“642 Things to Write About” and Where are my kids?

How do we want to die? #66 is a go! Sorry for my silence! ~_^

Prompt # 62- A man giving a speech to a crowd is suddenly caught in a bald-faced lie.

 My response:

The bigger they are, the harder they fall, was the old cliche that immediately went through Harold’s gleaming head. Despite his extreme alopecia, there was something about a muscular, elegant white man in a suit that always attracted others to him. The money helped, too, and the dips into charity pushed immensely towards magnificent PR.

He had just finished his speech about growing up poor in Kentucky, feigning the country accent after years of practice, promising this, slashing taxes that, your guns are yours, and the rest.

And then some old fart brings to the stage a little Powerpoint that including pictures of him with his family on their large estate somewhere isolated in England. It looked photocopied, and Harold racked his brains to grab hold of which sorry bastard relative had the picture last and was able to sell it to this little bugger.

Off to the left of him, the flash struck off his scalp straight into their eyes, and still they stared, waiting for his next move. They waited until he bowed and exited the stage and the crumbs of his campaign fell in trail after him.


Sister’s response:

“People of Xerzseville, vote me to be mayor! I promise that I’ll help those in need, especially chidren. I am a family man, and children always come first. I will never leave a child behind, no matter what!”

“But, sir, didn’t you have a child that you put up for adoption?”



Prompt #63- What a character wearing something red is thinking

 My response: 

I wish I was flippin’ burgers. A fuckton more exciting than this shit. Why in the Sam blue hell I have to wear a nametag anyways? Don’t none of the customers see me, none of the managers even know my name- I ain’t remember theirs either, though. 

Nah, wait, there’s Tanya… But she’s like top manager, no ways. Purple is lead, right? Blue is section… Light blue is regional. Ain’t that bitch coming today?  ‘How ya’ doin’?’ Ol’ stupid-ass fake-ass accent, tryin’ to be like us sweating over this stupid stamp grill. You don’t get nails like that workin’ in no joint like this.

Alright, been a minute- Shit! Fuckin’ poppin’ grease, shit! Where’s the damn spatula? Don’t no one else needs the goddamn spatula! Who the hell- oh, there we go. Alright, nice an easy- we need some new burger holders. The grease caked on this shit is ridiculous. I wonder how anyone can eat this shit after workin’ here. 

‘K, this spot is free, I think, push it slowly in to make sure.

Fucking Christ, that spot wasn’t free! I hate this job!

Sister’s response:

Man, I look great! I knew this color was for me. People keep saying I’m a blue person, but I don’t think so. Red is definitely my color. All I need are my shoes and I’ll be ready for the party. Now, where are those shoes? Ah, here they are. Blue? Where are my red ones? Oh yea, I sold them. People kept telling me I was a blue person that I never bothered to get red clothing after that…



Prompt #64-Your favorite moment in film

My response: 

This is kind of hard, since I don’t really have many favorite things, but things I’m in the mood for, and because something can quickly fall out of fashion with me, I have the transitory feeling towards every great thing that I experience.

What come to mind are the man hitting his leg on the rotor when falling from the Titanic in The Titanic and when either Rose or Jack imprints their hand into the steamed window of the car they are having sex in, the first fight scene in Sucker Punch where Babydoll goes up against the Samurai giant things with the bladed staff, machine gun, and katana, and the countdown to the deathmatch in The Hunger Games, where everything was completely quiet.

Sister’s response:

In Spongebob: The Movie when Spongebob was depressed for not getting the promotion and he went to Goofy Goobers with Patrick and they both got ‘drunk’. And in The Incredibles when Dash was running from the villains, and Jack-Jack fighting Syndrome.


Prompt #65- The menu for your last meal

My response: 

Honestly, I don’t want to spend my last moments eating. I find eating a tremendous chore, unless I’m craving something. If I’m anticipating death, I probably won’t be craving anything, anyway.

For the sake of the prompt, I’ll probably eat a bunch of stuff I’m allergic to- watermelon, try scallops and lobster for the first/last time, eat a bunch of crab and shrimp, stuff my mouth with apples and honeydew covered in honey.

Heck, this will be a last meal in any case.

Sister’s response:

Ice-cream, cake, pizza, hot wings, cookies et cetera. All my favorite foodsssssssss~


Prompt #66- Choose how you will die.

My response: 

Surrounded by my gigantic family, six or seven children, dozens of grandchildren, dozens upon dozens upon dozens of great-grandchildren. All my nieces and nephews and their children. All my brothers and sisters, even the five older, my parents, too! I won’t be too greedy and wish for my Momo as well, but that would be a plus. I need not be old or famous or rich, the death need not be painless or short, but if so many will be by my side as the lights go out, that’s all I can really ask for.

Sister’s response:

I always picture myself saving someone, probably from getting hit by a car, usually rescuing a child. Or maybe… A giant Titan appears in my window and I die of a heart attack.



Prompt #67- What would you be doing if you weren’t doing this?

My response: 

Skipping. I would be using the last of the juice in my iPod to skip to my heart’s content until I feel like writing a new post!

Sister’s response:

I would play card games with my brothers and friend, study for my Spanish project, watching anime shows with my sister, and taking a nap, all at the same time- or in one hour.



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