“642 Things to Write About” while niece runs around

We aim for 10:15, but man, it’s Saturday, you know how things are.

Prompt #4: Write Facebook status updates for the year 2017

My response: 

Jan 1: I lived until 2017! In 2013 I made a post on a blog I have (had?) about this very Facebook status. At the time I had about a dozen people following, I had published about 30 posts and “A Maléan Demon”, “Gem”, some oneshots, plenty fanfics on Ai no Kusabi and some chapters of my discouraging “Cages”. I haven’t written about Cages in months at the time, but I was rewriting “Demon”. I just had one of the most disappointing birthdays ever, and found out that Young Justice was getting canceled for the year. One of my favorite shows then! I hope this years birthday is a lot better!

Feb (birthday!): It’s my birthday! Was it good? I hope it was! I’m 26! Do I have kids? Do I have a job? Am I in Japan? Do I have a master or mistress? Am I a WRITER? Can I draw now? How’s my niece in school? How’s my sisters and brothers? Do they have (more) kids? Do my parents have the house they always wanted? Is everyone happy? Can I do martial arts? Am I famous?!

Valentine’s Day: Happy V-Day from the past!

July 4th: Am I in Japan not looking at fireworks?

September (sister’s birthday): Happy Birthday! Long ago, we wrote about this! You should remember it!

October 31: Trick-or-treating would be great in Japan, where the streets and convoluted and unnamed.

December 25: Has Christmas been commercialized enough so that Ma wouldn’t talk behind my back on how I’m an athiest and celebrating Christmas? Maybe it’s been renamed! Do I still get video games?

My sister’s response: 

It’s my b-day! 21 baby! You know what that means? That’s right, internet surfing! (next day) I’m pregnant! Like if you think it’s a boy, comment if you think it’s a girl! Pray that they are twins. Too happy! Quite nervous though, but it’s going to be fun. I mean, I already took care of [niece] for about 6 years. Piece o’ cake.

~~~~My sis is a fucking riot!!!! Hahahaahahaaha!


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