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What if God(s) wasn’t omniscient? Omnipotent? Omnibenevolent?!

When making up their religions, I always was confused at how so many people didn’t think things through. What were so many people’s hang-ups with making up a god that was all-good, all-powerful, and all-knowing?

Of course, the making up of religions was to make it believable, or at least hard to disbelieve. How easy is it to believe when you’re aware of the possibility of the alternative: eternity in hell? And really that’s the first step, that’s all it takes- I might get some horrible consequence to this belief. Or, on the flip side, why deny an eternity of everlasting peace? That sounds pretty awesome, so why not jump on that gold-covered bandwagon? If this god is so good, why pass this up?

But still, you can make up a pretty believable god without all the fantastical wrappings- I find the Hindu, Greek, and Shinto gods to all be much more believable than a single omniscient, omnibenelovent, omnipotent being. These gods are fickle but powerful, and do shit for themselves and against each other, and they might indulge in a human or civilization just for shits and giggles. They have no plan, just living life and enjoying being worshiped by whoever is around. That makes more sense with the amount of ‘evil’ in this world, or natural disasters, or how nonbelievers are treated or non-knowing-persons are treated. Nothing really bad, as long as you’re not too awful. If any god or gods existed, a group of powerful beings amusing their own fancies would match the world we see on a daily basis.

BUT NO- the most popular gods in existence are a few so-called omnipotent, omnibenevolent, omniscient gods, working singularly for the betterment of all mankind (and among them, gods that are doing this with an Apocalypse in the horizon which entails a point where the human race is -mostly?- beyond help, so what was that god’s purpose until then?).

My hangup is this: you can’t have an all-powerful-good-knowing god. I would say you can’t even have two of the three, and if there is only one left, omnibenevolent is NOT it. Omnibenevolent are those peeps who would rather have themselves killed before harming another being, directly or indirectly.  There ain’t a lot of them (prolly ’cause they don’t live long ahhahahahah- I’m terrible, I know). There were motherfuckers that lit themselves on fire in protest. Humans have this tendency to commit suicide if we feel that we’re too much of a burden. That’s benevolence.

If a popular god had even eighth of the power its believers say it has, and knows at a singular point in time that a baby was going to suffocate in its blanket, and was omnibenelovent- that baby would live. But NOPE, there’s multiple ads in the Health Department  on how to make sure your baby doesn’t die by accident- and shit, there’s still SIDS, because no omnibenelovent god(s) exist to protect your baby. (And please don’t give me that shit about how this baby’s survival was god’s little miracle and this SIDS-death baby had nothing to do with the supernatural, or Mama hadn’t said the appropriate amount of prayer to be heard by said god(s))

I can believe in an omnipotent-only god, who doesn’t give a shit, or who doesn’t know very well, and such. I can believe in an omniscient god, who knows, but can’t do anything, or doesn’t care. If an omnibenevolent god doesn’t have the intelligence or power to stop SIDS from capturing the life of a little one, why the fuck should I believe it has some beautiful paradise waiting for me? (hint: I don’t have to believe because there is no such god(dess))

But let’s put all three together, though, and we have a pure impossibility. Like 100 degree Celsius frozen water on Franklin Street. Or 2+2=800. It just can’t be so. Some ingredients in those phrases have to be wrong, or rubbish. Let’s take omni-3 god and ask it to make a burrito so large it can’t eat it. Or shit, make frozen water 100 degrees Celsius on Franklin street. Or hand someone two oranges, and then exactly two more oranges, and have the person with 800 oranges from it giving two, and then two more.

But shit, we don’t have to go into logical forays of the impossible. Omni-3 god exists, then SIDS shouldn’t be a factor, or starving children (I mean EVERYWHERE for ALL TIME-let’s remember there were famines before now because there wasn’t enough water or something), or diseases wiping out civilizations (because very few people do that shit on purpose, because so many people just didn’t fuckin’ know).  Unless omnibenevolent is something else when it comes to a god? All’s-well-that-ends-well? Except for the Antichrist coming and the Apocalypse in some cases? That somehow in gods(‘) mysterious way everything is good somehow?

