Under “The Challenge of Existentialism”

Another book- it’s above me and it’s by a guy named John Wild. Copyright 1955. I like existentialism; it’s fun~

But that’s not the meat of my entry today. I’m publishing a new chapter of “The Maléan Cages” . Sadly, it doesn’t have sex, but it has violent, angst-ridden men, and that should be good, right? Right? Right.

This chapter introduces five characters out of the twenty main ones through whose POVs we will look to see the plot develop. They are Manchu Wei (my least favorite character), Tomakazu Akihito (one of my favorites), Miguel Rocha (a middle-high character on my favorites list), Chal Bowman (middle-low), and Mink Lightfoot (middle-high, but lower than Miguel). Ironically enough, Wei is behaving the most in my mind, while Chal isn’t. I thought that Wei would become more likable, but I’m doing well keeping him in-character (for me anyway, haha)

Chal is changing. Stop it, you. Not yet! Or else I’ll have to do bad things to you to regress your development- do you want that? Yep, that’s exactly how it goes.

I’m also here to answer reviews from the last chapter! Yay!

Detrix 2012-10-06
I like it…..but I like all your Malean stories so I’ll keep reading if you keep writing.

Aw, thanks! I like the idea that people like the “Maléan stories”. I don’t know why… It just feels so professional! XD

Nivell 2012-10-06
Well, I’m glad to see another Malean story from you! I enjoyed Dante’s story but the last few chapters made my head spin from the introduction of so many characters. Please please please don’t torture the Kliwers in this one..I still get nightmares thinking about that poor Kliwer getting eaten by the blood traders. ;_;

I’m glad you’re glad, haha. Sorry, sorry, sorry about the end of Gem. I’m introducing people more carefully now. And though there are more people, a lot more people, the roster is rigid! And… um… ;___; That’s part of the society… Just like we have our bad stuff on Earth, they have their super-bad stuff. I’m sorry! The next chapter may be a bit edgy for you. No one gets eaten but…

meg 2012-10-07
love it want more please

Thanks! I hope you like the rest!

ILoveWyatt 2012-10-08
I love this story so much!

Cant wait for more!

So glad I can count on you! XD


The next chapter will introduce five new characters, three of which whose storylines are absolutely awesome. Why did I just write that as if I didn’t write the storyline?







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