Reason to not believe next to my sister

I’ve been following the posts on this website for awhile. I’m no scientist, nor am I very much against religion as long as it doesn’t get in my way (and even then, it does get in my way a lot, but I’m a forgiving person). I’ve spoken to the incredulous about my non-faith, and argued on basis of logic (rather than, say, science) on the internet, and so on and so forth.

But nothing burns me more when creationists, and the religious, and the believers, and the apologists demand ‘adequate proof’ for such things like evolution and lack of evidence (or proof that God doesn’t exist). Smugly reassuring me that my knowledge of evolution is merely based on ‘faith’ that it exists because I want to believe it, therefore it’s not really true, and goddidit. Besides the fact that they haven’t read nearly enough on any subject of evolution to make such judgments. They, at least in my experience, never turn such doubts onto themselves. Never. Someone like me has to point it out, whereas they point to their precious, cherry-picked to hell, Bible about how the world was made. When I ask about the discrepancies and the lack of information on this or that- they affirm that those things don’t matter. Or put it on me for science to explain it. What’s troubling is that they do this with utmost confidence and no realization whatsoever on their own irony or hypocrisy or lack of knowledge.. And it’s perfectly okay. But it’s not okay for me to call BS.

What really saddens me is that some creationist will come across McLeroy’s argument and be like, “See, see! They don’t have all the answers! Thus, everything I believe about the Bible is right! God is real!” All the evidence stacked against them, but when a prominent believer starts spouting half-understood ‘sciency’ words, they cross their legs in victory. Turn the same question on them, and “God works in mysterious ways”

Finally, a Christopher on the site says this: “Therefore, I’m afraid, it wouldn’t matter if you provided McLeroy a thousand *facts*. Strange really, considering people like him like to jump on science whenever it ‘appears’ to back up their nonsense, then completely ignore it when it doesn’t.”

I would like to add that they dogpile whenever science doesn’t explain something either. Bleh. Bleh-bleh-bleh!

Why Evolution Is True

UPDATE: See the first comment below: reader SES notes that one can watch the film “The Revisionists” online here (it’s free until February 27), and some PBS stations in America are broadcasting it tonight. The schedule is also at the link.


If you’ve followed the attempts of American creationists to get evolution of ouf the school classroom, you’ll remember Don McLeroy from Texas. A dentist with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering. McLeroy was a member of the Texas State Board of Education  [TSBOE] from 1998-2011, and served as chairman of the Board from 2007-2009. His reappointment as chair was blocked by the Texas State Senate, so you can imagine how dire he was.

McLeroy is infamous because of his strenuous efforts to get evolution out of Texas public schools. Because that state has to approve textbooks, and it’s a huge consumer of them, publishers sometimes tailor nationally-distributed books to…

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