With a Dr. Pepper Cherry

It’s so goooooood.

So, I want to talk about some shows today. They are anime, because, apparently, saying that is drastically important. Someone can hear the coolest show ever, but as soon as it’s anime- oh, I don’t watch anime. And I’m like, seriously? You’re missing out on one of the greatest  stories because it’s Japanese animation? Yes, that is true. It’s obvious that most people have a skewed vision of anime as Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh, unable to realize that genres exist within Japanese animation like- oh- everything else. But that’s not what I was trying to get out.

Three new shows came out that I decided to look at. They all have male leads and smaller or equal female leads (females with a driving force behind whatever the plot is). They all look gorgeous, and one of them, which I thought would be more of a drama and talk kind of show, surprised me with its amount of well-sequenced, well-animated fighting (as opposed to, say, DBZ, Bleach, or Naruto- well, the latter two are well-animated, still. DBZ’s fighting pretty much sucks, haha)


This is Zetsuen no Tempest. So far these two, um, friends are trying to stop some bad guys from taking over the world. Except their best best bet, a beautiful and awesome female mage (they say that word exactly), is trapped on an island. With some voodoo, touchy-feely blondie there is communicating with her, and has a bargain with her. He works for her, and she gives him… what she wants.

This is the one that I thought would be more talking than fighting. Episode 1 had me on the edge of my seat. The female blondie was fighting (the ‘she’ in the caption) had some awesome moves, and two guns. And the next episode promises more action.

It’s not without it’s talking. There’s this verse of something, I forgot what, that they keep referencing, and the dialogue is confusing sometimes. But I don’t need to understand what is going on. I feel there is a purpose to everything. Or maybe the Ho Hay is getting to me.

The cast is so beautiful!

So this is K. I don’t want to give away the first episode, but there are different factions- gangs really- who are fighting each other in the nearer than far future. Umbrella guy gets caught in the mix, and non-glasses dark-haired guy is in there… At one point [SPOILER] non-glasses dark-haired pulls umbrella to his chest, and I swear umbrella blushes[END SPOILER]

So, pleasantly surprised. I saw the previews, and there was a lot of good animated fighting, and it’s beautiful. But the strong fanservice was a pleasant surprise. Or, it might be No. 6 and canon. (No. 6, btw, is a wonderful show and you should watch it). Plus, K’s plot is intriguing. I can’t wait for the next episode. (I only have one)

There’s a lot of fanservice with the girl. Kind of like in Zetsuen no Tempest. Lots of almost shots- not even panties were shown- but they were definitely exploiting the female body to my- I mean viewers’ eyes. Very tasteful. So I like it.

I love the girl’s eyes…

Psycho Pass. This one has the girl as the lead. And she is pretty awesome. Still really timid sort of- but I can feel it more as her personality than as a token female trait. Which I hate.

Basically, she joins a force that goes after people with high criminal coefficients. These coefficients are numbers from a certain scale that identifies how likely you are to commit a crime. Shooting, angst, psychological fuckery- all nice stuff to go to bed to. Even with the nearly zero chance of shounen ai or yaoi or slash or Ho Hay being even remotely available in this series- I think I’m going to enjoy this one most.

So, if you watch anime, I say these are good. If you don’t, Psycho Pass is the way to start. Unless you watch utter trash. But if you’ve read all the way down here, I don’t think you do.


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