“642 Things to Write About” and Are you my Mommy?

Sometimes I wish I was my niece’s mother. That, and you know where my house is, and what’s on my Nook.

Prompt #68- Write, in ridiculous detail, directions on how to get to your house

My response: (Starting from where though? Nevada?) 

Starting from the [MY ADDRESS]’s mailbox, take two, nine-inch steps to the right. You will find yourself at the beginning of our driveway. A slight left will find you on the sloping curb to the street. Take about five ten-inch steps and you will get to the anthill in the first segmentation. Another five of the same steps and you will get to the second segment. Now take two eight-inch steps to the left diagonally at about forty-five degrees. You should now be on the sidewalk leaning to our steps. Two ten-inch steps, one segmentation, another two, the second, a light right at about twenty degrees, you will get to the last one and the first step. This step is about five inches high, the on it adds another half-inch. So lift your foot about five-and-a-half inches (or higher), bring forward until your entire foot covers the first step. Repeat in straight line, alternating feet, three more times. A two-foot step later, you should be at our door hanging a bit off the hinges. Welcome.

Sister’s response:

Start from [Sister’s high school]. You get out from the front of the school. Take a left or right. If right, go down the road until first turn. Turn left past the tennis court, past the middle school, and turn at the right corner. If left, go to stop sign, take left, past the baseball field, and down the road to the three lights. Take a left, and keep all the down to the next light. You’ll be surrounded by Mapco,  Subway, Publix, an unfinished Taco Bell, and a gas station. Take a left, down the road, to the stop sign. You can take a right into my neighborhood. Keep going straight, turn, straight, turn, straight to my bus stop. Turn into the second to the last house on the right. Thirty-seven steps up to the driveway, five steps up to the porch steps, and two steps to my door.

(Good luck!)

Prompt #69-A useless love- a connection or affinity that doesn’t fit into the plans of anyone concerned

My response: (Totally uninterested)

Paul liked Beth. Paul wanted to be a researcher for cancer. Beth wanted to be an actor. Paul admired Beth for her effortless social skills; Beth enjoyed someone with so many secrets, one who could keep things private, and that of others.

(Okay, I hate this, bye!)

Sister’s response: (No clue)

There’s no such thing as useless love? Teenage power? *holds up  “Black Power” fist*


Prompt #70- You are a midlevel Greek deity, hoping to move up the ranks of Olympus. What are your powers, and how will you use them to impress Zeus and the others? 

My response:

I am Block. I stop an arousal as it happens, or even when it is just about to end. I can even control lower-level gods!

Don’t think that’s impressive? Really, Zeus? Alright, next time you find some poor woman to take as some golden Pegasus you’ll see how impressive you are when you can’t get her pregnant. Yea, you’re seeing the implications, now, don’t you? You, Athena, sprinkling your love on this guy or another. Just how much would he appreciate you if he couldn’t get relief over a few years.

You get it, don’t you? I can do it all day and night, baby, and keep the good stuff for myself.

Does it work on women? Hell’s yea. Those nymphs have nothing on me. Men are going to sacrifice their children just to have a bunch of horny dames crowded around their houses. Armies will collapse as men go on a futile search for the penultimate time to ease their frustrations.

Yea, you think that’s good? Good, good…

Can I get it up? Huh? Yea.. Yea… I can… I think….

Sister’s response:

I’m the goddess of Happiness. I bring joy to those in deep pain and depression. But there’s a catch. In order to relieve your pain and depression, you must give up your most valuable item, or your prized possession. And I will know how valuable it is.

(We’re terrible)

Prompt #71-List five cultural events that impacted you greatly. Then write about one of them without mentioning yourself.

My response:

  1. Aaliyah died
  2. Gay marriage debates started in earnest
  3. Gundam Wing started on Toonami
  4. Social media started taking off (Xanga, Myspace)
  5. Massacre at Virginia Tech

Aaliyah died in an airplane crash almost at the height of her popularity, which skyrocketed after her death for quite a while. Other artists, especially Missy Elliot mourned the loss of so great a singer. She was too young, one of the biggest stars of R&B at the time. Then, suddenly she was gone. Her spots on weekly music countdowns lightened the weight of her departure from this world, as if she wasn’t really gone. For short time, some thought her like Tupac (or Elvis) and she wasn’t really dead. In any case, her music is still alive, and anyone can remember her that way.

Sister’s response:

  1. North Korea threat
  2. Michael Jackson’s death
  3. The “No Seatbelt Song” curse
  4. Facebook
  5. Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook had a great impact. Little kids died just because someone wanted to shoot up the school. It’s sad how people can be. Some people believe that it wasn’t real, which resulted in a Youtube rage war. Some people thought that after the incident people would stop shooting schools. They were wrong, and now there is a gun law going on and more shootouts.

Prompt #72-Pick a person, then ask yourself: What is the hardest choice this person has ever had to make?

My response:

My older brother came out to my parents. He told me like a year or so before. Ma told me in the garage and I was like… I already knew, like, long time ago. I had told him not to tell them, but, in the end, it’s all good.

Sister’s response:

[Me] when she decides to create a character for a game.

(Jerk…. But I do take a very long time- No, fuck off!)

Prompt #73-You’ve just realized that you’ve lost something valuable in a nightclub (a necklace, a wallet, a phone). What happens next?

My response: (Like… doesn’t everyone just go back and look for it? Anywho- fiction!)

I checked my purse for the thousandth time that night. All throughout the dance party, I had made sure my Kindle Paperwhite was still there. I had brought it because I knew that I would eventually get bored and want to read something to get my mind in gear for more dancing.

But, at long last, it wasn’t there. The nearly two-hundred dollar e-reader was my pride and joy. Though I had a Nook before, there was something about 3G service and a built-in light that made having such a device completely awesome.

I asked around, receiving the oddest looks for my serious request, especially since I referred to my Kindle as Paperwhite. Since most people my age that went to clubs didn’t really read, I had to explain further. More confused looks. Why did I bring that if I wanted to dance?

Well, it was either read or sleep, which I cannot help when I’m not entertained adequately.

And I need my damn Paperwhite! Where the hell is it?! I start to panic, the anxiety building as it always does oh-so-quickly whenever I lose something for too long a time.

Then I see a crowd of guys around something bright. As they laugh, eyebrows raised, falling back in surprise, I know it is my Paperwhite, and that they were reading one of my gay BDSM stories. I come close to the group and see that I’m right. I ask for my e-reader back, and they laugh, patting me on the back, calling me crazy.

I cradle it to my chest, smiling for so many reasons.

Sister’s response:

If it’s not my phone, I would go back and look for it. If it’s not in the area I thought it would be, I would ask the manager. If the manager doesn’t know, I would give up until I come back to that nightclub, and see if anyone has it. They’ll probably lie, but it wouldn’t hurt to try. If it was my phone, I would try to call it.



2 thoughts on ““642 Things to Write About” and Are you my Mommy?”

  1. Interesting stories but am not going to ask you for directions to your house seeing as is, I will be lost terribly so I would rather wait for you some place to be picked up or you send me the gps coordinates!

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