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Right now I’m a 24 year old female in my last semester of college. I have nine half-sisters and brothers, two fathers, a mother, Schizo-Affective Depressive Disorder, and an odd hankering for men having sex with each other.

If you’re here, thanks for reading. Drop me a line if you want to talk about anything or blow off some steam. I post intermittently, but you should subscribe because they are totally cool beats. They could be about anything above and below, or racism, feminism, kink and religion. Read and follow, my loves, so we can take over the world.

Still here? Well….

As you might have guessed, I like to read- but I also like to simply collect old classics and good books (gay and dystopian novels are my favorite). I write a great deal- mostly my stories concerning the tales of a planet of hermaphrodites with a strong D/s scene. I’m into, for Earth, gay D/s stories. If you’ve read this far, and you have recommendations, I’m willing to read them. (And, yes, all those books are mine. If you can’t see, there’s two more stacks behind that first one you see…Maybe I’ll make a post about them)

If I don’t have gay men/hermaphrodites beating each other to read or write, I watch television. Archer is hilarious and I have the sixth season to marathon. Fear the Walking Dead is gonna take me by the heart just like anything Walking Dead (except that horrible game whom we will not name). And John Oliver, Stephen Colbert , and the Daily Show new guy probably will always amuse me.

Once I’ve exhausted enough fuel on live-action whatever, I do watch animated shows. Right now, Archer- again, is at the top of my list. And I will finally get into Steven Universe, Adventure Time, and Gravity Falls AS EVERYONE SHOULD. I also follow The Most Popular Girls In School, because it’s hilarious. Over the seas, I’m into Ranpo Kitan, Ore Monogatari (much love), and Unlimited Blade Works (etc.) and anything close to shounen ai or yaoi related.

When I’m feeling particularly manic, I blow off steam with memes and other amusing things across the internet- like any tumblrs focusing on comedy (The Worst Things For Sale comes to mind; Also, I have a tumblr I’mma start using!

When I’m feeling ultra manic, I physically skip in my room to music for hours. So long that there are cracks in my feet that split open and bleed. Don’t you worry your pretty little head about that. I listen to just about anything (Sam Smith, Janelle Monae, Muse, Florence and the Machine, Kanye West, Rihanna, Beethoven, Ravel, jrock like Acid Black Cherry and The Back Horn, Queen, Aaliyah, The Beatles, Seki Toshihiko or anyone from The Prince of Tennis- and so on and so forth)

When I’m at ease after a manic rush or just about to start (before and after, basically), I play video games. I have a PS3, a 3DS, an Xbox 360, a PSP, and, my favorite, a PS4. On the 3DS I have Resident Evil Revelations, Harvest Moon Tale of Two Towns, Theathrhythm Final Fantasy and sequel Curtain Call, Fire Emblem: Awakening and Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance. Zelda Skyward Sword and Harvest Moon Animal Parade are for the nonexistent (stolen) Wii.  Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Dead Space 2 and 3, Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns and Tekken Revolution on the PS3  (Plus all the PS+ extra stuff). Soul Caliber 5, King of Fighters XIII, Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition (Gold Maximum Plus whatever), Blazblue, Devil May Cry 4, Devil May Cry (the reboot), Resident Evil 5 and 6, Deadspace, Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2 (I like them both), Skyrim (still playing), Far Cry 3, Castlevania Lord of Shadows, The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2, and Game of Thrones, and Bioshock 1 and 2. For the lovely PS4, I have FF Type 0, The Evil Within, Resident Evil Revelations 2, Far Cry 4, and Dragon Age: Inquisition. PSP, FF Dissidia (both), Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

I look forward to, each week, to several webcomics. One of which is The Young Protectors. It’s like Young Justice comics with the promise of Aqualad and Superboy getting it on… Or Aqualad and Aquaman, as the case may be. Then there’s Stolen about this boy who gets kidnapped and then the kidnapper helps him find his boyfriend (who is with another guy) and there’s some political stuff, but hey. Then there’s Behind the Obsidian Mirror about some gay Aztecs and there’s Kingfisher about gay vampires and Starfighter about gay guys in space and Purpurea Noxa which is about gay vampires again! There’s plenty more where that came from.Here’s a list of yaoi and other webcomics I read: Yaoi Webcomics and Such

My major was East Asian Studies, and all I really, really, really want to do is translate yaoi manga, games and novels. Now, my major is German. *shrug* But I’ll take teaching English if it’s really possible for a black female like me or a job in government.

I want six kids and two husbands and a wife and for people to accept female hair!

26 thoughts on “About”

  1. Just wanted to tell you not to be intimidated by Jerry Coyne, who can be very grumpy, and not a little touchy, about posts on his website (hint: never call it a “blog”).

    1. Oh, I saw that, a guy shuddering at calling it a blog. I wasn’t sure if the person who disliked blogs was speaking for Coyne or not, so I supposed not. Now, I suppose so! Although… Isn’t it wordpress, so…

  2. have you started learning japanese and whats your level? You can start by joining a scanlation group to build up your experience; i don’t think that being a translator in Japan as a lofty ambition. ;P

  3. hello! thanks for following my blog. I also spend time watching Young Justice, makes for a much nicer Sunday morning than any religious nonsense. Husband is bipolar, so that’s always interesting. And took forever to get my degree. life’s always interesting, if not always fun.

  4. Have you read the ‘In The Company of Shadows’ series by Sonny & Ais?
    This is their site: http://www.aisylum.com/sonnyais/index.html

    The Series is About..

    Years after the bombs of WWIII have changed the physical and political landscape, the Agency ruthlessly works behind the scenes to take down rebel groups that threaten the current government. Their goals justify all means. Hsin Liu Vega (Sin) is their most efficient and deadly assassin ever. However, he tends to go off on unauthorized killing sprees and somehow his assigned partners all end up dead under suspicious circumstances. That is why the Agency has had him locked up in a box on the fourth floor for years. But now they think it is time to put the psychopath back in the field. With a new partner.
    Boyd’s mother, a high ranking Agency official, volunteers her teenage son for the position. Boyd is not afraid of death. In fact, his life has been such an endless cycle of apathy and despair for the last few years that he’d welcome it.
    Can these two broken men form an efficient partnership? Can they learn to trust anyone, let alone each other? Sin doesn’t give a fuck about the Agency, or the androgynous boy who holds the remote to the shock collar that is supposed to control him.
    On the other hand, Boyd is strangely unafraid of the man everyone calls ‘monster’ and Sin seems reluctant to let his keeper get himself killed on any missions. Yet.

  5. Thanks for the follow and what a great intro. I don’t read comics, I haven’t watched TV is such a long while but I like the Mentalist, Breakout kings, and I can’t remember what else.

  6. I sent your page to the Gypsy for a reading. You’re gonna die from twat cancer in 4 years…..due to having sex with a man who had sex with another man. The Gypsy called you “Creepycunt” and started crying.

  7. Excuse me, but do you plan to finish your Tekken story on Adult Fiction? It’s just that I loved it way more than I should’ve, lol :P
    Oh, and if it’s not mean of me of making a suggestion (it’s not a request, don’t take me wrong!!), seeing a “female” version of that story would be quite nice. All the Tekken ladies in an experiment, lolll.

    1. I should get back to that shouldn’t I? I really really should, lol. Actually, I totally planned to have the girls drop in every now and again (their gyms are connected!) and it’s through Nina and Steve’s help that the final showdown happens at all! Thanks for reaching out to me. It’s happening more often now for my older stories and it really helps my ego XD Who is your favorite guy/girl? I’ll be happy to focus them next

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