by myself
  • 6= Nice, would need inspiration to watch by myself
  • 5=Good, will watch again , with friend(s)
  • 4= Average, medium chance of watching again, with friend(s)
  • 3= Below Average, low chance of watching again even with friend(s)
  • 2= Ho-hum, no chance of watching again
  • 1= Bad, regret watching

Uta no Prince-sama Review

Find ‘criticisms’ if you just want to get to the homophobia part. It’s at the bottom.

Biases and pet peeves relevant to this anime with correlating points that don’t mean much:

  • Everything is gorgeous +50
  • Guys outnumber/have same number as girls +20
  • Good fanservice +30 (#2 Reason I picked it up)
  • Equal fanservice +100 (Now, we don’t see that everyday!)
  • Fighting +10
  • Fighting has more martial arts than magic +100 (#1 Reason I picked it up)
  • Elements of tasteful craziness to relieve the tension +30 (Because K Project needed it)
  • Mystery +20
  • Supernatural/Paranormal/Scifi +20
  • Tasteful drama +50


  • Stupid fanservice -10 (It’s pretty common, so I’m used to it)
  • REALLY STUPID FANSERVICE -70 (Not so common, elaboration later)
  • Too short for all that was introduced -20 (I don’t mind that too much- it basically means read the manga or novel; second season coming anyway)

330 Points! Hahahahaha! Ah, well, I don’t think it was that good- it’s not kinky yaoi set in a dytopian environment that also has females on equal footing- or a good reason why females aren’t on equal footing- but I can’t really think of anything to change it. Here’s the stitch:

Yashiro Isana
Isana Yashiro


This guy, a mostly carefree high school student, is attacked by a gang. The gang thinks Yashiro has murdered one of their own. He is saved by the lovely Yatogami Kuroh, who then wants to kill him because his former master told him to.

Clarification, Kuroh was a vassal of a former king (There are several, magical, and they are color-coded, and they give powers to their followers). Yashiro would be next in line. Former (Colorless) king told Kuroh to kill the next-in-line if he was evil. Because there is the whole thing about Yashiro maybe murdering somebody for fun, Kuroh is convinced he is evil.

Luckily, Yashiro doesn’t seem like someone who would kill, and Kuroh lets his guard down….

And the fun starts! We also have the subplot between the Red King in the custody of the Blue King. I haven’t read any manga or novels about K, so I was pretty loss as to what was up with them. Turns out Red King (the leader of the gang, HOMRA, that are after Yashiro) is a leaking nuclear bomb, and Blue King was watching over him… But it seems like they know each other really well, and Blue King does not like Red King, kind of- their relationship is complicated in my eyes, but the anime doesn’t really go into detail.

Red King and Blue King
Not going to complain…

Then there’s an even more minor subplot between a Red King subject (summarizing here, because names would just be confusing) and a Blue King subject. It’s just as interesting as the subplot between Too Close above and is oddly explained more in detail.

Typically, I enjoyed the laughs, the murder mystery and the nuclear tension, and the wrap-up. Though the last two episodes (of 13) were super rushed and left some things out that I would have liked explained, it was a conclusion I was completely happy about.

And the fights:

Bright. His eyes should be crispy.
Just a little closer
Blue King has never heard of personal space

And so on and so forth. I could have taken a bit more action, but it was pretty badass all the same.


Ok... Naked catgirl. Not uncommon
Ok… Naked catgirl. Not uncommon


Here we have Neko (cat). She has special powers that come in handy- as in saves Yashiro’s ass just as much as Kuroh handy. Her usefulness combated her fanservice- which sometimes bordered on distasteful- quite nicely. I was first like, ugh, dumb pretty girl only there to be looked at. And then, woah, that’s… that’s pretty good stuff, Yashiro’s lucky to have her- and she knew how to use it, smartly. And it kind of ended like that with her. Another subject of the Red King has another nifty power, and that one is also female. Woo!

Then we have the female subject of Blue King.



Is that really necessary?
Is that really necessary?








So we have this lady. She is introduced in the first picture and gives the impression that she will be a strong female character. Except that the makers DESTROY that impression with these stupid scenes of her. Whenever she attacks, she does the dumb Tits and Ass pose.

And Yashiro’s best friend, also female, ups the ante of the plot, majorly, twice. In both scenes, the makers make a pantyshot and it completely ruins the scenes for me! At least Too Close, those parts weren’t that important (like above) or were really important and the fanservice-y closeness brought up the emotion of the scene.

Reading criticisms of K Project and I realize some males are just too damn protective of their feelings of ‘masculinity’. Many complained of the characters getting ‘too close’, which would have been so much fairer if they equally complained about naked catgirl and boobie lady. Buuut they didn’t. They complained of ‘yaoi’ fangirls who didn’t know good anime. Matter-of-fact, some hated it so much they can’t understand how it gets a 2nd season.

Of course, I’m flabbergasted. Seriously? Yea, heavy fanservice, but there was a lot more to K Project than that. But it was their homophobia and ‘man-pride’ that really made them complain. Really, though, what is up with people going on threads (on forums, Youtube, or blogs) and complaining about what the thread is about. You would think that someone who didn’t watch past episode 2 of a show wouldn’t touch a thread called ‘2nd season coming!’ of said show.

All in all, K was an absolute delight. Sister liked it, too!

Uta no Prince-sama or Why I hate harem anime! or Why I love harem anime!

