Next to sis with “642 Things to Write About”

So this is the start of a grand journey to do all the prompts in the wonderful book 642 Things to Write About. I have skimmed it several times since I bought it (when Cloud Atlas came out- when was that?) Also, I will be going on this journey with my sister, who’s reply to the prompt will be under mine until I go back to school, at which time my sister will decide if this journey is worth typing out in detail.

Prompt #1: What can happen in a second

My response: I once read “yoai store” on an answer board my brother put on the table. We were playing the ultra fun game (unless my Dad gets stupidly competitive) Say Anything. I have since forgotten what exactly the question was- wait, I thiiiink the question was “In my opinion, where would I spend X amount of money”. I remember there was book store and game store and Teahouse on the other answer boards, and my brother, my youngest one, mind you, put “yoai store”. Of course, he meant ‘yaoi store’.

I haven’t made  it a secret that I enjoy gay erotica of any type, but for my brother to know in particular ‘yaoi’ well, I had to admire his attention, whereas my dad got upset every time someone read a question that pertained to ‘favorites’, like favorite book or music artist, because some people would ‘unfairly’ know the answer for the person who was ‘it’ to pick. (Which, by the way, is basically the whole point of the game).

Of course, my brother summed up yaoi as ‘gay cartoon porn’, but hey, he’s super close!

My sister’s response: In a second the world will end. As a Christian, I believe the world will end anytime, anyday, because God can do that. We wouldn’t even see it coming. The electricity go off, human combustion (read articles about it in chemistry), something falls down, a sneeze, cough, fart, burp, a bedbug bite, scratching/itching, blinking, etc.

As you can probably, or start to see, my sister and I are pretty different, but you see that we are doing this together, and we have enough in common that our differences will probably never separate us. :D



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