Spongebob on TV and “642 Things to Write About”

Spongebob is still awesome, yes, it is. But the old episode of Squidward pretending to be a ghost, hooo, so funny!


Prompt #5 You are an astronaut. Describe your perfect day


But, really, I don’t know much of what being an astronaut entails. From movies and little bits of real life screentime, I haven’t seen anything about being an astronaut in the present day that’s particularly interesting…  So I’ll take some liberties)

Dear Diary,

Today, one of the best things have happened today. This inane existence in the silence of space has finally come to an epic head. A superior lifeform has contacted our station! Their superior technology has them invisible to every form of detective device of Earth, but they do not wish to hurt us and I’m obliged to trust them.

I mean, if I didn’t, what good is it going to do? What’s the worst they can do and what can I do to help? Sure, maybe Area 51 has aliens and alien devices to combat them, but I think these aliens know about it and aren’t worried about it- or else they would be buttering up to those agents, right? Right! It’s not because I”m bored, bored out of my fucking mind and regretting going on this mission, not at all. It’s not as if I would risk a preventable intergalactic war if it means getting the hell out of this station!

Alright, just wanted to type this up just in case things get crazy or apocalyptic in the next few days and I forget. I’m saved!

Sister’s response: As I was sitting on the couch watching Spongebob wit my sister and niece, my phone rang. I looked at the number and realized I didn’t know the number. I answered it anyways and it turned out that I had won a free trip to the moon for being “Out of this world.” Excited,  told everyone what happened and they got excited, too. I quickly packed my stuff, NASA came and got me, and they told me what to do. After all the training, I as finally able to go to the moon.

The trip to the moon was terrifying, but it was worth it. Earth was beautiful (except for the clumps of pollutions here and there). My time was up and I went back to Earth. All in one day.

~~~~~Wondering where she was going in the first paragraph, haha. I didn’t even think about going to the moon, or another planet or anything… hmmm…



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