I wish it was a 1000 percent of homosexual love. Man, that would be nice to see animated.
The male cast of Uta no Prince-sama
  • Rating: 3/10

    • 10= Orgasmic and will watch again, by myself
    • 9= Awesomesauce, high chance of watching again, by myself
    • 8= Fantastic, medium chance of watching again, by myself
    • 7= Great, there’s a chance of watching by myself
    • 6= Nice, would need inspiration to watch by myself
    • 5=Good, will watch again , with friend(s)
    • 4= Average, medium chance of watching again, with friend(s)
    • 3= Below Average, low chance of watching again even with friend(s)
    • 2= Ho-hum, no chance of watching again
    • 1= Bad, regret watching

K Project Review

Yo, I wanted to do a true-blue review. Why? Well, to let everyone know the opinions of a female, kink-sub, black, bi-polar possessing, pansexual, atheist feminist with an unholy penchant for gay males. I did something touching this with K, Zetsuen no Tempest, and Psycho Pass, but this is much better.

Here’s how the reviews go. I want to make it absolutely clear that my biases are just that. I generally hate when people say “This is terrible” or “Show was absolute drivel” without making it abundantly clear that those opinions are just that. When one is not clear, to me, it makes it clear that you take your opinions as fact in the real world, and your bias as a benchmark of human thought. I.E. You’re an egotistical fart.

So biases (and pet peeves) relevant to this anime with correlating points that mean nothing whatsoever:

  • Bishounen +10 (They’re pretty common)
  • Bishoujo +1 (Even more fucking common, but still likable)
  • Music/cal +50 (I love music… so much!)
  • Beautiful cross-dressing guy actually taken seriously +100
  • More guys than girls +20 (shounen anime have this too, but I’ll take as many guys as girls)
  • Elements of craziness to drive plot +10 (I like gag anime)
  • CHANGING OUTFITS  +100  (Any animated feature usually has the same outfits over and over. Love it when they change it up)
  • Pathetic, goody-goody, spineless-until-last-episode female lead figure -100 (Anime has a lot of this though)
  • Staple characters -10 (I don’t mind stereotypes though, until they start to have that Family Guy/Cleveland Show/American Dad vibe)
  • Cornier than a maize field, cheesier than a Kraft factory -50
  • Drama hype -70 (I like my fair amount of drama, but goodness…)

So, in the end, Uta no Prince-sama totals 61 points, which sounds about right. I’ll tell you why:

This lady:

She's a fucking puppy
Nanami, the team mascot

arrives at a music school that churns out idols and composers. The lack of realism attracted me, along with the boys and music. Shining Saotome, the headmaster of the school, is great comedy relief, is like the mentor for our main characters, and really puts things in motion. Nanami starts gathering her harem through her… charisma? Writes music for them, and the boys (and Nanami) eventually find everything they are looking for. It has some super sweet moments all throughout the show (which really did help me get through it), plus the makers gave flair to each character, even if you could have molded them in your local bakery, most definitely.

Except him…
Shining Saotome
Or him

But, this show is  terribly corny and gooey and bleh… I got the anime in… *checks*…. May 2012. This show has 13 episodes, and it’s taken until today for me to finish it because I can’t take corny drama (or heavy drama) for more than thirty minutes a month. Except for the first six or seven minutes of the first episode (where they show part of the Princes’ debut concert), I didn’t touch the  show much.

They never fucking kiss!
Scenes like this made me go elsewhere for awhile

If Nanami wasn’t surrounded by beautiful guys, I wouldn’t have stayed… Oh… And if the show didn’t have such catchy tunes (the tunes are corny as well, but they do sound good)… And the aforementioned moments of sweetness, and there were some funny moments, too.

You may be wondering why I chose an anime that I didn’t really enjoy overall to make my first true-blue review. Well, this anime is getting a 2nd season, and you can bet your ass I’mma watch it. More music and bishounen- and Nanami pulled on her ovaries in the last episode (even if she broke down crying while doing so…Ugh), so she might actually have a spine in the second season!

Will they have sex?
More pretty guys!

Thanks to the lovely thornqueen (she’s on wordpress and has super interesting posts about Japanese culture and finds the most awesome pictures pertaining to her topics. She even made a post for guys wearing oversized clothing/shirts with bare legs, for me! Because I sort of have a fetish for that…) I am aware that these guys will be in the next season. Apparently they are in the game Uta no Prince-sama is based on, and they are called The Seniors. More gingerbread men? I don’t know, but they look weird and hot.

Now, there’s enough bishounen to have me living on BL vibes for quite awhile, for any other anime. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of fanservice towards BL, and the unrepentant fanservice for drama overshadows mostly everything. They tried, I saw that. The six guys up top are paired together in dorm dorms, and two of the pairs know each other so the feels are strong between them. But… Not strong enough, and definitely not stronger than their feels for Puppy blob.

Oversized shirt and leggy legs, yumminess
Shinomiya…And Shinomiya

Thanks to thornqueen, I might be able to get through the second season with some fanmade BL pictures, which I never looked up because I couldn’t take Uta no Prince-sama seriously for BL. In the series, this guy named Shinomiya- who likes cute things (like his roommate)- is generally fluffy and adorable, until he takes his glasses off, or loses them, and turns into an ill-tempered badass that needs more fucking screentime. There’s plenty pictures of this selfcest (yes, that’s a thing, and it’s hot, I tell you), plus the regular ‘couples’ (or the pairs in the dorms), plus pictures of The Seniors. So, I’mma go for this, because I really like music.

And it’s pretty, dammit!