“642 Things to Write About” with Sissy~

Today, there will be two prompts because we forgot yesterday (we’ll get the hang of it!)


Prompt #2: The Worst Thanksgiving dish you’ve ever had

My response: This is a hard one… I don’t remember ever being forced to eat something, and I pretty much know what I like… If you’re over the age of 6, what exactly are you experimenting on that you try a dish you’re not completely sure you like? Isn’t there other food  so that you wouldn’t risk the shits or vomiting? Rambling… Oh! Yes, the first and last time I had cherry pie. I don’t remember exactly the situation (other than that it was Thanksgiving), but I do remember being excited. Cherry pie, with whip cream! See? There’s a cherry pie on the whip cream can! They belong together.

No they don’t. Matter-of-fact, I realized I don’t really like whip cream either. But anything cherry (poptarts, ice cream, candy, medicine, fucking pie) is usually a big no-no. Unless it’s actually the fruit, or the pseudo-fruit on top of my sundae.

Sister’s Response: The worst Thanksgiving dish I ever had? Uh… none? Everything taste delicious on Thanksgiving! Even the foods I don’t even like. I don’t know why, but to me, all the different aromas and the foods, just make everything a ton better. Especially on Thanksgiving! and Christmas

~~~~~~(needless to say, this is all sic for my sis, alright? She’s writing down her answers in a tablet~ Alright)~~~~~

Prompt #3: A house plant is dying. Tell it why it needs to live

My response: Look, I know you’re in pain, but if you let me help you, you’re going to grow and be beautiful and provide oxygen much longer than I am going to live (even though that is contingent on someone taking care of you after I die). Anyway! Don’t you understand? You have near immortality at your fingertips (even though that is contingent on the aforementioned and a survivable atmosphere- you wouldn’t believe the number of people fucking around with nuclear weapons!). But don’t you want to try, while there is someone to take care of you and there’s  a survivable atmosphere? While there are people to admire your beauty and cherish your oxygen? Hell, do you want to live as long as possible as long as your able? Here, let me water you and trim those brownies, put you in a bigger pot and in the sunlight!

Huh? It’s my fault you’re like this? I wasn’t paying attention? You don’t trust me to take care of you? Forgive me! Here, water! A pedicure and manicure and face mask! A nutritious soil pot! Sun!

No, you can’t go outside and be free and enjoy the open air and direct sunlight and cross-pollination and the fresh air. No, it’s not better out there where you can still appreciate it. I don’t care if you’ll survive better than depending on me! What about drought?

Fuck you and your cactus ways! I wanted you and I’mma have you! If I can’t have you, no one in nature can! Now, drink!

Sister’s response: You, ironically, makes this house lively! You brighten up not only the room, but myself also. You provide so much. Oxygen, happiness, the meaning of responsibility, interior decor, nature, life vs. death and fashion. Without you, this house will be dull and boring.


Alright! Cool beans!




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