God Loves George Zimmerman, Cory Monteith is Dead, and Other Atrocities

Except that no gods exist, so either shit happens, or you started and concluded a needless confrontation.

Now, I wasn’t going to write too much on the the trial or anything because I’m pretty certain everyone has their own feelings on it that will be impacted little by whatever I write, since I’m a blip on most people’s radar anyway. Not trying to throw a pity party, just giving a reader the scope of this transcript, a flavor or aura, if you will.

Still, I doubt anyone has tasted the flavor of this post, especially on my friends’ list on Facebook. Not like I’m counting on a parade of readers from there, but some trickle through, and that’s enough.

Nameless Facebook Zimmerman Quote 6

First of all, if you’re ‘tired’ of hearing about Zimmerman, if you think the whole situation is ‘blown out of proportion’, if you consider this ‘karma’ for when OJ went free for a bit etc.- go fuck yourself with a bat covered in rusted nails. I’m not quite sure how you stumbled across here, but you don’t belong here, and I find you quite wretched. Your inability to feel empathy on any side is just mind-boggling. Also, saying how much you don’t care in the midst of people who do, really shows your pathetic side. Someone desperate for attention, like a hipster at a Justin Bieber concert. If I hadn’t heard this from real people (as opposed to anonymous trolls), I wouldn’t be able to comprehend such sentences as, “Why are we still talking about this?”

So, no, you don’t have to repost. You asshole.

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Puck angry

So, yea, the brother  tweeted this. And I want to get my opinions on the trial, George Zimmerman killing Trayvon Martin, this whole thing down today before anything else happens.

Here’s what I believe happened (because that’s what you’re lookin’ for): Zimmerman saw Trayvon walking. He found it suspicious. He followed him.  Trayvon attempted to lose him and Zimmerman followed him and they met each other. Words were exchanged. A fight started. Travyon was shot. He died.

Pretty much all I’m pretty sure of. I do not believe, for a tiny bit, that Trayvon leaped out of the bushes and confronted him, or that Zimmerman wasn’t looking for a confrontation of some sorts. I, however, do not doubt highly that Trayvon attacked first.

While standing firmly on those assumptions that will probably never be proved completely true or completely false, I find George Zimmerman to be quite the God-fearing unlikable man, saying he doesn’t regret, or wouldn’t change anything that happened that night (both links address the similar points, but have different routes from there). Like the judge and lawyers pointed out in the trial, that has little to do with what conclusions one can draw from the evidence. George Zimmerman didn’t need to prove himself innocent or good, just that he didn’t kill outside the realm of self-defense.

Will annoyed

And of course, ya’ll know about the whole stand-your-ground law. The first thing that comes to mind is something that I’m too lazy to google, partially because it’s a bit confusing: If you start a fight, your opponent (for lack of better term, sorry) decides to fight back in self-defense, and then you kill them in self-defense- yea, honestly, that just wouldn’t work out without the law. Not in my mind, and for there to be a law to argue about it, it’s not that simple overall, apparently.

So, what I’m touching on is that George Zimmerman is indeed wrong somewhere and he should be punished. He wrongly profiled some person he saw as a criminal of sorts, went after him even after seeing that Trayvon was trying to lose him somehow (I do not believe that he was walking back to his car), confronted him (just like he wanted), started losing, and shot his punisher because he couldn’t do anything else. Completely helpless and unable to think until he remembered he had a gun and shot it.

Of course, just becomes something stinks to high heaven doesn’t mean it’s fishy. Hell, Zimmerman may not even be a bad sort. Just stupid and wary. And unlikable. But, no, we shouldn’t count that towards any guilt on his part. Proud, stupidly unlikable people can be right, too.

I’m not even saying jail anymore. The legal system handled that. I’m sure all the women know Zimmerman was a stupid fuck and a distasteful character who made something simple turn out very, very wrong, doesn’t regret it- wouldn’t even stay in the car if he had another choice- and was suspiciously selective  on the information he shared- doesn’t mean it wasn’t manslaughter self-defense. I’m saying he needs some counseling. Don’t go patting ya’ damn self on the back just yet.

Kurt fume

You know that feeling you get when you yell at someone, ya’ll end in a big fight, maybe even break apart for a time and somehow… You find out you were completely and utterly wrong?

You’ve had such an experience, right? You still laugh at it. You’re probably trying to make a bad poker face so as to laugh at your own stupidity and embarrassment. You probably have erased the memory for months- or years- only for it to be dug up now.

