“642 Things to Write About” and Bless You! Bless You! Bless You! Umm… Bless you?

Hiya! Kisses!

Prompt #27: A sneeze.

My response: 

This hasn’t happened yet, but I’m waiting for that sneeze that would have my nose bleeding all over myself. I have terrible allergies, all year long, and the slightest puff of shrimp, watermelon, or dust can have me sneezing up to thirty times in a row. I’ve never had a nosebleed, however, but all of my siblings have.

I sneeze so hard that people take extra pains to say, “GOD BLESS YOU! Goodness!” and so on. It’s been an embarrassing part of my existence since third grade and doesn’t look like it’ll stop.

My family is polite, so they usually say bless you on my first sneeze, and then they stop. Some friends don’t say bless you at all because they know I will sneeze some more.

Did you know that the average person sneezes about three times a day. OMG, I FUCKING WISH!

Oh, sneezing.

Sister’s response: 

I was in Honors English III class and it was quite (we had to do Bellringers quietly… lame…) and I accidentally sneezed and farted. People still making fun of me now, but I can’t blame them.

~~~~~~(I’ve sneezed and farted in class, but no one had every made fun on me that I witnessed. Pretty sure some did. Poor darlin’!)


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