Let’s take for example SIDS-dead-baby. The death of that baby is somehow good… And the allowance of Hitler to survive WWI and became the almost comically-evil antagonist instigator of WWII was good… We can’t see it because god is god. But if god was omnibenevolent, why would he let so many people suffer? Why make that stupid tree? Why such harsh punishments for something I wouldn’t even spank a child over? Why have the Antichrist and the End-of-the-World? Eternal suffering? Or even with all this, why do believers still have to suffer grief?

Why have humans grieve over something so amazingly great as dying and going to heaven? And there’s absolutely no way to help that shit- sure, original sin perhaps and our faulty bodies, but isn’t it hard to keep up a faith when people are dying all around you and you can’t keep yourself from crying and being depressed and perhaps, finally, committing suicide (which is a sin in most religions! What the fuck!). Personally, if I was a Christian, I would put it through my head that, hey, I’ll see them about sixty or so years, so it’s all good. Or I can pretend to talk to them (or actually talk to them) just like I do to talk to God- but no, it’s not that easy, even if one believes it is true. Why do believers fear death? When I come across this, I find Islam more believable.

Suicide bombers are the biggest helpers of Islam, in my logical belief. If one believed completely that Allah had heaven awaiting after an honorable death, and this person goes into death via bomb- that shows me that that faith was true, and there are reasons for such a strong faith. Of course, I ultimately reason that these people have brains addled by religion, but on the surface, this is quite convincing, and would even contend this is an omnibenevolent god. Except, suicide bombers kill others who don’t want to be killed and whose families would grieve. So, yea, Allah ain’t omni-3 either.

Omnipotent is kind of confusing. So this god is really really powerful and he/she/it/they/xe uses that power to do enough to make people make a leap of faith into believing them? Don’t give me that bull that god’s power is all around us, because I can give you the point where, sorry, this was human work, animal work, or nature work, or a combination of all three. No goddy required. Could you do a little more? Ok, this or that god supposedly did a lot way back when, lotta magic and miracles, and that didn’t have people flocking to them (because gods don’t exist), but having absolutely no magical fairy dust sprinkled prominently here and there? Especially in this age of technology? It makes sense if the god wasn’t omnibenevolent, and doesn’t try, but with that, it should know magic stuff would still work. But it doesn’t, because it doesn’t exist.

So in this omni-3 way, knowing many persons will find them unbelievable, powerful enough to change their minds, and wanting them all to come to heaven to live long happy lives- and yet 4500 mysterious baby deaths will happen a year. Unbelievable.


Hellishly Hot with “642 Things To Write About”

The titles for this have changed but the quality of content has not. Sharing this stuff on Facebook makes me well-aware that I’m getting it out to the most amount of people I can, for free! I could actually do something with my tumblr or get a Twitter, but, meh.

Oh, yea, Facebook? Tiny, tiny drop, just as I thought.

Prompt #86-The president’s personal to-do list

My response:

1. Meet with theorists about Korean threat

2. Remind the fly-releaser that no one’s talked about me being the Antichrist for about a week

3. Listen in on Limbaugh/Fox/Far-right agency to see how well I’m doing- Remember, angrier they are, the better I’m doing

4. Smile less. Michelle doesn’t believe I’m not looking at pretty ladies anymore- remember secretary comment- Bad Obama!

5. Write speech- 500th one! (Subsequently reward self with a two-day golf vacation)

6. Fire the white guy who keeps talking about how great it is I’m a black president

7. Fire the white guy who keeps scoffing at guy in 6

8. Work out

9. Manipedi

10. Get teeth clean

11. Honor more promises

Sister’s response:

1. Peace- North Korea

2. Sign The Documents

3. Break- Hang out with family

4. Solve gay marriage and gun control issues

5. Take kids to the dentist

6. Photoshoot

7. Speech

Prompt#87- The general manager of the New York Yankees’ personal to-do list

My response: (I know more about butterfly migration patterns than the freakin’ Yankess- but here goes!)

