Bible, Day 11, You can’t judge God

Job 22:1 – 26:14

Lol, jk, you literally can.

I’m back! I still don’t have steady internet. I don’t have to work nearly as far for the nearest internet, but Burger King isn’t exactly the place to set up a computer and books and various other distractions. Starbucks was such a place, but the nearest Starbucks is also where the campus is- a lovely 45 minute walk from here (here there is no public transportation. Isn’t that lovely?)

So I’m staying with my dearest sister until there’s time and effort that can be expended to help my way further south. A large amount of my material belongings are either (hopefully) molding in my mother’s storage unit (if I believe her claim that she is paying for it), and the others are chilling (comfortably) in my personal storage unit (it’s climate controlled). I can’t wait for when I can finally get a place of my own, or at least a place where I’m completely welcome and I can set up shop, as it were, and no one’s crossing lines until I leave.

So here I am, with the Bible by my side. I begin to read.

Summary: Eli and Bil’s turn come around again (this is tiring), and this time they seemed to have shifted the talk from “have hope because you’re awesome and God always rewards awesome people” to, “Well, technically you’re human so you probably suck to God, who’s perfect. Like, didn’t you burn some ants with a piece of glass? That might be way God destroyed your land, killed your family and servants, and makes everyone except a few loathe your presence.”

So Eli sets some cases down. Since God doesn’t do bad things to good people, he points out 22:5 “Is not your wickedness great? Are not your sins endless?” And since Job has has lived a limited number of years, there is a quantifiable amount of sins he has. Why anyone would call it endless is beyond me, unless the sins he made brought upon more sins, and he is responsible for those too? I would call bullshit on that because God’s actions have caused sins, way more sins than Job, but no one can put God on trial, as Job is fond of pointing out.

Job 23 – It’s getting pretty depressing hearing Job speak. I don’t know if these chapters happen all at once (which is silly) or these well-versed relations happened over a long time (which is even sillier), but if his pain isn’t gone or at least his situation is cleared up to him, this is just a long stream of consciousness of someone getting tortured.

I have understood so far that Job was a pretty good guy or that he (God, Satan) thinks so. And even if he WAS a bad guy, there are other bad people who “drive away the orphan’s donkey” and “thrust the needy from the path” and they’re not getting their due. And I don’t think Job means it in a tu quoque sort of way. Basically, if God always punishes the wrongdoers and blesses the righteous, it obviously doesn’t look like it (because he doesn’t exist!)

Why do bad things happen to needy people, and the people that put them there, or keep them there, or do not reach out their hands, remain unpunished? It’s an interest thought for someone who believes in a great god.

25:6 – “how much less man, who is but a maggot- a son of man, who is only a worm”- So does God like us or not? If these words of god put to paper were influenced by the god above, it doesn’t seem as if he thinks of us as anything worth anything. I mean, damn, we use worms as bait for tastier food, and try to keep maggots from forming (usually) so what does this verse really say about us?

26:1-4 – WOAH WOAH WOAH This motherfucka better be beein’ sarcastic! Holy shit if he had suddenly turned over a new leaf because ol’ Billy said that his life is worthless in the eyes of the Lord, I’mma be one pissed black lady!


26:12 – Who the fuck is Rahab? I should really look it up, but I try not to look up things I don’t know in books, just in case they come back and reference this particular unknown. If I try and find the answer I might end up spoiling the story- and this story is quite boring enough without spoilers. Plus, I’m still reeling from the beginning of the chapter. I have to read the next one to get an understanding of what people are really saying.


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