Anime On My Mind (AOMMMMMM)

This is another post/page a long time in coming. It might become a page if it looks good and I remember to do so. I would think I would remember, but I shall make no promises because I stayed up until 6 this morning…

Anime that I’m watching, why I’m watching, and roundabouts where I’m at (because there’re different reasons why I’m behind and such). In no particular order of recommendation. Plus, as far as anime recommendation goes, like BL Webcomics and books, what may be good for me may be jack shit to you, so, voila! Most of these are on Crunchyroll, Hulu+, or Netflix (in English, bleh)- so go nuts!

Note: Okay, there’s exactly forty-two anime here. I had no idea that I was sort of following that many until I made little thumbnails for them, highlighted them and added them here. FORTY-FUCKING-TWO. Adding them all at once was a major pain in the ass, so now, at 4:32 AM on March 10, I have to add the pictures one-by-fucking-one… No, wait, I figured out the gallery feature! Hot dog! That shit will have to do! FYI, the pictures are the same size when you click on them, so just hover for the title.


On to the whole shebang:

Tatakau Shishou-The Book of Bantorra: Episode 2 or 3. In proportion to my list of BL Webcomics, a number of anime I have on my To-Watch List are shows that I haven’t touched or don’t really know much about. There has been some fighting (‘Tatakau’ means, in the most generic sense, ‘to fight’. In this instance, it is describing ‘shishou’, librarians. So, Fighting Librarians) for the freedom of Meat (or humans) aboard a ship belonging to some bad people (a church, hahaha). There’s fighting, it’s looks good for the most part, and has a storyline that wouldn’t bore me so, yay!

Trinity Blood: One of those classic shows that I missed when it came out on cable because certain members of my family didn’t like me watching anime, especially not about some shiny vampires where people in a church aren’t… perfect… I’ve always wanted to watch it because it was pretty, and the snippets I’ve seen tugged at the heartstrings. Now that I have it for my very own, I can’t wait to marathon it!

Uraboku: Episode 3? I came for the shounen ai and the promise of a bit of fighting… But it seems like major drama blubber, and the main character is the reincarnation of a woman- I believe. But I do like the idea that we fall in love with souls rather than appearances… Still, I find it animated poorly, the characters as drab as the coloring, and the show rather boring. I’ll finish it eventually.

Zetman: Episode 6? This show is fugly to me, but it has action, and a sort of Dante vs. Vergil (of Devil May Cry) vibe going on. I’m not sure why I stopped and never caught up. I think maybe I started doing other things- like reading… or playing video games…. or writing…

Zetsuen no Tempest: Episode 9? Despite the Special Language (You know, talking how real people would never talk to bring out a sense of drama and soul and creativity but is just mostly pretentious? This happens a lot in Nobel Prize-winning books or Academy Award-winning movies and Indie music), this show is gorgeous and I really love the plot of sides where no one is completely right, or completely wrong. I’ve seen some things that has spoiled some of the fun… I’ve been watching anime with my sister and this doesn’t sound like something she would enjoy, so… I haven’t been watching it.

Soul Eater: I saw an AMV to this show and looked it up. Though the show looks cartoony, it’s not ugly like One Piece, and it seems mostly fantastic with an intense action girl and supernatural elements and such. Don’t know what it is about though.

Sousei no Aquarion: Episode 2? I saw previews of its sequel and how pretty and action-packed it looked and decided to watch this first. In the pic, this main chara is eating a rat because he is poor as dirt (as you can imagine). It’s the usual, he’s the ONLY ONE hero sort of dude who’s going to save everyone sort of deal, but I like those kind of stories anyway.

Shinsekai Yori: Episode 9? This is what I like to call my kind of slice-of-life. It’s like a slice-of-life mystery sort of story (what with the everyday lives of these children in school who found out about something they shouldn’t have) except that “Shinsekai Yori” also has magic. Plus, the characters act like people and not cookie-cut nor do they speak Special Language. I feel like I’m being told a story and not just entertained, or things are happening for formulaic or entertainment value.

s-Cry-ed: Another one of those classics. I hated the English really badly when I was younger so I could never get through an episode, though it seemed like my kind of show. (For some reason, it reminded me of Outlaw Star) Now, it looks very wrinkled and ugly, but I still want to watch it because the whole dubiously bad (or grey) characters always tickle me bits. Why should the Alter users be sent to the city? What does the city want them for? Why do some Alter users stay? And so on and so forth.

Samurai 7: Episode 3? Yet again, a classic that I never came across but I always wanted to watch. I heard it was good; it looked good; and it has samurai and pirates and such. Do I really need to explain myself with this one?

