No net neutrality?

Petition for Net Neutrality

There’s not much more I can say for net neutrality that hasn’t already been said. I’m under the impression that the government should also be more egalitarian towards health care and the news and business regulation because people in power, people in charge of these privatized industries, cannot be trusted.  I know I must sound super conspiracy-tinfoil hat-like, but I just can’t deal with it anymore.

What’s the worst with net neutrality is that so few will benefit from this. At least with businesses and health care (although these are no excuse),  having privatized industries allows some sprinkling of benefits to many others (just not as many if they weren’t privatized).

Huffington Post posted about this, and maybe I had glossed over it, but I see no benefits except for the very few, the very rich. That’s not okay. And anyone speaking for them and saying it is okay (judges), must admit that the “I get mine and fuck the consequences” a la global warming mindset is going to drive America into a fucking ditch.


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