EveryMan’s Religion

I want to first start off with this. I love a good debate, although most times I’m just much smarter and more educated than my conversation partner- but hey, I’m willing to dispense some knowledge. To the post!

I’ve often been tasked with thinking: Why should I treat any religion differently than another? Apparently, some religions are more believable than others. My robotic, Vulcan-esque logic has come to the conclusion that, no, they aren’t.

I wanted to announce also that I plan to chronicle my journey through the Bible because that has been foisted onto me since birth. Then I’ll have to tackle the Quran. I have tackled bits and pieces and it seems to be generally written worse than most translations of the Bible. They are written as if they’ve been passed orally for forever, and people kept asking questions, and so they’ve added clarifications and redundancies and thought that, sure, let’s put all that shit in the Bible because why not. (I know really people are just used to the story being told a certain way, but reading it is so damn painful).

Back to the post, many people say that we should treat all religions the same, with respect, with understanding, but let me explain this piece of real magic in the world.

First, read this funny, short Cracked article about isolated civilizations.

Are you back? Ok, imagine this craziness: each of these civilizations have different religions, and they have different religions from each other. You know what this tells me? Do you know what this should really tell everyone else? Humans make up religions! All the time, they just make up some religions, spread it around, and try to keep it alive for as long as possible. And they will kill in the name of, and die in the name of, and argue in the name of, and if I or you, or anyone else was born in these places, we would be following these religions without any knowledge of the outside world or religions.

Also if one was born in one of these civilizations, you would dress like them (with no knowledge of snow boots or layering for fall). You would eat like them (what the fuck is a pumpkin?). You would experience seasons and animals like them (KILL THE GIRAFFE. WHAT’S THIS? WHAT’S THIS? THERE’S POWDER EVERYWHERE)

Combine these awesome facts that you are most likely to choose a religion that you grew up in (there’re better articles, but I can’t find them on le google), and that you are more likely to LOOK for ANY religion if you have the God Gene (a la my brother, who says he would always believe in some religion, which I find pretty…ehhhh… pathetic? But I can understand!), and then you can pretty much guarantee that even if a religion wasn’t true, people will believe in it.

Now, there’s a loaded scene in one of Tyler Perry’s movies, much like this one:

Where the ‘bad’ character explained that the only reason why so many black people are so fanatically Christian (Instead of Muslim like him) is because they were brought to American by the white man and adopted their religion while abandoning the religion of their forefathers (which may not have been Islam AND which is exactly what happened. Sure there are Christians in Africa now, but their are still a multitude of tribal religions, and an assload of Muslims being very unkind.) Anyway, in this Tyler Perry play, the ‘good’ character basically proves the  ‘bad’ character correct by saying something along the lines of “God sometimes makes people go through the wrong thing to show how right the right thing is and that is so with the barbarism of Africa to Christianity in America”. Even though the only reason Christianity is prevalent in America is because those guys killed and evicted a bunch of Native Americans, and black people were their slaves for three centuries but we’re going to forget about that now.

So with that kind of history for Christianity in America- which, real talk, was just as bad as any religious extremists today, fuck even worse, because they actually won and killed nearly everyone else here– I find it hard to say that this religion is more believable than that one, or this religion is better than that one.

One of the things that really comes back to me over and over that reinforces my nonbelief (I believe I have the God Gene, but I’m trying to focus it into a belief in humanity than any convincing religion, because no religion is convincing), that, at best, only ONE RELIGION with ONE WAY of worshiping is right. That means that ANY OTHER RELIGION or even the same with a DIFFERENT WAY, is wrong.

And the people in that religion or way, is wrong.

And the way that they argue in the name of, die in the name of, kill in the name of is wrong.

Because religions are fabricated. The way to follow them, is fabricated.

Or, at the very least, most of them.


One thought on “EveryMan’s Religion”

  1. It’ll be nice (refreshing even) when the Muslims and Christians finally catch up to the Jews who have (excluding the Orthodox) quietly admitted the entire Pentateuch is myth.

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