Bible, Day 12, And I gave in- Job continues for 8 more days!

Job 27:1-29:25

NO SUMMARY TODAY. I gotta relay my understand up front, and it looks like Job has finally accepted his fate? He basically reiterates what they were saying, how bad people are given their just deserts and Job is awesome and righteous (in his own eyes) and so he doesn’t have the right desert on his plate.

28: If the Bible was meant for literary discourse first and foremost and wasn’t trying to shove a hardly believable set of tales as literal gospel, maybe I could appreciate more the lines of verse that repeat so often. If these verses were more clever in their spread, I would enjoy them, but nothing whatsoever entices any part of my mental capacity. Anyway, yea, fear god, true wisdom and all that.

29: Okay, in this NIV Chronological version of the Bible the subheading says “God’s Past Goodness to Job”, and says that this chapter is one where Job is continuing his discourse. I’m not sure how one would feel to hear these words spoken about oneself, but I admittedly do find Job to be somewhat self-righteous and arrogant in this chapter. I knew from the other chapters and how others spoke to him (and how they attempted to console him) that Job was great person to a lot of people.

The writing rambles on again… Here is the last verse “I chose the way for them and sat as their chief; I dwelt as a king among his troops; I was like on who comforts mourners”

Alright we get it. Do people actually believed this happened? Is this the point of this story? Or maybe it’s not rambling and it is meant to be performed with a heavier and heavier heart??


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