“642 Things to Write About” with Everyone’s Favorite Color!

More pages coming up, and maybe that SAO review, or the K anime review!

Prompt #9: What a character holding a blue object is thinking right now

My response: 

Ah, my dear  Chromodoris lochi… Where have you been all my life? When Karen sees you, she’ll never be afraid of such delights such as yourself!

Although, I can understand her dislike for those wretched brown creatures she finds under her garden rocks, but you, love, you are what makes this world so, so beautiful. 

Oh! There’s Karen! Look at her, she’s ecstatic- cute toy indeed-let’s set her straight-why would she scream-don’t scream!-it’s adorable, can’t you see-how can you not care how pretty it is-it’s in the water all the time so where’s the dirt coming fro-no, it’s not illegal!-well, not if no one hears about it-I can’t let you go!-Don’t make an ultimatum, Karen! How could you ask such a thing!

And now she’s stomping off. What a pout! How can she not like a beaut like yourself? 

Sister’s response: 

Man, this blue pen is magnificent! It’s so gorgeous and unique. I have seen many blue pens, but none like this one! Not only the blue pen is beautiful, but I an easily hold it in place. God, I love this blue pen so much.

~~~~~~~(As you can see, we were bereft of brilliant ideas for this super random prompt!)


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