The Bible – Day 1 (part 1)

GENESIS 1:1-3:24

I’ve been meaning to do this for years, but now I’ve gotten a really good Bible that puts the entire thing in chronological order (or as chronological as it can get with fiction pushed in). It’s called The One Year Chronological Bible, based on the NIV (or New International Version). I’mma try to be as unbiased as I can, but I find the writing to be really boring- but I do find the ‘plot’ to be very interesting!

Based on how I’m feeling and what I’m reading determines what I write. I’ll have the very verses down and we talk about he footnotes and whatnot. This will be a very fun adventure that will be a perfect intellectual sidepiece to my new Tumblr account named BlackBitterMelon, or BitterBlackMelon. You might be wondering what’s up with the bitter melon. One day I will share, but today is not the day! Just no I just complain about things on BBM

1:1– Ah. The beginning

1: “God saw that the light was good” (etc.). So God’s a all-knowing guy right? So did he see his creations as good beforehand or just after he made them? And why is he doing things by day, can’t he just spark things into existence? Why are things separated by day and night anyway- He doesn’t make the sky or stars until the fourth day??? Maybe the earth was turning, so, in a sense, days were happening? But if earth was “formless and empty” that is not true, correct?

“Darkness was over the surface of the deep”… Deep what? There’s nothing there.

1:14– What are these lights versus the stars in Verse 16?? Are we talking about them light thingies we can only see at the poles?

1:26– Who’s “our”? And I find it quite fortunate that God made us humans to “rule over”. Aren’t we just special!

1:30– “‘I give every green plant for food.’ And it was so.” (etc.) Um???? We can’t eat all seed-bearing, beasts, birds, creature on the grounds, green plants though???

Okay, this is what these funbits are going to be like. I totally understand that I might not understand everything that I’m reading, and I’m interested in other interpretations of what is going on. I especially interested in Biblical academics concerning the meaning of words and phrases (what does darkness over the deep even mean????)


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