Merle Loves Daryl and Vice Versa! or True Love in The Walking Dead! or Incest is Best!


Here are Daryl and Merle respectively:

Daryl and Merle, lookin’ dangerous


They are brothers on AMC’s “The Walking Dead” and Daryl is undeniably my favorite character and possibly the only character I would want to be in a survival group with in a zombie apocalypse. He is the ONLY (ONLY ONE!) character who hasn’t annoyed me, not even a little bit. EVERY SINGLE OTHER character has done something that makes me want to just throw my remote at the fucking screen.

daryl shirt
I would sell my non-existent soul


Because Daryl is the only one who hasn’t annoyed me, he is the main object of my sexual thoughts whenever I’m feeling aroused (I’m a self-proclaimed psychological nymphomaniac; I cannot even sleep unless I’m dead tired, or I’m thinking out sexual situations) and watching “The Walking Dead”- Don’t judge me!

Even though I would love for Daryl and Carol to get their lovins on, and would be sorely pissed if that doesn’t come into fruition, I can only satisfy my sexual urges with some man-on-man thoughts. Rick would have been good if he wasn’t insane and cold-hearted (I get the whole survival thing, don’t rib me on that), and Herschel if he was younger, but nothing tickles me bits like thinking of Daryl and Merle.

Merle is a piece of shit most of the time and an asshole a lot of the other. Unfortunately, we have something huge in common: He loves Daryl (in the brotherly way, of course, blah blah). Loves him so much that he was willing to leave freakin’ Woodbury- where he had it, admit it, real good as the Governor’s man- so that he could look ALONE for a whiff of where his brother might be. After nine-fucking-months.

To be honest, if I was Merle’s position then, I doubt I would have started that search. Seemed foolhardy at the time. Definitely not alone, either.

Then, in the latest episode, he desperately packs up to back up his brother and kill the Governor before something happens to him, even talking to Michonne for help. And then, so adorable, his look of ‘manly relief’ when Daryl comes back all right.

Also, though I don’t like falling back on “Oh, he/she doesn’t mean the awful things they say” because that is not a good excuse to be saying awful things (BROTHER, SISTER, FATHER, I’M LOOKING AT YOU), it is getting-annoyingly- more obvious that that is Merle. Or maybe more like he doesn’t mean anything by it, no offense and such (except that he won’t say that last part seriously, thank goodness).

Last but not least, he views, correctly, that the Governor is a threat that needs to be eliminated as soon as possible. But because of his position, no one wants to listen to him, also rightly so, which makes him even more frustrated about Daryl’s safety.

I don’t feel that Merle is redeemed, but is he sexier? Oh, yes! Can he have sex with Daryl in my head? Sure thing.

And, if you haven’t noticed, or if you haven’t read about my writing on The Maléan World (It’s up there! Click! Click!) I greatly enjoy bad/evil/terrifying people who are on the ‘good side’ especially if they have an obsessive love on the ‘good side’ that keeps their hell-bent soul in check.

As a side note, I loved Michael Rooker’s (Merle) character- Grant, I think- in “Slither” (which my family and I have watched multiple, multiple times). He turns into an evil impregnating alien whose hell-bent soul is softened up by his love for Elizabeth Banks- uuuuuh- which eventually becomes his undoing. Ah, love!


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