Moretsu Pirates: Episode 3? From the picture, I wouldn’t have bothered with it. For some reason, I decided to give it a try. (I think it was the whole space pirates thing- Outlaw Star!!) I like the main character a bunch, and she seems to have some feels for the girl in glasses. It’s been translated as “Bodacious Pirates”. It didn’t seem too fanservice-y, so why such a stupid name? Of course, bodacious has other meanings, but, eeeeeh….

Miracle Train: Episode 2? Personifications of Tokyo stations help ladies in trouble. I watched it and couldn’t quite bring myself to continue. The guys are pretty and everything else looks halfway decent, but… Drama blubber?

Night Head Genesis: Episode 2? Brothers with powers get taken from their parents (I think their parents give them those oddly colored drinks- my, what trusting kids!). I don’t know what happens after that, but it looks interesting from its pictures, as if there is some brother-complex happenings soon. And I love me some Beloved type love.

Phi Brain: I’m afraid that this rather long show is like Beyblade, Pokemon, or Yu-Gi-Oh, so I haven’t started it. What keeps me looking it up on Crunchyroll is the whole puzzle thing going on. What if it is really cool and the main guy solves awesome puzzles- like Detective Conan, but with better character designs?

Psycho Pass:  Episode 6? I love the main lady, I love the world of how they gauge a person’s likelihood to commit crimes and the high tech gadgets, and the smidgens of other characters that I’ve managed to characterize. I also can’t wait to see the confrontation between the two men we see in the beginning. It’s a lovely show. I’ve just been distracted.

Marginal Prince:  Episode 5? I’ve had this longer than I’ve had Uta no Prince-sama, so you can guess why I haven’t finished this. Puppy blob (except it’s a guy this time) as a main character, and cookie-cutter sides. It’s crap, but I want to finish it just so I can see fanservice  (for which there is very little). Ah, well.

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha: Episode 4? A hero decides to give a demon king’s offer of bettering the world by continuing to fight while combating the real reasons they fight (lack of food and money for example). It’s a great show so far. The characters feel like people, cute people.

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler): Episode 10?  Ciel makes a deal with a demon to get revenge. He lives in England, and the demon is now his butler until the agreement has been reached. It’s beautiful, has action, fanservice out every orifice, and they squeeze out some humor every now and again as well. Plus, for those halfway history geeks, shout outs to well-known happenings at the time. Can’t wait to finish it.

Magi: Episode 3. Basically the retelling of Arabian Nights, along with certain liberties taken, being an anime and all. I wasn’t going to watch this because, though it was cute, nothing really drew me to it. I was pretty neutral about it, basically. Then I saw pictures from it and was like, “I want to see their version of Jafar”. And so, here I go.
Kimi to Boku: A cutesy slice-of-life. I like cute. It has guys who have been friends for awhile going through their high-school lives. The first part I watched was immensely boring, but I’ll continue to give it a try.

Hiiro no Kakera: Episode 3? A reverse harem with the lady being THE ONLY ONE heroine that needs to be protected by this group of guys. I like everyone, and I like the magic, but it doesn’t really draw me in. I prolly watch the rest with my sister.

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls: This guy has the power to give super-samurai-power to these females, one of which is some weird falling-from-heaven puppy (nearly literally) blob. Lots of fanservice, though this had so much potential to be an action-packed show. It does have action, but it like the immense magic sort of action, and not strategic action, like martial arts and such. Oh, well, it’s cute, too.

Ixion Saga DT: Episode 3. Seemed like Yu-gi-oh material until I heard how funny it was, and that it had a trap. Watched it and laughed. It has the main guy there dropping into a new world much like the video games he plays. It was like a parody of the falling-into-a-game sort of show. I like those kinds of anime, and I like making fun of tropes, so it’s all in good fun!

Jormungand: Episode 5? Child mercenary is recruited to help an arms dealer named Coco. I don’t need much to get on board with an anime with this sort of tagline, but it looks good, and Coco (or Koko?) is really cool. I was keeping up with it, and then got hit with school. I should get back on it….

Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn: I kept rewatching the first episode over and over. I had a lot of the manga in one sitting and was excited for the anime. I recently restarted it with my sister and it’s more random than I remember, too random for the elements that constitute it. But I’ll finish it because it is a hell of a lot of fun.

Hakuouki: Episode 16 of Kitan. I don’t need much to watch something with fighting/magic concerning this time period of Japan. (One of the reasons why I started Samurai Girls was for the references to the people of- or maybe a bit before- this era). Well, there’s a bunch of bishounen in this show, and people die, and though the main lady is a useless Wolverine, she’s still pretty okay. The romance is well-done as well. It seems worth it to me.