1. Send hate mail to Red Sox

2. Send mocking letters to Astros

3. Pray to Special Bat and Special Ball on Special Field

Sister’s response:

1. Practice 5AM to 5PM tomorrow

2. Wash all jerseys

3. Pick up all balls

4. Gameplay

5. Practice game with Giants

6. Have someone clean field

7. Have someone to do 2 and 3


Prompt#88- A powerful Hollywood agent’s personal to-do list

My response: (Okay, it’s officially unfun now)

1. Call diet manager and trainer

2. Tip off The Inquirer and Us about tomorrow’s secret outing

3. Email The Others

4. Pay NYPD, LAPD, Holiday Inn, Motel 6, and the people between fortieth and fiftieth

5. No more gin, ever

6. No more coke, ever

Sister’s response:

1. Fire coffee lady

2. Fire make-up artist

3. Fire donut boy

4. Fire Jack Black

5. Fire camera crew

6.Fire designers

7. Hire new crews

(Sister has more of a story going on XD)

Prompt#89- Three objects in your childhood bedroom

My response:

I can’t really remember anything but my bed and siblings… Ah! In middle school, I had the BL manga Fake- which I managed to get even though it had plastic wrap and adult content; the blue radio which I skipped to; and the Harry Potter book- I think maybe the first. I still have Fake, and I have an iPod now. :D

Sister’s response:

Stuffed animals, bunk beds, and syrup stain.

Prompt#90- The toy you most treasured

My response:

I had a stuffed bear with blue paws. It was soft and big, though that might have been because I was small. At one point, we all had a favorite stuffed animal, and then there was a time that mine was in the best shape or not missing. Now it’s gone, and my sisters still have Penelope and Minnie Mouse.

Sister’s response:

Penelope. I don’t know why, but she is the best toy ever. She doesn’t do much, but when it’s playing time, she’s always there.

Prompt#91- What’s stored in your closet?

My response:

My and others’ clothes, suitcases, my Teahouse paraphernalia, some games I’ve beaten (Final Fantasy XIII, Silent Hill Homecoming and Downpour), a tea set, a Shakespeare set, books I’ve read (the Pendragon books) and several volumes of various gay pornography.

Sister’s response:

Twilight books, old clothes, stuff from middle school, about 30 folded chips bags, boxes, sister’s stuff, and ceramics, and stuffed animals.

Prompt#92- The next sound you hear and what caused it

My response:

The crickets outside are doing their thing. They used to annoy the flipping fuck out of me, but they are okay now. Not to the point of lulling me to sleep or anything like you might read elsewhere, but not nearly as maddening as when I heard them when I was younger.

Sister’s response:

My sister saying “The next sound I heard after ‘it’ were crickets”. What caused it was the prompt asking ‘The next sound you hear and what caused it’.

(She’s freakin’ hilarious!)

Religious Mentality is bad and dangerous: How can you believe this?

I’m about to do something unseemly.



This post will contain some large pictures, but they are Facebook statuses, so quick reads. This is also mostly ranting, but the title is not without its evidence.

So a person on my friends’ list on Facebook posted this (click on it, it doesn’t require a Facebook account): Obamacare requires RFID chip a.k.a. Mark of the Beast

Part 1 against RFID


Now, I saw the picture and crap below first because I’m used to ignoring Green’s non-humorous posts. I clicked on the ‘See More’ and promptly dismissed it. I then rechecked her status and became incensed.

Part 2 against RFID


People are represented by my love of certain colors. Purple is someone I don’t know, but agree with, Light Blue is a good gay friend from Facebook who happens to also be friends with Green. I’m Dark Blue/Cobalt. Light Purple is someone I don’t know but wasn’t conclusive enough to get a better color. Yellow is Green’s family member, who has a point, but I don’t care for at all.

Like I said, I was incensed. As of now, I see that I haven’t directly called Green stupid as Yellow perpetuates. However, I think I knew subconsciously that I feel Green is an idiotic right-wingnut, so I never called Yellow on it. She said she did a lot of research; as I said, I spent two minutes on google, quickly glancing over the obviously popular conspiracy sites that first came up (*SCREECHES*) and found several sites that said that  this CHAIN MAIL LETTER that may have originated in Bill Clinton’s time in office is a complete HOAX.

Who said anything about her religion or slamming it? And why can’t I say my not-so-nice stuff? Can you imagine a world where nobody calls someone an ass or stupid? Do you know why we say such things? It IS like a slap to the face, and it makes you refocus sometimes- at least it does to me. Whenever I am insulted, I make sure to see if they are right. If they are, I will probably say I don’t care, but I won’t say some stupid shit like ‘you don’t have the right to say that to me’ because they do, especially if I’m being exactly an ass or stupid.

