Twilight as an Anime!

So, as we all know, not all the people on Twilight look absolutely gorgeous, definitely not as most girls and what few guys there are imagined. I got a look at the graphic novel yesterday and imagined Twilight as an anime. I saw Carlisle, Bella, and Edward. The latter two looked phenomenally better in the graphic novel while Carlisle looked pretty much as gorgeous as usual.

This picture is not mine. I hold no copyrights over. It all belongs to Stephanie Meyer, Summit people, etc. etc. I’m just using it as an example of all the better quality and everything. I mean, if we didn’t have to look at all the awful acting (except for the adults, I love you Peter Facinelli) things would be that much better. And so let’s try anime! Probably by episodes. It’s such a drag for a whole book and whole movie of a subpar plot with little twists. Not saying it’s bad- I rather love it that it’s simiple, but it is what it is.

Plus, the way it looks in the graphic novel makes it easier for me to imagine Edward and Carlisle in a yaoi-y situation. Much like that part in the first movie where Carlisle bit Edward’s neck… Yum.


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