K Project or Why I Love Fanservice! or Why I hate fanservice!

The characters of K Project
The characters of K Project


Rating: 9/10

  • 10= Orgasmic and will watch again, by myself
  • 9= Awesomesauce, high chance of watching again, by myself
  • 8= Fantastic, medium chance of watching again, by myself
  • 7= Great, there’s a chance of watching by myself
  • 6= Nice, would need inspiration to watch by myself
  • 5=Good, will watch again , with friend(s)
  • 4= Average, medium chance of watching again, with friend(s)
  • 3= Below Average, low chance of watching again even with friend(s)
  • 2= Ho-hum, no chance of watching again
  • 1= Bad, regret watching

Uta no Prince-sama Review

Find ‘criticisms’ if you just want to get to the homophobia part. It’s at the bottom.

Biases and pet peeves relevant to this anime with correlating points that don’t mean much:

  • Everything is gorgeous +50
  • Guys outnumber/have same number as girls +20
  • Good fanservice +30 (#2 Reason I picked it up)
  • Equal fanservice +100 (Now, we don’t see that everyday!)
  • Fighting +10
  • Fighting has more martial arts than magic +100 (#1 Reason I picked it up)
  • Elements of tasteful craziness to relieve the tension +30 (Because K Project needed it)
  • Mystery +20
  • Supernatural/Paranormal/Scifi +20
  • Tasteful drama +50


  • Stupid fanservice -10 (It’s pretty common, so I’m used to it)
  • REALLY STUPID FANSERVICE -70 (Not so common, elaboration later)
  • Too short for all that was introduced -20 (I don’t mind that too much- it basically means read the manga or novel; second season coming anyway)

330 Points! Hahahahaha! Ah, well, I don’t think it was that good- it’s not kinky yaoi set in a dytopian environment that also has females on equal footing- or a good reason why females aren’t on equal footing- but I can’t really think of anything to change it. Here’s the stitch:

Yashiro Isana
Isana Yashiro


This guy, a mostly carefree high school student, is attacked by a gang. The gang thinks Yashiro has murdered one of their own. He is saved by the lovely Yatogami Kuroh, who then wants to kill him because his former master told him to.

Clarification, Kuroh was a vassal of a former king (There are several, magical, and they are color-coded, and they give powers to their followers). Yashiro would be next in line. Former (Colorless) king told Kuroh to kill the next-in-line if he was evil. Because there is the whole thing about Yashiro maybe murdering somebody for fun, Kuroh is convinced he is evil.

Luckily, Yashiro doesn’t seem like someone who would kill, and Kuroh lets his guard down….

And the fun starts! We also have the subplot between the Red King in the custody of the Blue King. I haven’t read any manga or novels about K, so I was pretty loss as to what was up with them. Turns out Red King (the leader of the gang, HOMRA, that are after Yashiro) is a leaking nuclear bomb, and Blue King was watching over him… But it seems like they know each other really well, and Blue King does not like Red King, kind of- their relationship is complicated in my eyes, but the anime doesn’t really go into detail.

Red King and Blue King
Not going to complain…

Then there’s an even more minor subplot between a Red King subject (summarizing here, because names would just be confusing) and a Blue King subject. It’s just as interesting as the subplot between Too Close above and is oddly explained more in detail.

Typically, I enjoyed the laughs, the murder mystery and the nuclear tension, and the wrap-up. Though the last two episodes (of 13) were super rushed and left some things out that I would have liked explained, it was a conclusion I was completely happy about.

And the fights:

Bright. His eyes should be crispy.
Just a little closer
Blue King has never heard of personal space

And so on and so forth. I could have taken a bit more action, but it was pretty badass all the same.


Ok... Naked catgirl. Not uncommon
Ok… Naked catgirl. Not uncommon


Here we have Neko (cat). She has special powers that come in handy- as in saves Yashiro’s ass just as much as Kuroh handy. Her usefulness combated her fanservice- which sometimes bordered on distasteful- quite nicely. I was first like, ugh, dumb pretty girl only there to be looked at. And then, woah, that’s… that’s pretty good stuff, Yashiro’s lucky to have her- and she knew how to use it, smartly. And it kind of ended like that with her. Another subject of the Red King has another nifty power, and that one is also female. Woo!

Then we have the female subject of Blue King.



Is that really necessary?
Is that really necessary?








So we have this lady. She is introduced in the first picture and gives the impression that she will be a strong female character. Except that the makers DESTROY that impression with these stupid scenes of her. Whenever she attacks, she does the dumb Tits and Ass pose.

And Yashiro’s best friend, also female, ups the ante of the plot, majorly, twice. In both scenes, the makers make a pantyshot and it completely ruins the scenes for me! At least Too Close, those parts weren’t that important (like above) or were really important and the fanservice-y closeness brought up the emotion of the scene.

Reading criticisms of K Project and I realize some males are just too damn protective of their feelings of ‘masculinity’. Many complained of the characters getting ‘too close’, which would have been so much fairer if they equally complained about naked catgirl and boobie lady. Buuut they didn’t. They complained of ‘yaoi’ fangirls who didn’t know good anime. Matter-of-fact, some hated it so much they can’t understand how it gets a 2nd season.

Of course, I’m flabbergasted. Seriously? Yea, heavy fanservice, but there was a lot more to K Project than that. But it was their homophobia and ‘man-pride’ that really made them complain. Really, though, what is up with people going on threads (on forums, Youtube, or blogs) and complaining about what the thread is about. You would think that someone who didn’t watch past episode 2 of a show wouldn’t touch a thread called ‘2nd season coming!’ of said show.

All in all, K was an absolute delight. Sister liked it, too!


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