Homosexual Adoption

Homosexual Adoption.

My response:

If you’re against homosexual adoptions for that reason, I bet the thought of those first black kids in predominately white schools just makes her heart weep. We should just wait for mostly everyone to be okay with it before making any drastic changes for equality.

Still, you don’t seem interested in having a discussion. I’ve never seen a person so intent on blogging but not really talking to others. Why don’t you turn off the comments if you’re not interested in a conversation or debating? Or were you hoping for a couple of yes-men along the thread? (Guess he didn’t get enough- comments are closed, yay!)

And you keep saying how some are “offended easily” as if you are disagreeing with people’s choice in pie or something- when are people supposed to get offended? Why can’t you just own up to the consequences of your post?

Just to let you know, people who dislike homosexual adoption (or the idea of it) would LOVE your post, so who are you trying to warn in the first two sentences?


Seriously though, I’ve seen that excuse. Standard Republican hogwash which Harsh Reality is guilty of on a regular basis. Not too, too much (I still follow him) but enough to be like: oh, he’s such a Republican!


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