Uta no Prince-sama or Why I hate harem anime! or Why I love harem anime!

I wish it was a 1000 percent of homosexual love. Man, that would be nice to see animated.
The male cast of Uta no Prince-sama
  • Rating: 3/10

    • 10= Orgasmic and will watch again, by myself
    • 9= Awesomesauce, high chance of watching again, by myself
    • 8= Fantastic, medium chance of watching again, by myself
    • 7= Great, there’s a chance of watching by myself
    • 6= Nice, would need inspiration to watch by myself
    • 5=Good, will watch again , with friend(s)
    • 4= Average, medium chance of watching again, with friend(s)
    • 3= Below Average, low chance of watching again even with friend(s)
    • 2= Ho-hum, no chance of watching again
    • 1= Bad, regret watching

K Project Review

Yo, I wanted to do a true-blue review. Why? Well, to let everyone know the opinions of a female, kink-sub, black, bi-polar possessing, pansexual, atheist feminist with an unholy penchant for gay males. I did something touching this with K, Zetsuen no Tempest, and Psycho Pass, but this is much better.

Here’s how the reviews go. I want to make it absolutely clear that my biases are just that. I generally hate when people say “This is terrible” or “Show was absolute drivel” without making it abundantly clear that those opinions are just that. When one is not clear, to me, it makes it clear that you take your opinions as fact in the real world, and your bias as a benchmark of human thought. I.E. You’re an egotistical fart.

So biases (and pet peeves) relevant to this anime with correlating points that mean nothing whatsoever:

  • Bishounen +10 (They’re pretty common)
  • Bishoujo +1 (Even more fucking common, but still likable)
  • Music/cal +50 (I love music… so much!)
  • Beautiful cross-dressing guy actually taken seriously +100
  • More guys than girls +20 (shounen anime have this too, but I’ll take as many guys as girls)
  • Elements of craziness to drive plot +10 (I like gag anime)
  • CHANGING OUTFITS  +100  (Any animated feature usually has the same outfits over and over. Love it when they change it up)
  • Pathetic, goody-goody, spineless-until-last-episode female lead figure -100 (Anime has a lot of this though)
  • Staple characters -10 (I don’t mind stereotypes though, until they start to have that Family Guy/Cleveland Show/American Dad vibe)
  • Cornier than a maize field, cheesier than a Kraft factory -50
  • Drama hype -70 (I like my fair amount of drama, but goodness…)

So, in the end, Uta no Prince-sama totals 61 points, which sounds about right. I’ll tell you why:

This lady:

She's a fucking puppy
Nanami, the team mascot

arrives at a music school that churns out idols and composers. The lack of realism attracted me, along with the boys and music. Shining Saotome, the headmaster of the school, is great comedy relief, is like the mentor for our main characters, and really puts things in motion. Nanami starts gathering her harem through her… charisma? Writes music for them, and the boys (and Nanami) eventually find everything they are looking for. It has some super sweet moments all throughout the show (which really did help me get through it), plus the makers gave flair to each character, even if you could have molded them in your local bakery, most definitely.

Except him…
Shining Saotome
Or him

But, this show is  terribly corny and gooey and bleh… I got the anime in… *checks*…. May 2012. This show has 13 episodes, and it’s taken until today for me to finish it because I can’t take corny drama (or heavy drama) for more than thirty minutes a month. Except for the first six or seven minutes of the first episode (where they show part of the Princes’ debut concert), I didn’t touch the  show much.

They never fucking kiss!
Scenes like this made me go elsewhere for awhile

If Nanami wasn’t surrounded by beautiful guys, I wouldn’t have stayed… Oh… And if the show didn’t have such catchy tunes (the tunes are corny as well, but they do sound good)… And the aforementioned moments of sweetness, and there were some funny moments, too.

You may be wondering why I chose an anime that I didn’t really enjoy overall to make my first true-blue review. Well, this anime is getting a 2nd season, and you can bet your ass I’mma watch it. More music and bishounen- and Nanami pulled on her ovaries in the last episode (even if she broke down crying while doing so…Ugh), so she might actually have a spine in the second season!

Will they have sex?
More pretty guys!

Thanks to the lovely thornqueen (she’s on wordpress and has super interesting posts about Japanese culture and finds the most awesome pictures pertaining to her topics. She even made a post for guys wearing oversized clothing/shirts with bare legs, for me! Because I sort of have a fetish for that…) I am aware that these guys will be in the next season. Apparently they are in the game Uta no Prince-sama is based on, and they are called The Seniors. More gingerbread men? I don’t know, but they look weird and hot.

Now, there’s enough bishounen to have me living on BL vibes for quite awhile, for any other anime. Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of fanservice towards BL, and the unrepentant fanservice for drama overshadows mostly everything. They tried, I saw that. The six guys up top are paired together in dorm dorms, and two of the pairs know each other so the feels are strong between them. But… Not strong enough, and definitely not stronger than their feels for Puppy blob.

Oversized shirt and leggy legs, yumminess
Shinomiya…And Shinomiya

Thanks to thornqueen, I might be able to get through the second season with some fanmade BL pictures, which I never looked up because I couldn’t take Uta no Prince-sama seriously for BL. In the series, this guy named Shinomiya- who likes cute things (like his roommate)- is generally fluffy and adorable, until he takes his glasses off, or loses them, and turns into an ill-tempered badass that needs more fucking screentime. There’s plenty pictures of this selfcest (yes, that’s a thing, and it’s hot, I tell you), plus the regular ‘couples’ (or the pairs in the dorms), plus pictures of The Seniors. So, I’mma go for this, because I really like music.

And it’s pretty, dammit!


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