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“642 Things to Write About” with Pride in all the Wrong Places

Happy about my K Project review. ^-^ And now back to some good business! Four prompts to catch up- real good one by my sister in Prompt 14, where she describes herself. She really glows!

Prompt #12: You have just swallowed our pride and done something you didn’t want to do. Your friend wants to know why. The two of you are driving around an almost-full parking garage for a space for the friend’s oversize pickup. Write the scene.

My response:

“Ol’ big ass, stupid-ass thing,” I murmured under my breath, eyes rolling a bit as the nausea swept over me in merciless waves. The crowded slant of floor C of Sweet Winds Parking Garage kept the coolness off just enough to abet the motion sickness.

Alina chuckled. It was small, and the thinness of her lips betrayed an increasing irritation over not being able to find a spot for what she even thought was her father’s oversized pickup truck, and being helpless in the face of my pain.

“Didn’t you say talking makes it feels better?”

“Talking distracts.”

“Same difference.”

“I’ll puke on you midsentence,” I groaned, swallowing heavily.

“How’s your house?”

“Wretched as ever. You know, it would be great if everyone did their part equally- working together like Pa is always talking about, but it’s never about working together. It’s people like me and sis taking up the slack and lack of communication of others.”

I was rambling in my discomfort, I knew, and Alina shot me a bemused plucked-eyebrow lift.

“‘Member how I told you I wasn’t gonna clean the kitchen, because it was my mom and brother who just don’t clean their dishes?”

“You guys are washing your own dishes right? Mom does all of ours.”

“Yea, I know,” and I laugh, though Alina might be upset on why I was laughing. I presume she thought my giggle was for my wish that my mom would do all the dishes as well. “But the dishes were piling up and I know she’s not going to do ’em, and Dad was waiting for us, and mom was just pushing things to the side as usual-”

‘Why won’t your sister do them?”

I shrugged. “It’s just one of her quirks. She’s a cool girl mostly but there are some things she just doesn’t do.”

“But you’re not mad at her?”

“She’s not making the mess,” I answered quickly, annoyed, not just a tiny bit ashamed of my favoritism towards sis. “And I’m tired of doing them. It’s like before I went to college all over again- people using me for my kindness because they know they can fucking count on me to do the work they’re supposed to be doing, or solving problems they don’t feel like solving and then yelling at all of us when they can’t take it anymore.”

Alina laughed, a somewhat real laugh with hidden meanings like mine. “Doesn’t your dad start yelling at one person and then if the rest of you are around-”

“He starts yelling at all of us, yea. Like, ‘You’re in trouble! You’re ALL in trouble!’ That was something we were always saying after he did shit like that, or when we were cheering each other up about Pa. So fucking annoying…All of them…” I kept swallowing, as my body prepared the lining of my guts for the eruption being fixed in my stomach’s pit. Alina was driving quickly up floor H, I, J- and we saw plenty of empty ones up here. 

“Okay… Sorry, we’re so high.”

I could care less about my fear of heights if it meant I wouldn’t be nauseous anymore. I waved dismissively and she sped a bit towards quite a few empty spaces.

“So you did them?”

“Of course, I did. It was getting ridik.”

“Well, now everyone’s happy, right?”

“No one was upset before, and no one said thank you, so hell if I know.”

A bit of a hurt look from Alina had me saying in a rush, “But it’s all great. And it’s super cool you got me out of the house and brought me to Nashville. I mean, the awesomeness meter is exploding, seriously.”

She knows, and she smiles, and then that wanes. “I wouldn’t do it.”

“You were the one who always cleaned the dorm,” I replied, albeit guiltily.

Alina said loudly as she opened her door,”But you were always apologizing, and thanking me….and buying me stuff from CharMar.”

“Ah, Dining Dollars… How I miss you!” I wailed, but I still sat. I needed to regain my land legs.

“You know what’s funny, I just know you’re going to do it again, if the time comes.”

“Yea, probably.” I sigh, opening the door and thinking of nice food from a cool restaurant paid by my rich consoling friend. “I have to… That’s just me, I guess.”

Sister’s response: 

“It has been a while since I’ve been in a pickup truck.”

“Really? It’s fun to drive around in it. But I don’t like going to this parking garage.”


“I don’t know, it feels like I will crash into the ceiling or something.”

“Hahahaha, okay?”

“Haha, I know, weird. Sometimes I cheat and go to the top.”


“Yeah. Don’t know if that’s really cheating, but whatev.”

“Cheating reminds me of my Chemistry class.”


“Because I’m like, one out of three percent of people who does their homework. And, of course, the other ninety-seven percent goof-off. So, when our teacher give us homework, the next day people are like, ‘You didn’t give us homework!’ and stupid crap like that. So, after working hard on my homework, and they know I’ve done my homework, they ask for it.”

“I’m sure you saw it coming.”

“Yeah, sometimes I lie and say I didn’t do it.”

“Did they figure it out?”


“I’m sorry.”

“Nah, it’s fine. There’s a space there.”

