At Home

After quite a battle back and forth between depression and mania, I find myself having withdrawn from all my classes and at home, having just put the baby to sleep. I have not an ounce of work to worry about, but the bed bugs and lack of food has me worried. I have my games, and writing, and books- but a piece of me dies, or at least hibernates, whenever I’m not at school.

I feel like a failure. A complete and utter failure of all things. I’ve been playing a lot of games and reading, but what I really want is recognition on my writing. Well, not recognition per se, more like constructive criticism. I wonder if I wrote in detail just how much I really think about all my stories, would people be more interested, or will someone suggest I go back to the psyche ward?

Anyway, I’m rewriting a Maléan Demon and have added a new chapter to Maléan Cages. I have urges to complete a couple of short stories in the work, but I am feeling more along the lines that everything is for naught, i.e. depressed. I hate feeling this way, but what else am I to do? There’s few out that have the time or patience or interest… and if they did, they wouldn’t spend such precious materials on me

Yea… Yea, that’s still fun.


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