“642 Things to Write About” and Carpe Diem


Fire Emblem: Awakening is one hell of a drug.

Prompt #37: If you had one week to live…

My response: 

I’d have a lot of sex. Put my books to good homes. Find a publisher for my stories. ‘Bout it.

Sister’s response:

Most would probably say stealing, sexing, partying, but for me, I will tell everyone what they mean to me. Maybe over Facebook, notes, or verbally. I would give away all my stuff to the people who truly want it.


Prompt #38: The next blockbuster medicine that will be invented and what will happen as a result

My response:

I don’t know of any blockbuster medicine in my lifetime really (am I not paying enough attention?). But an AIDS cure/vaccine would be pretty blockbuster. All I can really think about is how the people in Africa are still going to die from AIDS because they can’t afford the medicine (or food) and we’ll be able to get on with life knowing that.

Sister’s response:

Cancer pills. Take pills every two years to get rid of cancer and if you stop taking it, it might come back. Results may vary.

Prompt #39: If each decade of your life was represented by  a pop song, what would they be?

My response:

How old do they think their people are? This will only be good if you were at least fifty. Anywho, first ten years of my life would be represented by “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by The Beatles. Next ten, “Some Nights” by Fun. Some might not consider these pop, but the universality of these songs make them that way to me. My first ten years were a hectic frenzy of varying emotions, but by no means ‘fast’, nor do I want to return to being those ages. The last decade of my life was back and forth between many fences. I’m more solid now. I wonder what this coming decade will bring.

Sister’s response:

Since I’m seventeen, decade 1: “We Are Young” by Fun. Besides getting high and stuff, I was young and energetic.

Prompt #40: Describe each person of your family with just one word.

My response:

  • Dad: Annoying
  • Mom: Conflicted
  • Oldest Brother: Righteous (bar ’60s)
  • First Younger Sister: Sociopath
  • First Younger Brother: Ambitious
  • Second Younger Sister: Eclectic
  • Second Young Brother: Spoiled
  • Niece: Adorable

Sister’s response:

  • Dad: Aggressive
  • Mom: Passive
  • Oldest Brother: Funny
  • Oldest Sister: Open
  • Second Older Sister: Delinquent
  • Second Older Brother: Know-it-all
  • Younger Brother: Lazy
  • Niece: Clever


Prompt #41: What will you run out of the house with if your house caught on fire

My response:

My computer. It has all my writing on it. And music… and some manga… Yea, too much to lose without being able to replace them(and this is taking for granted that my niece is fine).

Sister’s response:

My stuffed animal Penelope. That’s childhood there, man. You can get money, computers, phones, but you can’t get childhood memories.

(I don’t think that stuffed animal exists anymore, actually.)

Prompt #42: Something you’ve always regretted saying

My response:

I think over and over about things I’ve regretted saying because they made me look like an idiot.

One day in Intro to Literary Study, I was called upon to make an opinion on something, because the class was being quite dead and I was always one to say something when that happened. On this spectacular day I had not done the reading, the second half of Nabokov’s Lolita. I was on my way into defending one of H. Humbert’s friends before the teacher stopped me and said, “But he was a pedophile! He brought kids into his home to molest them!”

I hadn’t gotten that far in the book to realize that fully (though I had my suspicions). People whispered behind my back, and that class got a little livelier after that. I think my dumb-ass comment helped them feel better about whatever they wanted to say, knowing that, for sure, it won’t be as stupid as me.

Sister’s response: 

During lunch in middle school, I was saving seats for my friends. Te last seat was open and this autistic girl I knew sat next to me. I repeatedly told her to move because someone was sitting there. She kept saying no and out of anger I yelled, “This is why nobody likes you!” and stormed away. Realizing what I said, I went to the guidance room (I always go there) and the teacher wasn’t there, so I went to the nurse (also closed) and cried. The principal, nurse, admin, and the guidance teacher asked me what happened. I told them and they let me stay in the nurse’s room, sleeping. My brother came to take his meds (he has diabetes) and caught me red-eyed.