Heroic Age: Episode 3? ONLY ONE hero sort of deal. Not sure why I started this. I don’t like the art. Never did, but I wouldn’t mind finishing it.

Hakkenden: Episode 2. Compelled by the bishounen and hint of male on male lovin’. Plus, there’s the mystery. Three survive the destruction of a village. One gets a Japanese demon as a friendly bird sidekick, one might be a dog, and I’m not sure about the third one. The peeps on Aarinfantasy seem to like it, so I’mma continue.

Gundam Unicorn: Well, I don’t need much to watch a Gundam series, but I’ve been spoiled by Wing and 00 for halfway pretty sort of Gundam and Unicorn doesn’t have that. Still, it’s about war and such and I think we all need to see some of that, and not through the lens of ‘Stupid Americans!’ or ‘Fifteen of our own very special people died’, ya’ know?

Guilty Crown: Heard a lot of people disappointed with this, and I don’t know why I want to watch it, except that it’s pretty and as a good soundtrack (I’ve heard) and has a supernatural fantasy sort of line going through it. Sounds like fun!

Fate/Stay Night: Saw bits of Fate/Stay Zero and decided to start into this series. Seems like a lot of action, especially this famous and awesome lady.

Durarara!!!: Episode 4(Might start over again). Slice of life with mystery with supernatural/crazy/gag elements. Plus a main character that is rather plain, but isn’t just a blob. It looked sweet and tugging on the heart guts, so I wanted to watch it.

Cuticle Detective Inaba: Latest episode. Hilarious show about a detective that is part dog who- with his own crazy team of acquaintances- tries to catch a counterfeiter goat crime lord named Don Valentino and his henchmen. It lately had a couple of serious half-episodes, but it is mostly humor and it is really, really, really, really, really funny. I didn’t know what to expect when I tried it out (I heard about the trap) but this was not it. So funny.

Code Geass AE: I loved Code Geass so I’mma try AE.

Code: Breaker: Episode 4? This guy with flames burns bad guys. This awesome lady wants to stop him because she doesn’t believe in killing. It’s throwing me off with its humor mixed in with- I don’t know- Mr. Crispy. But it has some bishounen popping up, so maybe there would be some more females and things would be totally awesome cool, yea?

Beck: Episode 3? A show about music. I love nearly any show with music. Character-design-wise, bleh. But it’s giving of Kids on the Slope/Sakamachi no Apollon vibes, plus they seemed to have tried really hard with the one guy who speaks English. I don’t know how old this show is, but I’m late to the game, but I can’t wait to finish this show.

Black Lagoon: Episode 5? A show about modern-day pirates. It looks gorgeous, has an awesome lady, a believable black dude, and a main character who has cajones though he was living like the average joy. Action, too. But ya’ll probably knew all that.

BTOOOM!: Episode 5? I like the whole Hunger Games/Battle Royale/Mirai Nikki kill everyone until you’re the only one left sort of shows. They give me feelings similar to reading dystopian novels. Main character who is cool, but not that cookie-cutter cool, especially since in the life before the game, he was a societal loser. Time to pull on them cajones!

Break Blade: Episode 3. Another war show. People in “Break Blade” can use ‘magic’ to control quartz, which they can use in all sorts of machines, including those oh-so-Japanese mechas. ONLY ONE hero, who can’t control quartz, is the only one who can control an old mecha that is better than any of the contemporary models (how is that even possible, I don’t fucking know). His best friend is on the opposite side of the war, and his other best friend is the king… So yea… Drama bomb. I like the show so far.

Chihayafuru: Heard good things about it (actually, ecstatic things about it), though the pictures and summaries looked meh.  I will give it a try.

AMNESIA: Episode 3. In the first episode the lady, who has lost her memory, meets some demon thing called Orion. With his help, she tries to piece together her memory to find out about herself, the people she meets, and her life in general. Orion is annoying: he explains everything and introduces all the consequences and every type of advice. I hated him and was so glad when Lady fell and Orion disappeared for an episode. It is based on an otome/reverse harem game, so there are a lot of guys. She seems to be dating one of them, but it seems as if she has had close time with the others. I was going to skip it after the first episode, but decided that wasn’t really fair. I’m glad I finished it. The mystery is awesome. You have to watch it to episode 4 to understand.

Accel World: Episode 3. The main character is beyond pathetic. I can understand his pain, but he has friends who want to help him, so that’s kind of annoying. I believe he will redeem himself after 26 episodes, ya’ know. He seems stuck in some sort of scary game world (SAO feels) so I’m looking forward to seeing how his character plays out.


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