Prompt #13: Pick a small object to be given one day to your great-grandchild. Write a letter to that child explaining why you have chosen this object. 

My response: 

Dear Great-grandchild,

You’re going to college. You should be; you shouldn’t be getting this unless you are. This is the time of your life that either grants you all the freedom you’ve needed, or all the freedom you’ve had. I doubt the latter is the case, since I’m pessimistic about our family history, and it’s future. I sincerely hope that what I cannot see would be something I would want to see.

With this letter is my Alpha Phi Omega pin. I don’t know if your college has this co-ed fraternity, but that’s not the point. In APO, we stood or friendship, leadership, and service, and though I believe humans need their share of material things, those three things should never be separated from your spirit.

I hope my stubbornness and sense of righteousness passed on, and not just stupid stubbornness and self-righteousness. Justice thrives on friendship and service- and fair leaders. You’re going to see a lot of unfair things, and hopefully college will hand you thousands of pamphlets on its variety. I want more than anything for you to try and help all that you can.

APO was all about helping as much as you can, and doing your share, and doing it with others so that such feelings could spread. Unless you turned out selfish and unmindful and uncaring of others, then perhaps you could give this pin to someone who can appreciate it. Still, read on.

You will not live in this world. You might survive, but you will be empty, and you will feel it after you lose a bit of money, you will feel it when people betray you because they are as selfish, unmindful, and uncaring as you. When times get hard, you will be left in the dust by people such as them. If you’re lucky, you can exploit the kindness of others- but people get tired of that shit, no matter how kind they are so choose your community wisely.

Now, if you are what I hope you are, oh, sweet darlin’, make times for others as you make time for yourself. At least, poke this pin somewhere conspicuous so that you will know you are never alone and there’s is so much to be done. Some one can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone!

All my love and all the best,

Your Great-grandparent

Sister’s response:

Dear Great-grandchild,

If you are reading this, then you must be old enough to read fluently. In this envelope contains my diary. I am giving this to you because I would like for you to carry on my legacy or inspire you to do something (good, of course!). I would give it to my grand-child but… I’ve grown impatient because they never respond to my ‘Hi’s’. Like, a few years ago, and since you contact me regularly, I wouldn’t mind you having it. I know I have some stupid stuff and horrible grammar but at least you’ll probably get what I’m saying.

Love you!


Prompt #14: Describe yourself in the third person- your physical appearance and personality- as though you were a character in a book.

My response: 

She was of average height- completely average, that one doesn’t say short or tall, but just the numbers. There was meat in her legs, muscular-looking at least, and at her belly, with perky breasts that were slightly big for her size, but could be bigger. Her hands, tiny, feet, once more average. Nose had a hump and all her pores were showing, and black spots on her neck, chest, chin and face indicative of thick acne graveyards, though it seemed she no longer had pimple problems.

She was a bit light-skinned, but not enough to be randomly called such. Round head on a short neck, eyes dark, the kind you have to look at special to realize they are still brown. The eyebrows above were thick but shapely; the mouth below can spread over half her face and make her eyes squint to nothingness, and cheeks to the side of her face.

Something about her was just a bit unstable, her excitement can make her jump and yell much too loudly, a there wasn’t much needed to make her ecstatic. Unfortunately, some things make her instantly depressed. Even without stress, when the ecstasy wears off, she could be left with a depressive hangover of the most unhelpful degree. Still, her major disposition is cheerful and helpful, and can become stubborn and caustic over passionate subjects, and hilarious when high or drunk or ready to party.

Sister’s response: 

Who is that! by Peno-Pee

Who is that? Well, she is like a chocolate bubble. Her dark skin is as smooth as the creamy richness of frosting, with a few bumps and scrapes. Her body is as round as the bubble. Of course, she still takes the shape of a human body, so just in the torso area. Her hair… Well, there are days when it’s like mini-jungle at night, but, on other days, it’s just brushed down on one side.

She is a cutie when she wants to be. Going past the looks, let’s go deep within. Hm…. Confusing. She’s happy over here, but upset over there. She loves people here, but hates them there. She’s just confused.

Well, when she is happy, she is funny or punny, witty and a bit naive. When she is upset, she is antisocial and irritated. Be nice to her and she’ll be nice to you. Be funny, she likes that.

(Fantastic from sister! Very poetic and original! Big smiles~)

Prompt #15: Describe something you wanted badly and, once you got it, never used

My response:

I have a great fear of losing the cherished writing and materials on my computer, and quite a few times I would purchase back-up CDs or flash drives. I don’t know where they are now, but it might be good to buy some more… My, what an endless cycle!

Still, I’m sure that if I ever get an extra external hard drive, I would use it. Maybe… Hopefully…

Sister’s response: 

One time I wanted a Tamagochi because it looked cool. It was pink and white, with cute little musical noes. Once I actually got it, I put it away because I had to do something. I completely forgot about until a week later. Once I remembered, I took it out of the package and then I took a nap, and I promised myself I will play it. But I never did. I lost it, and I bought a new one.