Hungry for more and “642 Things to Write About”

Prompt #94- A soldier is about to embark upon a mission that she knows will kill her. 

She always feared that when the time came, everything that her family has ever said to her would come haunting her in overwhelming waves. A dozen “I told you so!” wrecking her every nerve, gumming up her fingers tying up her boots, pulling  down on her legs as she walked to and fro in her tiny flat. Perhaps she has become numb to regretting things.

All the better for her.

Or her friends admonitions, that it was such a waste for her to join up when she could die. The pictures of babies and bouquets. The lost love letters and awkward asking outs. Her trips to the gym tinged with the laughter of those who will use their new body to impress, as it was not a requirement in their daily lives.

That was fine, too.

She had even spoken to some religious leaders, worried when she wasn’t worried about the prospect of dying. She couldn’t tell the details of her secret mission, of course, but she could turn it about enough to make it seem that she was worried about the prospect of dying, but all the well-meaning platitudes fell flat. She wasn’t worried about her soul, or the pain, the loss of family, or her family losing her. It was always a given that this may happen, so it was always a possibility.

And she was prepared. So prepared. Perhaps too prepared.

And all was well in the end.

Prompt #95- Write from the perspective of a historical figure like Frankly Roosevelt, Marilyn Monroe, or Jack the Ripper. 

I’d always an eye for the finer things but I was never wont to flaunt it, to amass it underneath me and show it off peacock style, with just as much dim wit.

But I’ve ascended the throne now, in quite the unfortunate way with the death of a great, though severely misguided man. Lincoln had his head with the states, but with the negroes he was positively out of his head.

I had no idea that Congress was as bullheaded about them as Lincoln was, when I’m sure they had not a care before the war.

But I’ve ascended the throne now, and they’ll all do as I say from Delaware to Kentucky. A veto will get them no where with their silliness, and I have pardons to give to the haughty kings of my southern blood, these opposites of Lincoln, head loose with states but well-shouldered with the negroes, and now they all have to know that I was right all along.

For I’ve ascended the throne now, and no one will bring me down.

(Guess who!)

Prompt #96- Describe your favorite pat of a man’s body using only verbs/Prompt #97- Describe your favorite part of a woman’s body using only verbs

(The dimorphism of the human gender varies on a lot of counts I suppose but I have the same favorite part. Can you guess what? And which verbs pertain to which gender?)

  • Pebbled
  • Creased
  • Softening
  • Hardening
  • Buckled
  • Slackened
  • Built
  • Squished

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