“642 Things to Write About” with Crystal-Eyes the Sex-lover

I added pages to my wordpress. It’s a lot of my writing! How exciting! Yaoi! Yaoi! Yaoi, everywhere! Kink, kink, I am there. And now, on topic:

Prompt #8: The long lost roommate

My response (caution, mentioning of underage solicitation): 

When I went to Cumberland’s mental institution, for the first time, back when I was fourteen, I had the room to myself, then a weird roommate who came to hate me (who left before me, for some reason, even though she seemed to have it worse), a SUPER-WEIRD roommate who I came to hate (also left before me), and then the room to myself again, before I left.

I want to talk about roommate numero dos, who I shall name Crystal-Eyes, for she had beautiful blue eyes the color of light sapphires. Oh, she was a cutie alright. Because of the nature of her problems (ref. above), even though she was young for the institution, she was with us older kids.

When she entered the room, I was doing one of my hour-long prayers that I was pretty much known for when I was that age (I even took the moment of silence to pray, continuing to stand into the announcements to finish some of my most fervent prayers). We exchanged pleasantries, our names, why we were here, our ages. Eventually, it was time for sleep. I was thinking about her problems, something that I would have gladly switched for, if I was pretty and interesting enough, like her, when she asked me:

“You want to have sex?”

At the time, I wouldn’t have minded at all. I’d never had sex before and she was pretty, and she was willing to have sex with me! How exciting!

“They’ll catch us, and they’ll keep us here longer.” I was there involuntarily, and wanted to leave as soon as possible. I was missing valuable schoolwork, for they didn’t have German in Cumberland’s school, or the correct Geometry book, or an English book that suited my needs. My obsession with grades didn’t exactly help getting out….

“I did it with my other roommate the last time I was here, and the time before that. We didn’t get caught. We just got back in the bed when they came  and checked our rooms,” was her quick answer. She had gotten up on her elbows as if thinking, Holy shit! That’s the only thing holding her back? Alright!

“I’m a Christian.” And, at the time, I was. But it was such a flimsy excuse, since the first excuse I brought up was, indeed, us getting caught. The first reaction is usually the truest, and I was most scared of getting caught and being forced to stay there longer than I needed to be.

“God won’t mind. God’ll forgive you.”

I remember thinking at the time, why would I worry about forgiveness if God doesn’t mind? Of course,  I didn’t really care about God. I didn’t walk anyone walking in on us.

“You’re too young.” We both were. Well, not like we had to worry about babies or anything, but it’s the principle of the matter (whatever that means). “And you’re in here for sex. This isn’t going to help you, at all.”

At the time, that was what sealed it. I was in the hospital because of stress, depression, and loneliness, and she was a nymphomaniac. Sure, at the time, I was probably watching and reading more porn than the average sixteen-year-old, and every day upon coming home from school I was looking up yaoi stories to read, but that wasn’t getting in the way of life like my stress, depression, and loneliness, and how sex, for her, was ruining her life. This was the third time she’s been in the hospital. She needed help, and I wasn’t going to set her back.

As I thought this, she started crying, and hissing, “Knew you were goody-goody, a goody-two shoes. You love God, huh? That’s why you’re ugly. You’re ugly and you’re never gonna have a boyfriend. Goody-two-shoes.”

Man, she really wants to have sex. She really needs some help. 

Eventually she got up and went to the window and crushed the flowers my family had brought,walked around and  knocked my stuff down off my desk, pulled my towels from their racks. She tried to take the blanket off of me, and I said, “I will tell Mr. Big-Eyes. I’ll call them all down here. Go to bed, Crystal-Eyes.”

She stomped to bed and masturbated all night.

Of course, she was just the perfect angel to everyone during the day- she even told people that she was a Christian and a “bit of a goody-two-shoes *giggle giggle*” She was so good, I thought maybe she was just having a bad first day back at the hospital or something like that.

But for the next two nights, she did that immature stuff because I wouldn’t answer her cries for sex, and masturbated constantly. Eventually, I told the orderlies that I needed a room change. They kicked me out to a room to one by myself. I got a special talk with a couple of nurses.

They didn’t believe me. They knew Crystal-Eyes was here for sexual abuse. I didn’t think she wasn’t abused… But she had sex problems. I told them that. Unfortunately, I had my own cries for help. Earlier that week, I had snapped and pushed somebody, and I had thrown my tray at the wall, wrote pretty shifty things on the Feeling Card, threw a gasket after knowing they wouldn’t release me after my eighth day there, screaming for my homework and books, and I was generally known for my moods to go up and down at random.

So, yea, things didn’t do well for me. All the friends I had made stopped being my friends as Crystal-Eyes manipulated them. Even after Crystal-Eyes left, or maybe especially because, they disliked me. I say especially because, because she left before me. And it’s kind of an unwritten rule that the more horrible your problems are, or the more messed up you are, the longer you stay.

Later, after I came back to high school, I saw someone who looked like her and pushed this girl into a locker. I got detention, long after realizing that random girl’s eyes were green.

Sister’s response:

It was our freshmen year in college when we first met. At that moment, we were best friends. We shared common interest and mind. But everything changed when she vanished. I was alone. Yeah I had a few friends here and there, but they were nothing compared to her. Some say she left because of family issues. Some say she went psycho, pregnant, stress, blah blah blah. I believe she would’ve told me what was going on.

Since she didn’t, I can honestly say I have no clue. Where is she? Why did she leave me? Why didn’t she tell m? Those questions rushed through my head. Sophomore year. Still by myself. I think I would’ve gotten a new roommate by now if she was actually gone. What in the world is going on? People stopped talking about her. Some even completely forgot about her. Senior year was upon me and so was the person tapping at my chamber door. She’s back.

~~~~(She was thinking of Avatar The Last Airbender and  Edgar Allen Poe for some reason. Short and sweet, probably how ya’ll like it, yea?)




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