Can you ever think of that moment and say, “Well, I did mostly the right thing!” Nah. And that’s over some silly argument or another. Zimmerman killed somebody. The killing was entirely his fault. The profiling is the most important section. That’s what started this whole thing. Zimmerman acted unreasonably and made a bad situation, for himself and Trayvon, but he came out relatively unscathed. And I will be honest, I don’t feel this sets a good precedent, especially with that law wherever it is in effect. You can’t help but think that maybe so-and-so shouldn’t go out in the early evening. Not in a hoodie. Not being black. Not looking around. Many already worried about that. This confirms it.

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Brittany somethin

Now, I was pretty dour at work today because of the stinky trial and Finn dying, and I told a coworker that. He told me, “Don’t you worry about that.” He pointed to the ceiling. “It’s all in God’s hands now.”  And I was so shocked. So utterly shocked. Just… frozen.

I can’t tell him or my Facebook friends that that means shits because god isn’t real, and if he really wanted to get something done- maybe clear up what happened, had Zimmerman a bit more contrite and not backtracking for the camera, convinced Zimmerman to stay in the car or Trayvon to run away further. Anything but act like he’s not there, ineffectual, so that he can reap the benefits of the faithful saying he will do something when no one cares anymore.

#1-I hope that person doesn’t complain a lick if a similar situations happens to them.

#2- Yes…Sit there as someone idiotically calls for Jesus to come back, which, according to the whole lore, would be putting a few billion straight in the hellbasket. The world is no worse for this! Much worse things happen! Instead of asking to die, how about you ask for help, real help, maybe make a few converts before you do anything?

#3- I can, will, and should worry on various levels. Beautiful post nonetheless, though.

Flinging empty hope when the reality is that there’s nothing much more to do than just be wary and angry and annoyed and upset. As I sit here so early in the morn, I realize that these people’s version of god is just as real to me as Zimmerman’s.

It is done for now. Life will continue as normal.

Cory gone



10 thoughts on “God Loves George Zimmerman, Cory Monteith is Dead, and Other Atrocities”

  1. Great post. I have read quite a bit of commentary on the verdict and one is left with a sour after taste in the mouth, knowing that the law is an ass. A law that allows you to profile someone, to follow him, start a fight and when it ain’t going your way to kill and then get acquitted shows something wrong with the system.

    1. Especially that, now that we know more completely what happened, it was tragically pointless.

      Not even starting with three, taking two steps forward, one back, two forward, and three back again.

      No, Zimmerman started with three, went back about 100, and wouldn’t change a thing.

  2. it’s such a damned shame about Zimmerman getting off scot free. He intentionally disobeyed law enforcement and caused the problem. At the least, it should have been a manslaughter charge. My husband says to say that Zimmerman has a small penis which I’m guessing is quite true. We both grew up with redneck idiots who wanted to play soldier or policeman, playing with guns and imaginging they were some great martial arts master, and who were too cowardly to take on the responsibility that comes with being one or the other.

    1. Your second reason alone would have any minor going to a juvenile detention center. I really like that sentence actually….

      Zimmerman does it- and, oh, it’s a tragic unavoidable accident.

      And it doesn’t help that his backers (including his brother) are a lot of those cowardly -and racist as fuck- people.

  3. I think the real issue isn’t Zimmerman – he as just an idiot man who thought he should follow Trayvon as gung-ho Neighborhood Watch guy and the end result was him shooting Trayvon dead and apparently no remorse for it, as he is an idiot- it’s the law in the first place that’s the issue. Oh and the media. The media didn’t help a bunch either.

    1. Zimmerman apparently didn’t use the Stand Your Ground law in his defense- he used self-defense, as I’ve read. And, about the media, really nothing in the media colored my overall impression of the case or what happened. The main reason Zimmerman got free, yea, were some technicalities.

      My main issue is Zimmerman, though. If he had more remorse and was less idiotic, I would be more accepting that he’s back on the streets, ‘looking over his shoulder all the time’ or not. But he’s not, and I don’t think he suddenly sprung that attitude in court.

      1. Oh, I didn’t see that about the self defense. But with the media I mean how they mischaracterized it as a racist issue, and hence caused an uproar of people who were badly informed of a young well meaning black boy being shot by a white neighbor hood watch stalker, when from what I read, it just wasn’t like that at all. Not that Zimmerman isn’t an imbecile or that he isn’t guilty, just that the whole thing wasn’t racially orientated.

        1. Like I said, it didn’t help that many people backing Zimmerman- even on my Facebook- were racist as fuck. Anyway, again like I said, nothing in the media influenced my thoughts on the case. Even though, it would be interesting if part of the verdict was influenced by some racial thinking- as in, people would think Zimmerman is racist. But whatevs~

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