In Krieger Lab

I’m back. I’m not continuing any of my fanfiction. Well, more like, I’m on a long hiatus. Now, I have published my original fiction- the Maléan stories- in response to the Gorean chronicles. They are tales of hermaphrodite aliens- beings able to impregnate and get pregnant- who look like women mostly when their clothes are on, and men when their clothes are off. Face and body shape wise, they seem girly, while they have penises. I can go on and on about their looks, and they still have remarkably different features like we Earthlings have, but I’ll stop there.

It isn’t a futanari story or anything like that; it’s pretty much action/adventure/erotica/romance with a large flavoring of the life we live now. First was “A Maléan Demon” which went pretty well. I just finished ” A ~ Gem” which did three times as well (got 3x as many hits), and soon I will have “~ Cages” which will be suuuuuuper long (and the other two stories are already novel-length, much to my surprise when one of my friends pointed it out).

I know, you might be wondering- Finished? Shinashi finished something?

I sure did. Malé is something that has stuck and will stick probably until I fail too much at getting it published, but, for now, I genuinely okay with just getting hits!


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