Part 3 against RFID


What is Yellow typing on, her flip phone? Or maybe, damn that autocorrect? Freakin’ a.

What’s driving me bonkers now is that Yellow seems to be just fine with Green putting this on Facebook so that her couple hundred friends and family can see. This post is, I repeat, a horrendous, evil lie and if you believe it and share it, I think you’re terrible. As I backstep in my last comment, I know I’m coming off harsh, but there is no damn excuse! And it’s because of the Religious Mentality, which Green exhibited with her first comment back to me- more on that later.

Good thing Grey comes in and tries to talk sense on all sides, in a way. I don’t believe in the Bible, as you can probably tell, but all that is true AND IN GREEN’S BIBLE. Why can’t she follow her Bible? That is full of contradictions… But you can read the language of the chain mail, it’s so obvious. So damn obvious! To this Green’s Grey! A fellow believer who is spouting scriptures one after another- sweet Jesus!

Part 4 Against RFID


And here’s another thing, helpfully pointed out by the near-stupid Black. If this was true, there is NO WAY IN HELL it would pass. A great many people would try to get it destroyed. Plus, you have to choose Obama’s proposed healthcare plan. Wouldn’t that mean anyone not on the plan would be unaffected? Oh, right. Ya’ll don’t have the Mark of the Beast. You’re just trying to convert people to Godly ways because UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE is how SATAN is trying to get you. You see where Republican Jesus is coming from?

Both Grey and Yellow have a point. I have mine. But how can Grey think this is not being ‘hideously misinformed’? How?! This is Universal Healthcare=Mark of the fucking Beast=Antichrist coming soon. This is beyond freaking misinformed, this is downright evil. As of now, this ‘article’ has 89, 300 shares. Not eight-hundred, eight thousand… EIGHTY FUCKING THOUSAND- seven hundred shares from ninety thousand! Just so a certain troll can dredge up hatred, probably for Universal Healthcare.

But because I am being mean , harsh, an ass, condescending, I’m not worth listening to. I need to be respectful of the person spreading this shit around because she’s been misinformed. No, Green needs to be slapped, and slapped hard.

Part 5 Against RFID


This is just me being a merciless ass. As you can see, by the end of our conversation, Yellow has yet to admit that Green is completely wrong. Like I said above, this isn’t about opinions. It’s either you are right or wrong!  You don’t simply ‘disagree’ with someone that George Washington was the first president and another said Abraham Lincoln. It is not your ‘opinion’ that 3+3=6 and so-and-so said 19. This is fact or fiction.

I’ve looked up this RFID stuff. I can’t find a single site supporting this hoax (private, personal, or freakin’ youtube) that isn’t steeped in Mark of the Beast garbage. Nor can I find a site that calls this a hoax that isn’t rained down with crazy-ass believers who think this is true.

And this is Religious Mentality at its worst, and doing the most damage. This is making Obamacare look so bad it’s not even funny. If you’re not in need of it and have not sought to understand its implications, and you believe you are paying too much for it, and you’re religious (which is probably a given, sorry), you’ll eat this shit up like sugarcoated, marshmallow-filled chocolate. And, hoo boy, having Satan behind it all? The government can’t do anything about this- all a believer has to think is that Satan is talking through their mouths and trying to bring them from the path of god, and thus should be ignored and refuted and fought against and brought down- which is what believers do, all the fucking time.

Another part of this Religious Mentality is this desire to be respected for your beliefs, no matter how dumb or terrible. What is the limit, believers? I have seen Green make terrible posts about Muslims and those against too many guns, but when it comes down to her Christian religion, should be nice.

Ok, Jennifer has calmed me down. I shall go watch Spartacus
Ok, Jennifer has calmed me down. I shall go watch Spartacus

P.S. Seriously people. Ya’ll know I love me some hot men and women doing cool shit. Why hasn’t anyone recommended Spartacus to me? I looked at one episode while watching Sunday’s “The Walking Dead”, going back and forth between commercials. My sister and I were like, “Why is everyone so good-looking?!”