“642 Things to Write About” is a lot to write about

I’m in a productive mood, yea! Review on Sword Art Online, later!

Prompt #7: Something you had that was stolen:

My response:  So there was this one day in high school, ninth grade during the health education semester of physical education (Yes, P.E., you asswipes). A Friday. On Fridays a cart selling treats comes down all the hallways selling its stuffs, and I happened to have quite a bit of money that day and bought a lot of candy. I had gone back to my desk and put the candy in my bag.

A bit towards the end of class, our teacher was handing back out assignments and I went up and got my grade (Good grade, yes!), and when I returned to my seat, I saw the suspicious looks of my classmates and subsequently checked for my candy.

All of it was gone.

For some reason, I snapped. I yelled at them to give me my stuff back, and they, of course, lied that they didn’t have it. My teacher wasn’t used to me making a sound (I was shy and unpopular, yadda yadda yadda, and those kids were pretty stupid. I’ve actually seen some of them now, and they aren’t doing too well in life. Do they deserve it? I like to think they do), so he asked them to give my stuff back. They kept lying.

And then… And then… He just gave up. He told me that it didn’t matter; that candy wasn’t that big of a deal; that I shouldn’t be acting all crazy over some candy.

And those asshole classmates who all deserve to be chewing their stinky weed in their trailer parks, they started repeating after him. One fucker actually starting pushing one of my candies from inside his pocket, to show me it was there. I had grabbed him, trying to get it, trying not to lose this one.

But coach separated us and told me to calm down.

I broke away and blocked the door so that they wouldn’t get out. And the coach, the coach threatened me with calling the principal and my parents. So I left the door, tears streaming down my face, coach trying to make me feel better with empty, stupid words.

When I was walking back towards the bus after school, one of the guys came and gave me some advice: “You shouldn’t have left your candy alone like that.”

“So you took it,” I said back.

“No, man, no, I didn’t take it, but the others did.”

“You did, too. You are a liar, and I hate you.”

And I got on  my bus and went on with the rest of my life.

Sister’s response: My money… by my own family. But that’s okay… because we’re family. -_-

~~~~~(Just to let ya’ll know, I type up my response, then my sister’s….Anywho…)

Still optimistic!
Not forever though.



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