Bible. Day 7, and Job is Theon Greyjoy

Job 8:1-10:22

Summary: It’s Bildad’s turn to talk some sense into Job. This seems to be goldmine of Christian apologetics. Job’s friends keep giving reasons (and not very good ones) on why Job should be more hopeful and optimistic about his suffering, because he is ‘blameless’, et cetera, and good things would come to him eventually.

I’m just thinking. The kids are dead though. Were they not blameless that they all had to die? What about the servants? None of them were worth not dying so that God could show off what a good little servant Job is? You know what this reminds me of?

Theon shaving Ramsey

The guy in the chair is Ramsey Bolton. The guy shaving him is Theon Greyjoy (just for those who live under a rock). Ramsey tortured the halibut out of Theon (even chopped off his dick) and Theon was then ordered to shave Ramsey- you know, the old-fashioned way with a blade. And instead of going Sweeney Todd on his ass, Theon carefully shaves away the fuzz. And this is what this rapidly-becoming-uninteresting book seems to be about. Worship the sky-daddy even when he’s doing bad things because eventually good things will happen (the least of which is heaven, I suppose. Because once you’re dead…)- in Theon’s case he does go back a changed and broken man. Maybe that’s how God likes ’em.

Gotta say I’m getting pretty bored, and I’m not going to add the rating system until something majorly different happens in this book (I won’t hold my breath though). Some things to point out however:

8:5-7 – But why make him go through all this in the first place, and it’s making me awful mad that they’re going through these chapters of discussion when this all started because God wanted to prove to Satan that his servants are Hodor-level servants. Like, does all this suffering for faith really apply when the beginning of this was a silly bet?

9:17-20 – Okay, right, so, you can’t really argue with god because 1) he could do anything he wants with you and if things are shitty now, how would they be if God was actually angry and 2) God’s always right so he can’t really argue for different treatment. He’s miserable and he doesn’t know why, so why go on? Poor dude is asking for death because he’s so unhappy, and he feels as if stuck in a spider’s web. And for what?

9:32-35 – A reasonable request. If we were to bother God with our complaints, we’re going to need a bit more armor, just in case he gets angry. Such a foolish array of power struggles. And again, FOR NO REASON.

10:2 – This part makes me really unhappy, and really cemented my thoughts so far- Job hasn’t done anything wrong, and he’s willing to do anything to find out what he did wrong so that he can stop the torture. How could anyone start reading this book and think God is a swell guy?

P.S. ERM. So this is how people spoke these days? Each person gets their turn and such? This reads exactly like a fairy tale. In fact, it reads like a fairy tale in a fictional book reciting a fairy tale (like something the book made up). Now, if these were letters, I could possibly understand, but I highly doubt this is how they spoke to each other. Unless this is all made up. Which is was, of course.


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