I was in a very good mood while partway through the beginning of my Ai  no Kusabi fanfic Forgotten Day. I got a review! I’m so happy! And it had a couple of questions that I’m sure others have but aren’t saying anything about, sadly. But this review has really perked up my mood and has guaranteed an update this week for, though no one has reviewed there. I needed put some happenings for my  other fanfics, too… Why do I do more than one at a time?

Body of review from MikkiSenpai follows:

I have a LOT of the ANK spin offs, but this1 is completely unique. Its a bit of a tough read for a total ANK fan like myself. I was having a hard time with the excess of information and descriptions on the mutant blondies as well as mongrels being larger than blondies. I’m not really sure how the story will progress because it didn’t really say much in way of the plot itself. I totally understand the characters and yes I whole-heartedly agree with you on the CRAZY Raoul aspect (that blondie give me the creeps mutating or not). Also is Riki & Iason together or did they have their minds wiped; did they never meet each other or did they meet in an alternate universe; and will Katze, Yui, Aki, Darryl, & Regiland (Pookie) be in this story and how will their characters fit into this “forgotten day” world? I love to read and I am open to new things so I look forward to your next chapter!

Oh, someone has read Taming Riki. How interesting!


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