I’m a Nervous Wreck

Why am I a nervous wreck, I don’t know, but it seems ever since I have been put on this new medicine I can’t seem to like anything I do, or be appreciative about it. There’s something wrong with everything and I don’t know what it is. It’s probably that I am missing a few things. I really want a job, but my latest lead was shot down with ‘I already hired x number of people’. That really depressed me.

Anyway, the original story I thought about writing is still there stewing. New ideas keep popping up for a beginning, but I need a middle and an end before I can go anywhere. Well, I have an idea of how it is going to end, but the middle seems like it’s going to be a lot. I should shorten the characters… I already decided on a new title: Lost Boys.

I really like the idea of shortening the characters… To about five, not including Damien… but which five…


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