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DISCLAIMER: My Malé has nothing to do with Maldives. I had made a google search and realized it was a real place, ahahaa! Also, for my non-fantasy work “Omega Testing”, I don’t really want slavery in America. Of course.

Now, Malé is my life’s work. This is what I want to give to the world more than anything. This is what I want read, what I want judged, what I want loved and heralded or thrown and burned. Will it ever happen? I have no idea.

Malé is another planet. Its most sentient beings are hermaphrodites according to the accepted science. They are born with penis-like appendages to impregnate, and they all have eggs which can become fertilized. However, because of Maléan physiology (high metabolism and ultra-efficient immune system, for starters), it is hard for a fetus to carry through term.

It is sometimes accepted that Malé has, at least, three genders. One with a Took, a liver-like organ, attributed to Karkazas. It produces toxins that drives some of them nearly mad, but it is ill-advised to remove. Another ‘gender’ has the Hook, a large gland with largely unknown uses, except for lubrication of the anal passage. This ‘gender’ is the Kliwer, and their blood diffuses the toxins in the Karkazas’ bodies, helping with their madness and such. And those born with a Took and Hook are basically a type of Maléan hermaphrodite, with blood that can be smelled miles away by both other ‘genders’. They are typically hidden from he world, or killed by accidental over-drinking by Karkazas. What some researchers say is an ‘evolutionary trait’, Maléan hermaphrodites are naturally submissive, though they tend to fight the instinct.

Through many factors (the biggest of which is Karkaza need for Kliwer blood and how Karkazas outnumber Kliwers), Kliwers are, under law, forced to be the slaves of Karkaza. Unfortunately (for me, fortunately), the average Kliwer has about  50% more testosterone than the average Earthling male.  Factor in species-specific and racial differences, differences in magic and culture, and you don’t exactly have doormat Kliwers, even in the face of the most lunatic Karkaza.

Add on bad Maléans trying to take over, bad aliens trying to take over, and bad gods trying to take over, and you have my series, heavy with sex, domination and submission, and unrepentant jibes at Earth culture. So… If you like categorizing: adventure, ‘gay’, supernatural, scifi, BDSM romance?

Maléan Series Additions

A Maléan Demon:  This is the rewrite! Damien Kar finds out that not only is he an alien Maléan, he is some sort of prince destined to lead a faction through an ancient war. However, an intergalactic conspiracy makes it more of test to learn about Malé than leadership.

  • ’10-’11, ’13. I started the series off with Damien (DAH-Mee-in), a Karkaza. Though he began as a spoiled asshole, he’s changed in my mind into a spoiled asshole brat, but unable to control it. It’s great. Countless rehashing of the events of Malé has me with a clear picture of what happens in this story. Not only assimiliation, but also Damien discovers he is royalty and he is expected to fill his parents shoes. I’m learning to draw so that I can present a better picture of what the characters look like as well

A Maléan Gem: Lazy Dante becomes the slave of draconic Kal. Quite soon, their opposing personalities aren’t the only things Dante has to worry about: There’s a threat no one sees coming, and Dante will have to act.

  • ’11-’12.The sequel has Damien’s son Dante, a Kliwer, becoming a slave to Kal, a foreigner of the Dragon race. I have huge differences for the rewrite, but I generally like “Gem” as it is, and Dante. He’s whiny and lazy and a quitter, but at the same time has no trouble fighting for other’s problems. He has no powers (magic), and the antagonists from “Demon” make a comeback. All in good fun!

The Maléan Cages: An all-‘male’ world wants to keep his slaves. While bringing back twenty such men from Earth, things go wrong and they are stuck with more than they can chew. Can these Earth-born survive the life of love and sex slaves for Maléan masters?

  • Published in 2012, this installment breaks from the Kar family (though not completely) and introduces a staggering amount of characters steering towards the same goal from all over the known and unknown parts of the planet. I’m thinking about breaking it into two parts… Or something… Unfortunately, I have written enough to know that it simply won’t work with less characters- It would change the format and offset the pacing of the plot. It’s teetered off, but I refuse to let go of Malé. But this is my story, and I don’t want to simply… Let it go however readers want it to go. This is what happens, not what they want to think happens. I’ll think of something. 

One-shot Additions (Mostly pornography, smut)

A Maléan New Year: A rather gory one-shot of a lustful night between Delgio and Ashelee Kar. No previous knowledge of Malé is needed

  • 2012. Delgio and Ashelee are Damien’s parents. I wrote this to blow some steam, and provide a better look at the system of slavery on Malé than “Demon” provided in its first run. I loved writing it, and I actually love rereading it. 

A Maléan Mount: Delgio Kar sets his amorous sights on the unfortunate Porse Dragon, Monse. As one of Malé’s few- and Delgio’s first-  hermaphrodites, he turns on Delgio’s crazy switch with his inviting reluctance.

  • 2012. Monse is Kal’s father. Now, I’ve reread this almost as much as I’ve re-watched my favorite porn clip. Mostly because I love the dynamics between Monse and Delgio, even more than Ashelee and Delgio. I’m working on a sequel for this ‘one-shot’ because I started it to blow off some steam, then realized that I really liked it. Then I realized I wanted others to like it. 

A Maléan Submission: Monse has always wanted a slave’s role, but admitting it and giving in? That’s another matter altogether. With the nearest compatible man being (arguably) the most dangerous man on the planet… The intensity will make Monse a new man.

  • 2013. This is pretty much a refashioning of “Mount”, though it originally was set right after it. Basically a sequel to amount with no loyalty to ret-con whatsoever. I pretty much liked the dynamics between Monse and Delgio so much (especially since they have lovers of their own) that I wanted to do a longer piece on it. Plus, I thought it would be easier to follow than “Demon”, and so others could answer questions they might have.

Other Originals

Omega Testing: Yves Durant is the type of nerd that you see get the girl in movies. Unfortunately, he’s hacked more than he could chew, and the only thing he’s getting is death if he doesn’t please his two masters and fulfill his status as a forever slave.

  • Go back in my posts and you’ll find my picture of what my hot nerd may look like. This story came out as showing what I wanted everyone to write in this group I’m in on yahoo groups. I didn’t like most of the stories so I tried following most of their ‘rules’ and got “Omega Testing” which I’m really happy about.

Remember, if ya read, review! Enjoy.



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