“642 Things to Write About” and Baby, Don’t Hurt Me

So exciting, this world!

Prompt #35: How you feel about love these days:

My response:

I’m pretty certain love in the way we think about it does not exist, and that it was simply a fabrication of romantics and the like. Aziz Ansari made me realize it most fully. He did a stand-up back at Johns Hopkins and was talking about getting married. He compared the engagement to a favorite sweater, which he eventually came to hate. Now, that’s just a sweater, he had said,  something that changes very little over even a decade, which you can fall out of love with. Replace that sweater with the ‘love of your life’, someone who changes practically every hour, someone who you’re supposed to stay with for the rest of your fucking life.

I’ve seen a post being shared around on Facebook. Two old people have been together for 60 years or so. What was their secret, the caption asked. They said something along the lines of “When we grew up, we learned to fix things that were broken, not throw it away.”

And I’m like, what you probably did was stitch up the holes and sew in the loose threads and washed it was some Tide and dried it with a cool setting. All because you felt it necessary to keep it even as it becomes an unrecognizable sweater that you wouldn’t have touched if that was the first thing you saw in high school.

Of course, a relationship like that (as I feel all long-term relationships become) is plenty romantic, sweet,what with all the wonderful memories and changes. But is it really that good? Something to look down on others for not accomplishing? Is it realistic? Hrm.

Sister’s response:

To me, I feel that people are not loving enough or loving the “wrong” way. It seems that people are only trying to love for popularity (according to my High School). Maybe they are in love, but they keep breaking up and hooking with someone else. So, probably not.

Prompt #36: The talk-show host

My response:

Does Colbert or Stewart count? If not, I like seeing them on Youtube on such talking to people who aren’t as liberal as them- Bill O’Reilly for one. I get off on the underlying antagonism (well, with Stewart, it’s a bit on the surface). I kinda feel sorry for these hosts, constantly keeping the attention of viewers that actors and actresses don’t have to worry about, really. I just wouldn’t be able to keep up!

Sister’s response: 

The talk-show host would be anybody who is funny, sarcastic, full of facts, and not extremely rude. I don’t really watch any talk-shows, but it got to be someone like the list. As far as I know, I think Conan has the best guests… or Hunger Games’ Caesar Flickerman.



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