(We all make mistakes, that we do)

Prompt #43: Write a scene that begins: “Joe was the last person on Earth I expected to do that.” 

“Joe was the last person I expected to do that,” Jeffrey muttered, tying up a bag of manure.

Jeffrey’s sister Jenny kicked the shovel’s end underneath a good bunch of dirty hay in the stall, pushing down with her upper body to break it away from the rest. With a grunt, she lifted it and dropped the stack into the bags for compost. She yanked her arms a bit to loosen them and answered, “Cousin Joe was bound to get outta his shell sometime.”

“Yea, but, that don’t make it no less surprising. Last person I tell ya’. Thinking about it just boggles the mind.”

“Yea,” Jenny grunted. “It sure does.”

“What you suppose set him off?”

“Other than Cousin Jackie has too many screws loose? Joe loved that dog.”

“Jiffy been dead!”Jeffrey protested. “Anyways, you would think Joe would be used to Cousin Jackie’s foolin’.”

“Seems like he wasn’t good with either,” murmured Jenny.

“I wouldn’t have hit on no girl for some dog.” Jeffrey spat.

Jenny reared on him, “You know damn well there ain’t no spittin’ in here!”

“Sorry! I forget, you know that!”

“You would think you would be used to it by now!” was Jenny’s retort, though she barely realized its significance.

Jeffrey did, but he didn’t let loose his habit but wiped his face instead. “He deserves some jail,” he whispered.

Jenny stiffened, using more of her weight to get the crap up.

“He crazier than Cousin Jackie.”

The slightly protruding upper lip on Jenny’s face became more prominent. It was no secret between her and her only brother that they favored opposing cousins. But when time came for them to become a man and lady, they were separated from temptations and forced to deal with each other. Jeffrey had Jackie’s mannerisms, but wouldn’t admit it, and Jenny had Joe’s, and defended them to death. At the same time, Jenny was fine with calling Joe from time to time. But all who had eyes could see Jeffrey was pining something hard for Jackie, for some reason, that airway talk just wouldn’t satisfy.

But Jenny was like Joe and wouldn’t bring about such a hullabaloo.

Then again, Joe was in jail for giving Jackie two back eyes because she put Jiffy on Joe’s pillow.

“No crazier than going after your own no-good cousin,” said Jenny.

There was a sharp silence before Jeffrey hollered, “He went after her first!”

“You know what I mean.” Jenny hoisted the last bit and went to the next stall.

Before she could react as slowly as Joe has, Jeffrey tore open a bag for compost and poured it all over the barn floor, running out as soon as the dirty deed was done.

Luckily for Jeffrey, Jenny wasn’t ready to get out of her shell yet, and she pressed her shovel underneath familiar ground and put it where it belonged.

Sister’s response:

Manny: Joe was the last person on Earth that I expected to do that.

Me: What did he do?

Manny: I can’t believe.

Me: What? Tell me.

Manny: Why, why would he do that?

Me: Manny!

Manny: What?

Me: What did Joe do?

Manny: He stole.

Me: …

Manny: What?

Me: What did he steal?

Manny: He stole the last Pop-Tart and had the audacity to put the box back.

Me: Why, Joe, why?


Prompt #44: The thoughts of the first man to eat an oyster

My response: (Never eaten an oyster, severe allergies)

Slimy, yet satisfying.

Sister’s response:

If we can eat fish, I wonder what else we can eat from the water. What’s this? Ah, it’s one of those things… Smells bad… Just one bite…

Prompt #45: Your most transcendent ice-cream experience

My response: 

Pretty sure the first time I had cookies-and-cream ice-cream, I might of died a little inside. I think it was at Sonic- one of those Blasts. I just remembered it being delicious. It had crunch and deliciousness and ice-cream- yum! And then I saw that it can come by the gallon! Praise Jesus!

Sister’s response:

Chocolate ice-cream with brownies, fudge, whip cream, and nuts. It was not a party, but an orgy in my mouth.

(Going to eat now)



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